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Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen different colours? This is when the sun is setting, this is called a sunset A sunset is when the sun starts to disappear and daylight fades In result of this we can see colours other than blue in the sky such as, red, orange, yellow and pink Today I’m going to talk to you about how this happens Sunlight is made up from multiple different colours, but it is seen as white Bluish colours and orangish colours are opposites and are complementary parts of white light. It all has to do with the certain wavelengths. Blue light, green light and violet light all have short wavelengths while red light, yellow light, and orange light have long wavelengths. It is not easy for light to travel through the atmosphere The reason is mainly because the air is made up of molecules and clumps of molecules. So air is a slightly bumpy ride for light to travel through. But the longer wavelengths of light do not really notice the bumps as much as the shorter wavelengths. See the blue light has a short wavelength because of this the wave lengths are weaker so it gets bumped around by the molecules and then becomes scattered around the sky. Whereas the orange and red light have longer wavelengths and are much stronger meaning that the colour isn’t as effected by the molecules in the atmosphere and isn’t scattered At sunset the sunlight must go through about ten times more atmosphere than at noon Meaning that it is much harder for the longer wavelengths to travel through the atmosphere meaning that it is spread across the sky, and is why we can see multiple different colours. Next time you are with your friends and you're looking at a sunset impress them with your knowledge of Science behind Sunsets

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