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I was born in Keng Ta Sok Village I have 5 brothers and sisters. How was your life when you were younger? When I was younger my life was very difficult. why? Because I was born in a very poor family. And I didn't feel love from other people. we live a life in the family that was neglected and not cared. no one wanted to talk with me because I was in a poor family. What was your family's job? We were all farmers. Since how old? Since I was 4 years old. What grade have you completed? I studied until 5th grade. How was working in the rice field when you were a child? It wasn't easy because it wasn't our own rice field. We were working for other people. We worked for others to get the money to support the family But that wasn't enough, it wasn't enough for us to eat. How did you become a Christian? in 2010 I have decided to go to work in Malaysia but in 2013 i came back to Cambodia When I get back here in Cambodian I felt like my family doesn't have happiness We have money, but we didn't have love in the family. One time I was walking in my village and when I walked passed the church I saw a man so I went to say hi to him then he introduced me to a church so I gave it a try. first time I went there, I helped with a group of dentists. Then I thought it was great that it was free because I didn't have money. so I asked them to help fix my teeth and I volunteer to help in the team Then I saw the serving heart of christian people to non believers. They serve everyone even if those people were rich or not. Then I stared looking up to my pastor. He didn't discriminate me. so I started going to church for 4 weeks because I wanted to know more about Jesus. When I knew a little about God here in the church I felt that I am loved! Becasue they give me and cared about me. I started to feel that I'm not alone and not being neglected anymore. Then I see the serving heart of Christians to everyone around them I think it's very great and I like it! Then I decided to believe in God that time. What did your family think of you being a christian? At first they didn't like me. everyone in my family after they knew that I became a Christian. They were all didn't like me There were sometimes they kicked me out of the house and some other times I wasn't allow to eat. But they let me work especially my mom and dad always gave me more works when they knew the next day was gonna be Sunday Always more works so I wouldn't have enough time to go to church. But I always woke up around 2 am I woke up to finished all the works they gave me. So around 8am I could come to church to worship God. sometimes they threw away my bible through my window and sometimes other siblings would throw away my clothe. When I got blamed, kicked out of the house or not given food to eat I always came to sleep at church and ate noodle. I ate noodle most of the time. about 20 days a month. So I bought a case of noodle and came to church to eat. But when it was time to work I went back home to work when the work was done I came back to church to eat noodle. Because I knew that they didn't like me. So why did you have to fight through those hard times? because I think no one can give me love or can help me to live the way I could live. I think that if someone loves me today maybe one day they will reject me. But when God loves me and I'm with Him He won't let me go! Just like in the bible He said God is with me forever So when I read the bible I understood His promise that he has for me.. and I think that peace that people give me isn't enough or joyful like what God can give me. That time I promise to God that No matter what happen to me I will still die as a christian and never turn back! Was there any changes in the family after? after I believed in God 1 year my mom and dad have seen good change in me So they started to open up more. Then I stared to share about God to them and then sometimes I always brought a song book home to sing there sometimes I played God's song out loud so they could hear Then when they opened their heart they stared to wonder about the song. So i explained and shared with them about God together with the book of Genesis. Then they started to know more about God and have seen my good example So they decided to believe in God! but at first they just came to church just to come They did come, but they would wear a hat so no one could notice that they came to church. after 1 year they started to open up more and tell everyone that they are christians. Why do you like children? before I didn't like children? before I was a Christian I didn't like children. I think that children is very messy but after I believe in God He changed my heart and He led me to work with children. When I first became a Christian, I was a Sunday school teacher. I started teaching the children in church. and when I showed God's love to them they started to love me as well Then I was wondering about myself that why I could work with children? I asked God and He told me through bible verse that God is the one who changed me I thought I wouldn't be able to work with children But now God helped me to work with children and I am now a Sunday school teacher. anything else that you work with children? Most of the time I teach bible verse to the children song, or play some games with them to be honest I now feel like I always want to be with children I like to always have children in every activity I have even having food fellowship with them. Most of the time when we are together I always teach teach them of how to read the bible listen to God's words then play some games or coloring or making something together. a lot of places or just one place? a lot of places! before I was teaching 4 places here we call Kom Pong Boeung Chro Nok, Tnol and then Dom Nak Ko Koh So I gather the children together so one Sunday I teach 4 places. Why do you want to be an Alongsider? Because I thought of when I was a child. if I had an alongsider like now I wouldn't have been very lonely and lost or wouldn't have a very sad life too and if I had an alongsider maybe I would've finished school and some kids now are also facing the same problem like I did back then some kids are living in an abusive family some lost their parents and so they need love from older people but as you look around some people would discriminate them they wouldn't love orphans they wouldn't love poor kids So I think that God teaches me to love kids and everyone around me. and this Alongsiders project is the one that motivate me and help me to now what we should do and how can we do it with children. So the love I have is the love I got from God and I think children need love as I would need it when I was a child I love them so I want show them the love i have from God so that they would know God as I do now. Why did you choose your little sister? I think that my little sister's family is very violent her parents never speak niece words always insult their kids and don't understand about the value of studying. that had me thinking that I should be an alongsider in order to give love to her and take her to church so she can know about God's love that her life would be better When we have God in our life we feel secure and I will be an alongsider to her to make her feel secure because I don't want her to feel unloved like I did when I was a child. so I will do what I can do to help her Why do you want to encourage others to be an alongsiders? because I see some other people who have the ability to be one but they just don't give themselves the value they don't have the courage to do and think they can't do it. So I went closer to them and encourage them to be one first I want every kid to have the alongsider so they can feel loved. secondly I want to encourage the alongsider to know themselves so that they don't see themselves weak. so when they can lead one LBS they would feel so proud of themselves that they are not weak and they can do it! thirdly I want them to think that they now have LBS and that they are the one who can lead a LBS and don't look down on themselves like they always thought that they couldn't be one. they always thought they are impatience, not smart. So I explained to them and encourage them that We are not like that we are smart and we are the one that God called we recieved the Love from God so we should shared it with others especially the children that need love.

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