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Iya Mio Iwemile Alafia Ya Ohhh Me and Paw Paw's favorite place to tell mardi gras stories Is in the woods. The spirits live back there, they protect all the folks who ain't got nothing. Sweet Honey Child Mama... I made you breakfast, and I cut the edges like you like. Okay, I understand the details of a burial but I'm asking about the casket... You didn't like the breakfast? No well what I'm wondering is if there is another option... Vroom Vroom.... Well, because I don't have the money! Shut up! Right but-- I'm sorry, I'm going to have to call you back... Paw Paw said he wanted to be cremated and taken to the Mardis Gras Celebration. Well, unless you got $600 somewhere, I don't know about if it's possible. I gotta get ready for work. Morning! Paw Paw always had the house smelling like apple pie, and chicken stew... Apple pie is my favorite. Helloooooo! Mr. Jolene! Knock, Knock! Good Lord... When is the funeral? There isn't any money for one. Can you do my hair? I need to cut this mop! But, grandpa always used to brush my hair... Everybody has an orisha... Like an angel, that helps them to develop good character. Your Paw Paw's orisha was Oshun... She is the life giver, the true beholder of truth, beauty, and prosperity. And she looooovvveeessss honey... That's why your Paw Paw nicknamed you that. What did she say? Mmmmm she's feeling frisky today! She sees something in... you. Does she know how to cremate someone? Is that what he wanted? Paw Paw wants his ashes to be at the Mardis Gras. Oh Mardis Gras, I've been there, Nothing but fancy clothes and lights... We can do better than Mardis Gras, we can make your skinny ass sparkle! Alright don't just stand there, show me what you got! You look, at me... as though you have something to say... Open your mouth! I don't understand, why you're making me feel this wayyyy! You can't just sing a song off key, you're gonna need more than looks! I'm dreaming, but I am awake... What is the meaning, my heart wants to breakkkk... There's something about, Woooohhh, I'm NOT going to waste my time! There's something about, Mr. Jolene's eyes. That makes me want to be close to him. And if I knew him before, I have a feeling... We would have been close friends. Alright... let's do this. Hey! I know what you're trying to do. I'm trying to plant some chrysanthemums... is there something you need? Your father, was never my type. You better honor the dead. No, you should honor the bible, you keep the hell away from my kid. Faggot! Ain't that some shit... Put one on that car, put one on that car. Got a windshield? Yeah, there you go! Let me see that spin, let me see that spin! Alright, Alright!!!! That's what I'm talking about, outstanding! Say, take a flier! Ready? Are you ready back there? May I have your attention please? The Oshun is in the house... Ladies and gentleman... tonight we have a collection for the burial of Paw Paw Davis. Yes we're asking you for money, But right now, let us bring to our community stage, Sweet Honey Child!!!! Welcome to the Mardis Gras Extravaganza! ♪♪♪♪ Hey Everybody! It's time to come alive...♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪♪We want to spin around and jump, jump...♪♪♪♪♪ Jump, jump, jump and fly!!! ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Hold your baby, by the arms, hold her so tight♪♪♪ We have to cremate Paw Paw Davis. Help us out! ♪♪♪Shake your booty jump and jive! ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪Go on and jump and jive!♪♪♪ Get your ass home right now! Mama... this is what Paw Paw wanted! Screw Grandpa! Owww, you're hurting me! He's probably in hell anyway, good! Go to the goddamn house Benjamin! What the hell are you doing? He was doing great! Shit! You piece of sad trash! Benjamin. Come here... Come ... Here.. You want to be a fucking woman? Huh? Take off all that girly shit! Get a trashbag... Don't you ever, do a motherfucking thing like that again, There ain't no faggots in this house... you understand? Better not cross that line... This is for your Paw Paw... do things proper. Sometimes it gets lonely in the woods, even with all the spirits back there. So I carved me and Paw Paw's names in a tree, that way he knows I'm close by... ♪You look, at me... as though you have something to say..♪ ♪I don't, understand why you're making me feel this way...♪ ♪I feel like I'm dreaming, but I am awake♪ ♪What is the meaning my heart wants to break?♪ ♪There's something about your eyes, that makes me want to be close to you...♪ ♪And if I had known, you then... I have a feeling, we would have been close friends.♪ ♪And if I had known you then, I have a feeling we would have been best friends...♪ I love you paw paw.

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Posted by: talibahnewman on May 6, 2015

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