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Clark & Eliza - East Kilbride

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♫ One Day Like This by Elbow Ladies and Gentleman would you please stand to receive the Bride ♫ Wedding March Please be seated Well good afternoon to everyone thank you so much it's a pleasure to be here together to celebrate the marriage of Clark and Eliza It's a wonderful day marking the beginning of a whole new life together for them So we are here today as family and friends to join them in their happiness To witness the solemn promises and to invite God to come and to bless them this day and on into the future in their lives together We are going to worship God and ask his blessing as we sing "Be Still for the Presence of the Lord the Holy One is Here" Let's worship God together..... ♫ Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here ♫ Come bow before him now With reverence and fear ♫ In him no sin is found We stand on holy ground ♫ Be still for the presence of the Lord The Holy One is here ♫ Be still for the glory of the Lord Is shining all around ♫ He burns with holy fire With splendor He is crowned ♫ How awesome is the sight Our radiant King of light ♫ Be still for the glory of the Lord Is shining all around ♫ Be still for the power of the Lord Is moving in this place ♫ He comes to cleanse and heal To minister His grace ♫ No work too hard for Him In faith receive from Him ♫ Be still for the power of the Lord Is moving in this place Please be seated Love is patient love is kind Love is not jealous it does not boast it is not proud Love is not rude, love is not selfish, and love does not become angry easily Love does not remember wrongs done against it Love is not happy with evil, but love is always happy with the truth Love patiently accepts all things Love always trusts, always hopes and always continues strong Love never ends It's interesting Clarke and Eliza....I will just comment to Clarke and Eliza but you can all listen in.... It's interesting that God is telling us about love in the Bible and in that reading he doesn't use the word for romantic love you know the kind of love that Clark and Eliza have for one another. This passage in the Bible was written in Greek, and the Greek language has four words for love and it's got a word for romantic love, but that's not the word God uses here in first Corinthians 13 He uses a word for love that means a love that nothing can destroy, and this is the love that we are to have in marriage alongside romantic love. To have this special kind of love. Now I know that Clark and Eliza will never fall out because they are both such wonderful people But for the rest of us who are not as wonderful as you Clark or Eliza sometimes we do fall out. There was a married couple who really fell out and had a terrible argument, and the wife got so mad that she went and got out a suitcase, and she opened the wardrobe door and started packing her clothes into the suitcase. So her husband after a few minutes said "What are you doing?" And she said "I am leaving!" So at that he turned and went to the cupboard got his suitcase and started packing his clothes in. And his wife turned to him and said "So what are you doing now?" And he said "If you are leaving I am going with you!" Now that's the kind of love that we need to have in marriage and that's the kind of love that God said Clark and Eliza you need to have for one another. A love that never ends kind of love, and it doesn't matter what happens you keep on loving one another. First of all Clark Do you Clark Steven now take Eliza Star Smith, to be your wife. Do you promise in the presence of God and before these witnesses to be a loving, faithful and loyal husband to her until God shall separate you by death. I do and now Eliza Do you Eliza Star Smith Now take Clark Steven to be your husband and do you promise in the presence of God and before these witnesses to be a loving, faithful and loyal wife to him until God shall separate you by death. I do These Rings Clark and Eliza are a symbol of your love and of your marriage, they are made of precious metal because your love for one another and your marriage is far more precious than gold. And of course a ring is a circle and a circle has no end as your marriage has no end except in death. So Clark first of all could you take the ring and place it on Eliza's finger. And now Eliza if you could take the ring and place it on Clark's finger She is really making sure that that ring is on! It is not coming off. Clark and Eliza since you have now pledged yourselves to one another in the holy covenant of marriage and have made your declarations before God and these witnesses I now pronounce you to be.....'husband and wife'. In the Name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit Those whom God has joined together let no man separate. Let's ask God's blessing upon you The Lord bless you and keep you The Lord make his face to shine upon you The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace now and forever more....amen. Clark......... you may now kiss the bride! (Cheers and applause) Wonderful Mr and Mrs Steven A toast for Clark and my Mum And I'd like to say something else I've got a brother who should have been here today but he can't be But I'd like to have a wee toast for my brother - J and other family members that couldn't make it as well Thank you very much everybody Enjoy yourselves and have a nice night On behalf of my wife and I (Cheers and applause ) As Alec had said her son John would have loved to have been here today, but he wasn't able to because he passed away last year, so he is with God and if we could all remember him again today. Also I would like to thank everybody for coming today thank you for all the gifts that you have given us and we are really really happy that you have come to celebrate our special day today so I hope you all enjoy yourselves have a lovely time tonight and thank you all once again. (Applause) right er where was I I was alright up until the BBC wired me up then my knees started knocking hell out of each other, so bear with me. err....speech where is it Right you are hereby summoned to appear at... oh that's the wrong one!! (Laughter ) Ladies and gentlemen good afternoon, for those of you who don't know me I am Frank Clark's best man and his cousin I don't mind telling you how nervous I am about doing this speech even more nervous now in front of the BBC so I prepared a few lines a earlier and now that they have kicked in I feel a bit better now. (Laughter) ....only kidding! I am married myself and I am sure there are hundreds of happily married couples out there.... I didn't hear any cheers there! My thoughts on marriage, I was trying to write a decent speech keep it clean and all that carry on and I was on the internet and got lost....totally lost but I found some interesting pictures right enough. (Laughter) But I ended up on marriage quotes so I'm going to do a few quotes on marriage as a few tips for Clark. Hope I'm not going far too fast for Willy, I will let Willy catch up. I am sure you can all relate to some of these quotes There is an old Apache saying The Apache Indians say a man is all complete until he is married Then he is really finished they Indians knew their stuff didn't they Arguments and Marriage Me and my wife Pauline don't argue that much when we do it is a ding dong She says to me one day when we were arguing I was a fool when I married you and I said I know I was in love at the time and did not notice Marriage is a process of finding out What kind of man your wife would have preferred My son Kevin he got married two years ago and he asked me How much does it cost to get married? and I said I will tell you once I have finished paying for our wedding! Words of wisdom Right wedding presents The best wedding present we got was a waterbed Loved it but we had to give it away because we were drifting apart Okay, kidding aside What a lovely ceremony that was everybody agree Father Jim I actually had a lump in my throat when they made the vows Jim was brilliant let's have a big hand for Jim again I had a bit of a dilemma I asked him earlier on is it Reverend or father or minister and he said call me what you want so.......Jim. Going to say now about the bridesmaids Sara and Deborah how lovely they looked today beautiful Done their job well They were over shone only by Eliza who looks absolutely stunning don't you all agree (Cheers) And Clarke himself he just looks stunned The ushers they done a great job well done I wrote this in pretence and he is still sober and I said "Cousin Scott the groomsmen for managing to stay sober during the meal, but we've not had the meal yet!" Willy for interpretation.....a great guy I was deeply honoured when Clark and Eliza asked me to be their best man When We Were younger Clark and myself, we ran about and we used to go to Nana and Papa Shiels in Yoker For Sunday dinner and we used to play out the back wrestling Over the years we've drifted apart but at the end of the day your cousins are really your first best friends And I was really deeply honoured to be Clark's best man It's a shame we don't see each other for long times, Because we have family scattered all over the place we've got folks in London, folks from Manchester are up today and I think folk from Newcastle come up today as well. We have folks from Ireland and folks from Barlinnie (Laughter) I keep looking at this there is a photo of a large whiskey that I am going to drink at the bar after I've finished I've got a few cards to read out here So if you bear with me Clark and Eliza thank you both so much for inviting me today I have so many memories of you and I and Dan when we were taken to Ireland every year for our holidays such good and happy times I wish you and Eliza a very long and happy marriage god bless you both cousin Pat - love (Applause ) To Clark and Eliza congratulations on your wedding day sorry I couldn't be there I hope you have a lovely day and best wishes for the future love Aunty Madelene To Clark and Eliza lots of love and sorry I couldn't be there Uncle Vinnie from Manchester To Eliza and Clark in the coming days of your marriage and beyond I hope you both find love and comfort in each other to your hearts content with love from Linda and Richard Many thanks for your invitation as much as we would love to share your day Mum is a bit too frail now to travel and I would need to be here to help care for her wishing you a lovely day and all the happiness cousin Deborah Reed Best wishes for a very happy future together from Jim and Gladys from the Monty To Eliza and Clark sending wishes for a beautiful day filled with happiness from Robert and Valerie See everything that can be thrown please take it out of Clark's reach for this next card because somebody has got a sense of humour On the front it says - to Rangers number one fan A picture of a guy with numerous Rangers scarves on and a Union Jack and he has even got Rangers socks on and it says Clark off to the game To Clark and Eliza have a fantastic wedding day all the best from Joseph and all at the Laurieston bar Laughter and happily ever after as Clark and Eliza start their new life as husband and wife If you could be all upstanding And my toast To Mr and Mrs Clark Stevens (Cheers and applause) Right Pauline....large whiskey

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