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Episode #4 Oppression

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I personally, I have a hard time with this definition of oppressor and oppressed. It always comes in these discussions because the way that I see the situation is that there was a war, a war between two people. And the fact that, maybe in some way, now one of the sides has the upper hand the reason for Israel to behave in that way is a very deep fear and a need to defend themselves. At least that's how most Israelis see it. Whether it's true or not. The fact that they see it like that makes it, in a way, true. So, it's not that they're oppressing for the benefit of being an oppressor, but for security, because I can also understand the claim that if it wasn't that way, Israel would be in danger which I'm sure that you can also understand. But I'm not sure. Like for me, when it's, you now about two days ago it was Holocaust Memorial Day and when my Jewish friends say "Never again" I also say "Never again." But the thing is that I want I think, I totally sympathize with the Jewish nation for what happened, took place in World War II the holocaust, but for me, you know, like some people, some Palestinians will use the term that they are making another holocaust it's not a holocaust, to be clear. But what they're doing is that you know, there was a nation which was oppressed in a very brutal way, like one of the worst events on earth. But now they are oppressing another people and the issue is not you know, as you said, this is security they want to feel more safe and they don't want the holocaust to happen again so they invest in security and we pay the price. So from a Palestinian perspective maybe after getting more exposed to the Israeli narrative I can understand some parts I can undestand the psychology of protecting yourself but we are paying this price of, like, massive security if you want to call it that. But the thing is that also, the thing is that the security is not only because of the holocaust from what happened in the holocaust it's because of what happens from Palestinians and from the other Arab countries towards Israel when they came here and when there was a State founded by the UN it's not only because of the trauma it's because there is actual risk right now. Don't you see that? Don't you think that many people in Arab countries are hostile towards Israelis? And many people would like to hurt them if it was possible? For me, like, what really causes this self-protection first was the holocaust and including the ZIonist narrative it's a very important part maybe more important than what happens... like it's not about denying what happened in war what happened, you know, how the Arab countries will respond if they know this citizen is an Israeli, coming to our country. But the self-protecting mentality was created after the holocaust that we don't want this holocaust to happen again and it grew more and more after what happened in the war and having the State of Israel established.

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Episode #4 Oppression

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