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The CBx Effect- Big Data %2B Facebook Ads %28Part 2%29

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Hi I'm Lindsay Listanski, and welcome back to our social advertising series designed to help you create amazing Facebook ads. See this little munchkin with the old Coldwell Banker balloon and big ears? Can you guess who it is? It's me. That was me at age 2 at my father's Coldwell Banker office way back in the day. Well I've grown into my ears, and my love for Coldwell Banker has also continued to grow. But you're probably wondering, what's with the Throwback Thursday intro? Well it's to tell you I've been in real estate for what feels like my entire life. I've seen how our industry has evolved especially in marketing. Quick story—when I was in middle school I would go to my dad's office every day after school. Once I finished homework, I focused on my part-time business, which was stuffing community mailers for his agents. Hey, at 10 cents an envelope, I was killing it. And while using direct mail is still an effective marketing tactic, there are a few drawbacks. First of all, you can't be 100% sure of who actually opens the mail or if it even made it to the house you intended to send it to. Once it gets there, you can't tell if someone reads it or throws it away. Every so often you get that awesome phone call that affirms it works, but other than that it's very difficult to measure your campaign's success. Enter social advertising—Facebook advertising to be exact. In episode one I promise to turn you into a Facebook advertising pro so you can crush it at listing appointments. So let's get started with creating a killer campaign using the incredible data found in the CBX app and then combining it with your local expertise. There are several benefits of running a Facebook ad. First, they're highly targeted. Unlike mail, you can direct these ads to people not only based on where they live but also their age, income, language, and even likelihood to move. Facebook ads are also very affordable, which we'll talk about shortly. Lastly, they're measurable. You know in real time if your ad is working. If your ad is getting a ton of clicks and engagement, awesome. If not, no worries. You can pause the campaign without spending another cent and optimize accordingly. Ready to learn how to make an ad? You'll need to have the listing in CBX ready to refer to as needed, so have your tablet nearby. Today we'll be promoting this gorgeous listing in East Hanover, New Jersey. Let's get started. Sign on to Facebook and click the upside down triangle at the top right-hand corner of your home page. This will open a drop-down menu where you can click create ad or what Facebook calls a campaign. If you aren't seeing this option, then you don't have a Facebook business page created. Remember, Facebook ads cannot be run from a personal page, only a business page. Step one will be creating a campaign. Your first decision is to pick what the objective of your campaign will be. Do you want to get more people to like your Facebook page? Pick promote your page. Looking to promote your video content? Select get video views. For the sake of this campaign, we're promoting a listing and want to drive people from Facebook to the listing page on So we're going to select send people to your website. Find the URL of your listing that you'll be promoting from Once you have it, copy and paste the web address into the enter URL to promote and continue. Before we go any further, I want to share a little helpful hint with you. If at any time you get confused or need a little more information, click this little eye icon and you'll get a quick tip to help you get back on track. Step two is choosing who will see your ad. The magic of Facebook lies in its ability to create highly targeted ads, meaning they're customized for a very precise audience based on location, age, language, income, interests, or online and offline behaviors. This is where CBX is going to be your best friend. For this ad we're going to focus on the information in the buyer profile section from CBX, specifically the ideal buyer's age, income, and what markets they're likely to come from. Here we see the age is around 47. Let's go 10 years below to 37 and 10 years above to 57. Next comes the geo targeting. This is where technology can only take you so far and where your local expertise is crucial. Not every zip code in an area will always make sense. Based on what you know about the area, pick and choose the ones that make sense and if you want to target just that zip code or a few miles around it. CBX says the top three areas moving into this area will come from Essex County, Passaic County, and Asia. We're going to focus on running this ad only in the US. Once you have your zip codes set, we can move on to target potential buyers based on household income. CBX suggests that the average household income in this area is around $130,000 a year. You can target by household income here. To ensure we have a large buyer pool at the end of this demonstration, we're going to click these options. Okay, so at this point we know this ad will be served up to buyers in the ideal age range and the right geographic location. But I'm about to mic drop with the mother of all targeting options. Ready for it? In the behavior section, choose residential profiles and boom! Choose the likely to move option. Can you believe your luck? Facebook is giving you the gift of being able to target people who are likely to move based on data from renowned big data provider Epsilon which is taken from both offline self-reported data and online surveys. Talk about a home run! As you can see, our final number of potential people who fit our seriously targeted criteria is 7000 people. Now that we have set up who we want to see the ad, we have to pick the appropriate budget. Ugh! I know, the dreaded B-word. But believe me, Facebook is incredibly affordable. And the good part is there's no guesswork involved. Watch this. To start you want to select budget per day or budget for the lifetime of the ad. Your ad set budget is the maximum amount you want to spend on this campaign. If you choose a daily budget, the amount you enter is the maximum you'll spend each day. If you choose a lifetime budget, the amount you enter is the maximum you'll spend during the lifetime of your ad. My recommendation is to set an investment for the lifetime of the ad. For this ad, we'll run for one weekend. Remember when I said picking a budget requires zero guessing? That's because of Facebook's estimated daily reach tool. See it over here? Right now if I were to spend $20 for the ad to run the entire weekend, it would reach between 860 and 2300 people of your target audience. Remember, these are highly qualified leads. Raise your budget to reach more people or keep it where it is if you're happy with the number. Last but not least, let's optimize this ad so that it gets clicks. Why? Because clicks lead to leads. Our last and final step is creating the ad. This is where you'll choose what text and images to use. Remember when we copy and pasted the listing URL in step one? If all went well, then Facebook probably pulled in images from your listing. If you're happy with them, you'll all set on pictures. If you want to choose your own, you can upload from your desktop. You can also choose to add video. Now it's time to tell a story. There's not a whole lot of room here, so be sure you use the space wisely. To capture the viewer's attention, a best practice is to include the name of the town that the listing is in. This ad will default to show up in three places—a desktop newsfeed, a mobile newsfeed, and the right-hand column of a person's home page. Here you can see how the ad will look in each of these locations. That's it. If you want to take a last glance, you can choose to review your order. Or if you're ready to rock, click place order. Facebook will then take about 24 hours or less to get the ad approved. Congratulations my friend. You are now a Facebook advertising graduate. Before you sign out of Facebook, be sure to join our group of over 10,000 Coldwell Banker agents from around the world at Thanks and see you next time.

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The CBx Effect- Big Data %2B Facebook Ads %28Part 2%29

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