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Дворцы. Архитектура Санкт-Петербурга

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Palaces Architecture of Saint-Petersburg A TV-channel Russian Travel Guide is your reliable country guide. It broadcasts 24 hours a day about the most interesting things in Russia. It presents 10 the most beautiful palaces of St. Petersburg and its outskirts. Tsar Peter the Great founded this city with help of leading European architects. For two centuries St. Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire. There were built luxurious mansions and fabulously beautiful imperial palaces. Today you will aware of which palace is famous for its basement... ... in which palace there is a secret room ... and where meetings of leaders are usually held. It is the list of top St. Petersburg palaces according to Russian Travel Guide. In tenth place is the Mansion of Baron Kelch. It is one of the most beautiful houses of Saint-Petersburg. It was built in the end of the 19th century. Young architects Chagin and Shene made a project where different styles are blended. The interior is not less gorgeous than the front of the house. You will see the amazing grand staircase... ... bizarre form of banisters, winged dragons and lion masks. Walking around the mansion is like travel through time. Each room represents a special historical period... ... Gothic style, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern. The most romantic room is a gothic-style dining room. In the center there is a huge fireplace as it from a knight's castle. The Mansion of Baron Kelch gets the 10th place. In the ninth place is the Rumyantsev Mansion. The palace in style of classicism is on Angliyskaya Naberezhnaya (the "English Embankment»). Nikolay Petrovich Rumyantsev, a famous and rich count, lived in Saint-Petersburg. During his life he collected a quantity of manuscripts, archaeological finds, books and minerals. His house was one of the cultural centers of the capital of the Russian Empire. The count dreamt about functioning his house as a museum. His dream came true. Now it is a museum of the history of St. Petersburg. Here you can see all the historical periods of the city in the objects and photos. The Rumyantsev Mansion gets the 9th place. Remind you that it is the list of top St. Petersburg palaces. Russian Travel Guide TV gives a wider perspective on history and detailed interior of palaces. The Taurine Palace is a symbol of triumph and love. Catherine the Great built residence for Prince Potemkin, who was her close confidant. The palace was named in honour of his key role in the annexation of the Crimea. «Tauris» or «Taurica» is the Ancient Greek name for the Crimea region. The palace is an ideal example of classical architecture of the 18th century. Large luxury rooms of the palace witnessed the political life of Russia. In the early 20th century it became the seat of the Imperial State Duma. Nowadays, it is home to the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Taurine Palace gets the 8th place. In the seventh place is the Anichkov Palace. It is at the intersection of Nevsky Prospect and the Fontanka River. The palace took its name from the Anichkov Bridge. The name «Anichkov» went by the name of the colonel Anichkov, whose battalion was nearby. The building was built by decree of Empress Elizabeth in the middle of the 18th century. Each room has its own peculiarity. For example, in the library there is a secret room. It was disguised as a cupboard. The Golden living room is decorated with a «pineapple» chandelier. In the 19th century Romanov Grand Dukes lived here and threw balls. In the 20th century the new owners of the palace are the children of St. Petersburg. Nowadays, the Anichkov Palace is the Palace of Youth Creativity. The Anichkov Palace gets the 7th place. Palaces Architecture of Saint-Petersburg It is the list of top St. Petersburg palaces according to the TV channel Russian Travel Guide. In the sixth place is the Yusupov Palace. This magnificent mansion is situated in the centre of St.Petersburg. It is a residence of the monumentally wealthy Yusupov family. Luxurious and stylish private rooms of the Yusupov Palace puzzle visitors. Principal staircases gave guests to understand that they were in an amazing house. The interiors of this huge palace are amazing. For example, a tapestry living room, where dark wood is found side by side with old Gobelin tapestries. Also the Moorish living room is bright and luxurious. This is a famous ballroom where the most splendid balls took place. Curiously enough that a basement room is the most interesting for tourists. It was here where Grigori Rasputin was murdered by the hand of Prince Yusupov. The Yusupov Palace gets the 6th place. In the fifth place is the Great Palace at Pavlovsk. The palace was built for the son of Catherine II - the future Emperor Paul I. On the territory of the Pavlovsk Palace there is a a huge park, which is a part of the architectural ensemble. It took half a century to build the palace. The gallery colonnades form the main entrance in the horseshoe-shaped courtyard. The interiors were designed to taste of Paul I and his wife. The Italian room is the impersonation of symmetry, elegance and easiness. The Greek room was the place of official receptions and balls. There are columns, ancient statues, white marble walls. The State Bedroom creates the image of a light park summerhouse. Its main decoration is a toilet set, presented by King Louis XVI. The Great Palace at Pavlovsk gets the 5th place. In the fourth place is the Alexander Palace. It is situated in Tsarskoye Selo (the Tsar's Village). It was a summer residence of several generations of the Russian imperial family. The Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi built this masterpiece for the Emperor Alexander I. For that reason the palace was named after him. The interiors convey the character of the last owner of the palace - the Emperor Nicholas II. These rooms are interesting because of the history of Russian State. The State Study was used for meetings of Council of Ministers and the presentation of deputations and commissions. Nicholas II had all papers on his desk in a strict order. The Alexander Palace gets the 4th place. Palaces Architecture of Saint-Petersburg Finally it is three of the most beautiful palaces St.Petersburg. But at first let’s recollect all palaces. 10th place is the Mansion of Baron Kelch. A variety of styles are represented in this palace - Gothic style, Renaissance, Baroque. 9th place is the Rumyantsev Mansion. It is the museum of history of St.Petersburg. 8th place is the Taurine Palace. It was a present for Prince Potemkin, who was Catherine’s close confidant. 7th place is the Anichkov Palace. This palace has a secret room and a "pineapple" chandelier. 6th place is the Yusupov Palace. It is the family residence of one of the richest families of the Russian Empire. 5th place is the Great Palace at Pavlovsk. It is a residence of Emperor Paul I. 4th place is the Alexander Palace. It was the place of residence of Russian Tsar Nicholas II. In the third place is the Konstantin Palace. It is a royal residence which is located in the district of St. Petersburg in the village of Strelna. Today this palace is “The National Congress Palace”. Meetings of the world’s leaders and international conferences take place here. Some of the former owners of the palace had the name of Konstantin. Since then, the palace became known as “Konstantinovsky”. It was Peter the Great who began to build this palace. The palace was supposed to be the royal residence for the hosting foreign ambassadors and guests. He wanted to demonstrate power of his Empire. Looking at the panorama, foreign ambassadors were aware that - Russia is a powerful state with a fleet and an outlet to seas. The Konstantin Palace gets the 3rd place. Remind you that here is the list of the most beautiful palaces of Saint-Petersburg and its outskirts.

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Дворцы. Архитектура Санкт-Петербурга

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