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Elite Core PM-16 Personal Monitor MIxer - Review

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♪♫♪♫..............[Music playing] Hey, I'm listening to one of the best in-ear monitor systems I've ever heard. It's the Elite Core PM-16 In Ear Monitor System. This mixer is really simple to operate, has solid construction, and sensible pricing.

Unlike some of the monitor systems that use one knob for all the channels volume and all the channels pan and a selection process, this has an individual volume control, for each of the 16 inputs and it has an individual pan control for each of the 16 channels. So as a musician, you can just quickly grab the channel you need and adjust the volume and adjust the pan. No need to go ahead and do a selector switch, like the channel and then do the pan and then try and remember which channel you were on. Very simple to operate. Does have a Low, Mid and High EQ on here. Has a volume control, of course. But it has a wonderful compressor. This compressor is an easy-over compressor. It's virtually silent but functions extremely well.

One of the challenges with other in ear monitor system mixers is that they don't have enough output level to drive professional quality phones like this. The headphone on this is a top quality headphone amplifier. It's capable of driving headphones to extremely loud levels. Believe me, I just had this cranking, and it sounded fabulous.

The other thing is that you can drive the wireless, uh, monitor systems with this output. A lot of times there's not enough output on the line level to drive the transmitter on an in-ear wireless system. This one has it and it is clean. I've gotta tell you, the sound quality of this is so incredible.

Of course it works just like all of the other ones, in that you have either an Ethercon type connection or a standard Ethernet, Cat5, RJ45 connection, so that's all straightforward. You plug it in. It has an input box, uh, so you can take 16 channels from direct outs or your inserts out, and feed it on the Ethernet or Ethercon connector. And, you can daisy-chain from 1 to another.

If you have a direct output from your input box then the power comes over the RJ45 Ethernet connector. But, if you daisy-chain, which you can do for the signal, you do have to provide power downstream. So, for sensible pricing, solid build, American made, easy to operate, you're really gonna want to look at the Elite Core PM-16 Personal Monitor System. ♪♫♪♫..........[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 6, 2012

Elite Core PM-16 personal monitor mixer is one of the easiest to use personal monitors available. It has enough output level to drive headphones to extremely loud levels without distortion. Many times there won't be enough output on a line level to drive the transmitter on an in-ear wireless systems. This one has it and it is clean. The PM-16 is a solidy built and American made personal monitor mixer.

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