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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~22:41:23 - 22:56:23

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Do you have space? No! Each one has its own appropriate space. But, here is bigger than there. But this one is this one! but the power source feets here... Brother...but...then...we change it. Dammit! Let's go guys! (♪) "The way to South Zone"... its missing Michael's box here. Wrap it right! Give me this cable, you can roll up another. "Take care Michael" It's missing one here, missing one there. Missing one here. Brother, I can't stand this plastic here... Are you hurt? Let me see how this is going It's itching! You made the other too? Let me see how it's going Ah! You can't see this way.... It was enough to get an idea. I'm going to get a sweet thing, I'll catch a silver one for you. 'Prateado' is a guy that composes some sweet tunes. Do you agree with me? Big brother man, Thanks! Cool man! Sweet! I brought one charger back Put it here, your fool! No, here is better for me. Is there anything of someone here? Thanks man! See you later man. Thanks my king! He going with us Guriti. Do you need help Kikao? Yes, I do. Start turning off these things. Pick up these cables and see where it connects Hey! Is it yours Kiko? Ooops! Hey, what's up brother? Where's Debora? I'm alone. It's cool, brother! No, you two already finished? You guys were so compatible! Who ended, You or her? It was her... But It's this way Joao. Don't think about it. There's no need for conversation. Brother, I'm happy for see you! It was this event that you told me about? Yes, it was. Thanks! If needed, we are here. Congratulations for your show Thank you so much. See you soon! Hey... Are you going home? Yes, i am. Can you find a place in their van for us? Go ask that guy...Where's him? Is that guy right there! I am going to ask him. See if he gets us a ride in the van. Isn't it Paulo? I'm not going to ask him. How come? This is for me and you. I am not going alone. I thought he would take us now. Israel, smoke marijuana! Smoke marijuana! check it out, from all of us, i'm the slowest. From the time we got together, it has being 24 hours that I smoked I only took two hits If I smoke today, will be when i'm gone. Shit! I'm itching... Kiko, Can I put this here? No. I'll put it. It's done, It's done. No. I have to organize. Kiko... I'm going to move it from here and I'm going to close the cover. Can I? Bro, you need to remove the CD that is inside. What CD? A CD. What music? From whom? Our CD! You take it off later. No, It will fall if I let it The plug is still connected? No! I need remove the CD. No, It's connected. Hey Ze... (singing) " Independent, I did my part" Do you go to catch those tapes? Yes. I'm going to catch the "makes me laugh" and my van. OK. Here, fast! It is for take onto van? Do you closed? Yes, already closed. However, we haven't van yet. I know, but this box going with the reporter... Not? It can be...Oops, They not going with us. Don't have more time? It's fineshed? Missing 24 minutes. I'll enjoy theses minutes. Let's go! Let's go to barbecue! Let's go! Barbecue now! The barbecue will continue. No. I'll try to find a girl. The barbecue will continue team! hey, where is the girl with a hat? How? The girl with a hat... I don't understand. The girl that have a hat... Ah! Now I understand... Hey, Rael! No! No! Forget, I know what happened. You don't know what i'm going to say. Stay near me, It is only between us what I'll say.... Where's Mariano? Mariano... Can you catch for me please? Are you informed? Do you saw? I saw! Let's go to barbecue! Let's go. I want to go to home. I have to find somebody that us will take for home, Joao. So, let's go! Where's the guy? Shit! Paulo, Paulo! Where's Flavio? It is the name him? Wow, look at this, Brother... Shit! This itchy here. I'll call to he, let me see here. This Tattoo, it's fuck! Look! I'm with bandage. Makes me itchy. This are Rael! Do you are tired? How? How long you being here with your friends? When I woke up you've been here. I've been here since half past two. the afternoon? Yes. And this girl that no slept yet? She didn't slept yet... half past two of today? This girl have much energy, I think that she takes some pills... What time is? Is midnight? No! Of Half past two for midnight? So is 10 hours without sleep... 'Azeitao, ten hours is nice. I think so, I wake seven o'clock this morning every day! I think that she takes some pills, I don't wanna to judge but, she takes something. Who? She takes some pills... It's good! I don't wanna to judge but, I don't have battery for this, I had to sleep for five hours. What? What hour do you slept? I wake up 9 am. I didn't slept nothing and tomorrow I have to work but I think that tomorrow I won't go, if we do a party in my house now. And now, Is midnight? Midnight and one minute. Twenty minutes... Twenty minutes for you ( reportage) go away. Twenty minutes for you enjoy. I have to go in fifteen minutes Midnight and fifteen? I'm tired. Today I lived with alcohol, drinking to make tattoo, for enter into stage... It hurts a lot? It's bearable, Is as make hair braiding Do you have tattoo? no, I don't. It's bearable, if not, I hadn't made this. Do you have a lot? No...I have here, here, here and here, and this I made today. Do you made a lion? Yes. A lion in front of the other Oh! One here and other there. Two lions. Now I have to finish, just one more session Do you go leave black or you'll go put some color? Guess! Talk! If I put color doesn't adherence. Now, if you'll make tattoo, will go be "underground", You can put any color. Why? Just because of skin? Yeh. Your skin don't keeps the color of tattoo? No, I think that don't have highlight Of course that have! If is red, I'll see. A little.... This here have red but, I don't know if you can see... This here. Look, do you can see the red? No. So, now do you agree with me? It's black and ready! Intense black and ready. Just to highlight use white... I think that no. ...With the sun, the bath, the white going out ... After this I'll make one more. This is addictive, do you knew? Do you have the rule of odd number? I don't have rules. I don't have any rule. Do you have tattoo in back? I have a problem with pimples. Did you saw my chest how are? I have a lot. No, I just saw your tattoo. Black skin is difficult have problem with pimples, isn't? I think that no. Look for me, I have a lot of pimples! Hey Rael, congratulations, very good your show! Ops, Nice! Thank you. Finally I saw, after there. But this sound is different. The last show was with other rhythm. It's different but I liked of both. Because this local is different. There, do you make shows too? Not yet. We start in March... I have to finish of tape record. This Rap will be our. It as here, is other city the people us knew of other place and called us. I understand, Is cool! Very good. And this 'H2' , movement of music street, what is? I think that it's an ONG. It's an ONG? Hip Hop culture... Was this ONG that called you, or was the production of events? I don't know. Pedro is who... It's not you that... Is the Pedro. Is Pedro that organizes and you sing. So, is other person that organizes. But this case, this guys had contact with Pedro us agree in participate. Inclusive, where's Pedro for us go away? He was for there, I don't know. Us have to go away now...I'm tired. Have any wrong.... Do you be tired as me ? Yes, I am. What time you arrived? When I woke up you was already here. I arrived was 9am or 9:30am. That girl is connected in the battery. I think that she is the heroine the night. She hasn't slept. Don't... I slept six hours... Did you roll a marijuana cigarette yesterday? yesterday at 2 am.

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