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Divine Inspiration Class 8 The ability to influence

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I'll just direct my self to the question and answer that there are certain people seem to have, to be able to exert an influence more so than others. What..? Where it lies this greater influence? "oh, his manners speeches so..." I new a guy who can speak, and I ain't known, I never met anybody more fluent, more, more...or retorical than this individual. And yet he can take the telephone book, read off the names, and its great! But he said nothing! He said nothing and he influenced nobody. So the idea who influences and who doesn't depends on, you know, how well polished this individual is in his delivery of his thoughts! I mean, I just want throw all it away, right? I mean, of course this is not the answer! What is the answer? The answer is that there is something internal within this individual that flows with his words. I remember my teacher, you could barely hear him, [Laughing] You could really barely hear him! His voice was, you know, if he scream it was less than a normal individual speaking. And yet he was felt! What was it? the sound? the pitch of the voice? Nah, I'm just, you're asking me! The answer is [you brainstormed across] the answer is something else unseen was transferred between one individual and another, or the universe, no disappearence, even thought [like the seed in a fruit stillness...] even thought! Like the seed in a fruit! Unseen! But somehow that fruit when it become separated from the seed takes on another dimension, where it comes from, we'll learn it shortly. But in any event, there is no disappearance! There is no disappearance! Keter is still here! The seed is still here in the root!

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