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Signature Flooring Event Deck

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[♪upbeat music playing♪] Signature Fencing & Flooring EventDeck EventDeck portable flooring allows you to turn your facility into a multipurpose venue. EventDeck is Signature System's most popular stadium flooring-- --a perfect cover for grass and synthetic turf. This product actually has little things that are kept in mind-- Arnon Rosan - President & CEO --that are specifically designed for the stadium. These small curvatures on the underside-- --that's so that you don't ever have anything cutting into your natural or synthetic turf. You've got channels that run in both directions that enable water to flow freely-- --so if you have a heavy rainstorm it won't get trapped underneath. When you rent or purchase an EventDeck system, you're using a proven natural and synthetic turf protection system-- --deployed in some of the world's most prestigious facilities and events-- --including NFL and Major League Baseball stadiums in and around the world. We do a lot of international business. Eric Hochman - Senior Vice President And we can respond quickly in getting product over to Asia and South America and the Far East and even Eastern Europe. We are the worldwide leaders, not only domestically but internationally. With the use of an expansion engineered joint, installation can occur in multiple areas simultaneously. Our expansion joint product is really one of the products that sets us apart. This is something you insert every 30 feet in the stadium installation-- --and if you have extreme heat or sun, it'll just eat up the expansion and then at night just let it go. This enables us to install the product any time of day. None of our competition has anything close to this. The EventDeck flooring system is designed to be easily deployed without tools-- --and is completely expandable and configurable as required on site. We have the capacity to do almost any type of event-- Jason Frew - Stadium & Arena Sales Manager --no matter what the scale is. We have the sales department, we have logistics, we have field reps--people out there actually selling-- --and so we really have all the tools necessary. All of our products are manufactured in the United States in our own factory-- --and we take very seriously the quality standards. When you're buying a stadium system from us, you're buying directly from the company. There's no middle man in between-- --and that enables us to get the best price and have a product installed for the lowest cost possible. EventDeck YouHere Productions copyright 2008

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Posted by: youhere on Mar 3, 2009

An introduction to Signature Flooring's Event Deck products.

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