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ISM - Voice Demo for Network Outage

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Music. - A major service outage can generate a flood of calls to your service desk. But, it doesn't have to be like that. Watch how Ivanti's Service Manager voice can automatically handle these calls and get people back to work immediately. Let's start with Paul. A sales rep who calls his service desk. - Please enter your customer ID. To enter a letter, use the corresponding number key. - Ivanti Voice recognizes Paul, and that he's based in a region currently experiencing a network outage. - The network in the Western region is down. - Ivanti Voice prompts to ask if he's calling about the network outage in his region. - If you were calling about this problem, please press one. - Since that's why Paul is calling, he presses ONE for Yes. - To listen to the problem description press... - The system then tells him about a workaround to the network outage, so he can get back to work right away, without wasting valuable time waiting on hold. - The current workaround in this issue is the Western regional router is down. The network traffic has been re-routed. Please reboot your computer and log back in. - A ticket is automatically created against the call and Paul is notified that he'll get an alert when the outage is resolved. - Thank you. Your incident number is 11838. You will receive an email when the issue is resolved. - End of call. Happy Paul. That's right. Ivanti Solutions get Paul back to work immediately, log the incident against the known outage, and notify him when the outage is fixed. It's all done without involving the service desk staff on this and potentially, hundreds of other calls. Freeing the staff to work on more critical tasks. Wanna know more? See how your organization can benefit from Unified IT at Music.

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