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Your business-critical applications require fast, reliable access to ever increasing amounts of data. As a result, you need to find a simple way to maintain optimal performance levels throughout your data management infrastructure. NetApp OnCommand Performance Manager is an integrated and automated component of OnCommand Unified Manager, designed to monitor performance and analyze retained data. Monitor the performance of your NetApp cluster data ONTAP environment and receive a host of metrics on cluster status and health using automated analytics. OnCommand Performance Manager drills deep into the detail of your storage environment and provides advanced performance trends and comparisons to ensure continual optimization of your storage infrastructure. Performance Manager utilizes a combination of system-defined, user-defined and dynamic thresholds based on historical data to trigger alerts. This enables you to identify whether your storage infrastructure is the source of a response time problem. Performance Manager automatically identifies potential causes to help you troubleshoot and perform root cause analysis, then serves up recommendations on corrective actions you can take to solve any issues. You can monitor and set key metrics for FAS and all Flash FAS storage that has time-specific application workloads requiring high throughput, high performance, low latency. Navigate and explore these metrics through an intuitive user interface that utilizes simple, easy to read dashboards, automatic analysis of cluster status, recommendations for quick remediation, and more. To ensure your storage is operating at optimal performance across your entire storage infrastructure, choose NetApp OnCommand Performance Manager.

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