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The Zeitgeist Movement LA, CA Townhall July 19th 2011 [Part 1: Talks]

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Welcome everybody, this is our 2nd townhall-meeting for The Zeitgeist Movement here in Los Angeles. We are webcasting live tonight. My name is Jason Lord. I'm the state-coordinator for the California-chapter. I help coordinate groups up and down the coastline and in other parts of the state to come together under the same principles and values that we're trying to advocate to the public, get the information out there. The layer of the evening is going to be a presentation first. And Peter is gonna give us a little lecture, a little bit of orientation. I'm gonna say I few words. Then we're going to spend a lot of time tonight... with you. It's a struggle to give an introduction to the movement, at least I find it to be. Most of these lectures are about two to three hours long and every event we do, every town hall we're doing now I'm gonna try and do something new and basicly from a different angle to broach the subject of what the movement is about, but it's never going to be complete but on our website there's tons of information on where anyone can see our videos and the pdf's you get a much more throw of understanding. What I find is that, when you engage this information, you really, the people can understand it, the people in general, can understand it, but it goes against a lot of value issues, that people have in the way they relate to their environment and that's usually the hurdle that you have when I describe this information but by the end of this there is the Q & A, as Jason pointed out, so please consider if you have like a notebook or something that's always great to write down your little questions, cause I've a feeling, when I finished this presentation last night, you're going to have plenty of questions by the time I'm done, because it isn't necessarily an introduction. This is a chart of - that hopefully everyone's aware of - global public debt levels on this planet. I'm sure all, our ears are still bleeding from the news and the media whose have nothing better to do than to talk about this issue and the debate over and over and over again. Of course, the US-government has reached its debt ceiling, an arbitrary limit, that basically has been doubled about four times since 1981 from 1 trillion to 14.3 trillion. And while the media and the US-congress will continue to pretend that there are grounds for debate and the specter of debate and all this stuff we hear in the news, there is absolutely no other option for them to raise this debt ceiling again, if the US plans to postpone it's huge and massive sovereign debt default, which is also completely and utterly inevitable. But before I go into that... a quick parable. Let's imagine a remote island with hundred human inhabitants. Little hypothetical society decides to use a currency system which to engage labor and to organize their resources. So they collect little shells and number them. They figure we're going to give a thousand shells in circulation and each person will be given ten shells, and they start to exchange. At some point one of the inhabitants for whatever of reason finds his or herself in the position where they don't have enough shells to meet their needs. So they think for a second and they say "Okay, my friend, maybe I can borrow some shells?" So they decide to ask a friend if they can borrow four of their shells. And the friend agrees but only under condition that those four shells will be paid back with two shells added - as a service fee. So they agree, and suddenly this pattern takes hold and everyone on the island is kind of begins to trade these shells as a commodity. They start to loan shells to each other for whatever of purposes are necessary whenever there's an deficiency for whatever of reason in exchange, of course, for the extra shells on top. And then something really strange happens when they started to do this. Many of the inhabitants find theirselves in debt to others for extended amounts in very frequently and increasing rates. Eventually most everyone seems to be in debt to everyone else. Something's very strange in their mind. They can't quiet figure out what's going on. So the little society gets together in a meeting and they start to calculate what everyone owes to everyone else. And they find that for every four shells loaned a fee of two shells was added, of course. And then they figured that the entire money supply had been cycled in one iteration which meant a thousand shells loaned 4 at a time, it produced 250 transactions, 2 shells charged per transaction, so therefore 500 shells are needed to settle the debt responsibility of the total society. But, they scratched their heads, because there's only a 1000 shells in circulation. So where do the other 500 shells going to come from? And then they naturally think for a moment and in an embarrassed fashion, they cancel all of their debts, universally. They laugh at themselves and wonder how they could ever been so foolish to begin with. And this brings us back to this absurd spectacle of ignorance and insanity that, I don't really know what to say, with the more I think about it, but the global debt crisis is fundamentally the result of the facts that our money is created out of debt and it's brought into existence through loans. We charge interests on those loans. And regardless of what you hear, any government official, uh... media on this planet claim as to the solution of this supposed 'debt crisis' which is almost universally related to cutting budgets and social programs or endless IMF refinancing, imposing austerity of course, which I'll talk about in a moment, nothing can or will stop this cancerous debt growth without outright global debt cancellation. Again, nothing. Nothing! And if there's anything you'll walk away from this meeting with, I hope that is one thing. Basically the rules of this system have to be transcended in order for it to save itself, which is very interesting because it, obviously it shows the system is intrinsically flawed. And frankly, I don't know which aspect is worse, the fact that, you know, the utter insanity of this, that these problems even materializes and the causality associated or the fact that the public at large has absolutely no clear view of this. They've no understanding of what this actually means or of the mathematical reality of what we've been doing for the past century. This practice of creating money out of debt and loan it to the public and government in exchange for fees that do not exist should be the absolute focal point of debate in every government, of every single blatantly orange country you see here, so "The problem's structural!" is my point. And since the very nature of being in debt creates limitations for individuals, corporations and governments the detriment of this reality is vast, because it opens the door for all sorts of other problems that relate to what we will define as societal collapse. An these problems that are beginning to emerge on the horizon are simply not necessary. And this is important that people begin to understand that when they begin to hear and begin to witness in fact over the course of next few years what is unfolding, it's not even remotely necessary. Now, before I go any further though, I want to jump, uhm... I want to switch here to a different view of the monetary system that, again, isn't recognized whatsoever. We need to consider this very importantly and this is basically the foundation of how we arrive at the new economic model that I will be briefly talk about at the end of this presentation. We have two parallel opposing forces at work in the modern market system that we use. The first force could be called the "money sequence of value" ...and I apologize for the terminology, but it really is the best frame of reference, if you get used to this language. I borrow this term from a man named John McMurtry who wrote a great book called "The cancer stage of capitalism", by the way. The money sequence of value refers to the governing principles of intent regarding monetary valuation in exchange. As we know money is a "medium of exchange" as it's traditionally called, but in order for money to exist as such a medium it has to have value in and of itself. Therefore it has to exist as a commodity in and of itself, and there's no way around that. The easiest way to understand the money sequence of value is to reflect on the obvious interest that we all have on acquiring money and maximizing the profits or income, and hence saving money and reducing our expenses, hence creating what they call "cost efficiency" in traditional economics. Our lives today, all of us one way or another, revolves around the management in movement of of money, needless to say, and because of this there is an empirical disconnect between the intense associated with the physical world we inhabit - intense - meaning the foundational life ground or what actually supports us along with a natural laws that we have to succumb to and the intense generated by our monetary reality. They are completely opposing forces. To put into a related terminology: the money sequence of value is completely decoupled from the natural "life sequence of value". The life sequence value is ecological balance, good public health and other qualities of empirical human sustainability and prosperity. Well the money sequence values cost-cutting and profit maximization with the assumption that this somehow magically creates and supports the life sequence. It's a historical illusion. The assumption... The assumption is that... this actual reminds me of a good George Carlin joke: "Sometimes Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" gives you the middle finger." That's a cute comment. The assumption is that the money sequence will give way to the life sequence. And this is completely statistically void. There's not one economic treatment that I've ever seen. I have read the gammon of the university documents on economics up to the doctoral level and you won't find a statistical evaluation of this. It doesn't exist and it's basically religious rationale in Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand", like this god, this invisible entity that somehow magically for all out for their own self interest and engaging the money sequence only that it will manifest into the life sequence and everyone will be happy and balanced in prosperity and people are taking care of as a civilization. That's just simply isn't true. Back then, historically, it's worth pointing out, because the people often ask for "What happened in our society?" In the simplistic points, where Adam Smith and these early capitalist notions came forward it could be accepted an abstraction because life was much more simplistic in its use: the labor and the system of labor and the simplicity of exchange was such that you really couldn't see the inherent inefficiency built-in. But as time has going on the true nature of the money sequence has really shown its true colors. And today I would say most everything is officially backwards with respect to proper intent as far as survival. For example corporations are now being rewarded for producing inferior products, creating waste, reducing efficiency overall just to keep the material economy and the labor system going. In fact the very notion of what an economy supposed to be has been redefined to its opposite. No relationship to the physical world whatsoever - it's a human behavioral abstraction in theory - in fact: the more problems and inefficiency in society today the better the monetary economy. The more problems we have the better the economy will be. And this again is, what makes this debt picture so tragically bizarre because it's an elaborate fiction - a fictional ledger born out of this money sequence I just spoke of and the only... The fact that we accept this as the basis of our practice empirically, and people debate till the end of time on its apparent value, to me represents a mass structural delusion. It's a big gigantic [will do the zeitgeist pun] but there's a massive problem in the way people are referencing reality at this stage - it's dysfunctional. Were basically ready to shut down our entire society for reasons that don't exist, completely fictional creations of imposing austerity to an extend that it could really effect billions and billions of people in massive ways, only because we had acknowledged this rule-set that we've concocted as being empirical. The United States alone has about fifty seven trillion dollars of public and private debt in and of itself. That's both. Public and private meaning your personal debt versus the government. And that equates to almost two hundred thousand dollars per person in liability. And that debt will only grow because it has to grow. Just like our island parable the entire world is in debt to itself and the result is nothing but, well, complete insanity. In fact, I would say the best way to describe this is as a social cancer in a very legitimate concept as if you look at society as a singular entity, as the group mind that it is and its evolution, our brains haven't changed that much in tens of thousands of years our intelligence is a product of cultural conditioning education to serial development through time and on that same scope we have this cancerous notion and belief system that is basically taking us over and we don't see it - just like any immune system doesn't see it. It continues to spread and grow and it will just simply strangle us like a tumor with its ... effects. Now, I'm not going to expand this point to the many other inherent flaws in the system due to time because I could talk at length but if anyone here wants a treatment on this there's a lecture called 'social pathology' which was done in 2010 which is almost three hours long which deals explicitly with the various manifestations of that have arisen out of this uh... false uh... system in association with generated for managing our society now people we say what about reform in this is something that's always in debate uh... in those in the political spectrum that are aware of problems associated with death or the federal reserve it always talk about reform can we change the system so directly relates to this 'life-sequence'. Is it possible? And I'm sorry to say the answer in all logical considerations is a definitive 'NO' If money is a commodity and of itself holding value there's no way the money sequence can inherently respect the life sequence It can only exist on contrary plane. It is simply based entirely on the opposite side of assumptions and values required to create social and environmental balance. Can it be improved? Yes it can, but we have to remember that patchwork legislation which is the only thing that really keeps any sanity within the system; legislations and laws are patches. They aren't... They are responses to failures of a particular structured organization. And it's very important people realize that... so we can create legislation over and over again to continue to fight the inherent intensive of this system or we can bite the bullet it go to the root causes and get rid of it. And this brings us to austerity and consequences building on the debt problem. uh... since most simply don't see the real problem here all talk revolves around measures to limit borrowing and spending uh... this again limits are possibility inflexibility since money is the emission errant initiator of everything who suffers from austerity also historically speaking let's always those that are most vulnerable to its causal source which is the middle and lower classes these are the ones these are the ones that will always be hit the hardest through the limitations imposed to the use of the kind of social programs i'll need to go into many uh... examples of of such things that happen to store clear on the world with regard of the world bank of the i_m_f_ so the public well-being is going to become more and more unaffordable as comedic as that is and a concern for public health in generally is always been secondary to monetary gain but now we see an in its most fruitful match station uh... the staffer unemployment at the moment u_s_ is about nine percent over nine percent of that section of really true it's mostly about eighteen to twenty percent if you actually regard those that are underemployed in aggregate or that are off the record just as the u_s_ and many governments appear in there's all their seriousness about job creation i hear one more election saying uh... vallu how could he make jobs i mean 'cause it's it's such a belligerent statement there's nothing that any buddy in the political position can do to create jobs it's an economic notion that's based on a certain certain type of causality and the core of that flaw which are about to get into cannot be altered by any type of governmental policy unless you override the entire economic system what we have is this thing called mechanization which basically is increasing cost efficiency for corporations and it because corporations want to save money and because of the exponential increase in science and technology if anyone here studied people like recruits while the single a reinstitute you bc echoes of this new wants even though they don't address the social problem what we have is a process where labor is becoming obsolete on the human level we have become to officiate nor creation machines and uh... there's new announcements of mcdonald's in many other organizations that are starting to because they're losing money signed on to mate of very very quickly but yet what is that do it reduces your purchasing power reduces the number of people employed it's a self starter lean manifestation which proves the outdated and uh... or relevant notion a relevant nature of the system that we have today as its progressed it's been evolved out of opposite i'll put it that way and on different levels since our economy is going to be based on hydrocarbons as i'm sure most now not just for transport prefer packaging in everything else uh... which of course not only unsafe but on the for on the verge of destabilizing scarcity leads from a psychological perspective do you really think that any country right now as much as everyone's talking about energy on the sidelines as well along with labor along with that do you think that any country is prepared to make the financial commitment for uh... feeding for the creation of the you abundantly new balls that are really needed uh... the cost of infrastructure changes globally as an estimated by the global energy uh... when the globe major global energy and special global energy institutions like ever the name right now to be a roughly between twenty to thirty trillion dollars and that's with a tremendous uh... tremendous commitment coming from governments wall again were surrounded by cons of well-meaning activist groups and i i i was shy away from criticizing any group out there that's trying to do something good uh... you really didn't notice that virtually none of them ever talk about the in true foundation of the problem which is the market monterey market system itself as the cause problems that weather environmentalist social or so-called political it doesn't even occur to them because they're kind of in the box and they spend all the time combating organizations and institutions uh... so i thought to be earlier comment made a comment of southern i'd said earlier it's like you can we can keep you know stop in on the cockroaches as they come out from underneath the fridge writer but until you remove the spoiled food behind it you know i really resolving anything in the entire process of activism right now is really us doing just that and this brings us to this social immune system as i think is a great way to put it which is what The Zeitgeist Movement really is hoping to manifest. We're here to try and do something before we get to this tipping point where everyone's so backs against the wall, where the wars are on edge, where the scarcity is extreme, where no one can even handle... the technical breakdown of society if you will. Something that really hasn't been faced yet. The great depression is nothing compared to what's in store for the U.S. and most of the western world and society as a whole if massive structural changes aren't made over the course of the next decade which could be accelerated very very quickly in within certain cases of certain accents if you will like a major natural disaster in certain regions where they have no funding to do anything so returned is i guess movement is defined defined as the general intellectual moral and cultural climate of an era the term movement simply implies motion a change is like a smooth and therefore is an organization which urges change in the dominant intellectual moral and cultural climbing over time changes in our method of social operation always mean changes in our values at the uh... the revolution if you will as always been a revolution of values to begin with which was what makes this communication project so incredibly important in difficult people always wanna talk math in building in structure but the movements here in many ways to just give people on board with the fundamental relationship of intent to understand at least except the nature of what values are important and will sustain us and then we begin to extract are systems approach from those values and hopefully they'll relate to something real very briefly uh... and this is where i started at last month idea an expression where i could read this tape in the night to find a dominate do it again but very very rapidly designed its moment what is our goal we seek a new economic model based not on the movement of money in the dynamics of sociated the rather aren't really objective scientific resource management in allocation strategically seeking to enable and equitable distribution of all goods and services to meet the needs of the entire global human population while ensuring that maximum var mental sustainability over generational time very quickly we see economic model meaning it must be about strategic preservation and sustainability uh... which is what the work on any really implies we say not the movement of money because of its inherent intent which is decoupled from true life support we see the need for scientific resource management now location because the signs that method is the only form of reasoning that exists with respect to predictable truthful and responsible understandings and outcomes we say n equitable distribution of all goods because true social stability and hence our safety whatever definition come out with could only arise if the world's population population has its needs met and finally we say wall insuring maximum environmental sustainability because obviously it route a true economic model again demands thus in bio sis in the interconnected any relationship to what actually supports us our connection to the earth and it's natural laws will only be misunderstood and are complete detriment out of this we get a new trend fought which arrives at a model that really becomes quite self-evident if you frame your point of reference uh... from the life ground meaning things actually support life and for the enabling of the the goals that we just described essentially hopefully everyone i think would value when they think about it number one we need to move into a growth skidding remove from a growth economy to a steady state economy uh... the very idea infinite growth which is what we do on any level is just plain insane uh... it's a pyramid scheme that's collapse in a big debt chart is really the result of a very long period scheme which can only fail uh... we don't want the we don't want people talking about growth all the time it's brilliant wacky when u section with it this rhetoric that comes out of the political an economics sphere uh... number two we need to get away from the competitive basis realize that collaboration is the only intelligent manner of operation in fact at the core of the basic basic economic theory of compel petition is the idea that it produces aka laboratory environment which i find civil air sea paradoxical if you think about it because they're assuming that the invisible hand that somehow this self-interest mechanism the larger order balance again which is is is ridiculous uh... we need a collaborative environment devising the systems approach to earth management and society as a whole we can no longer operate based on cost efficiency in self-preservation we need to literally calculate society in a responsible way which is but very m_p_ record objective thought process three lead a planned system where the ideas of localization and energy reduction uh... eliminating waste uh... these become obvious needs globalization that we've all come now uh... is guided on those wasteful an offensive things that we've come up with uh... the very concept is really based on societal manipulation you know exportation of labor and deprive countries for the sake of cost efficiency and the very idea that we get strawberries from chile in water from fiji uh... there is really lazaro number four o_ d_ to focus on delivered automation as i lose a prior that this is a new subject to some of you please type in technological unemployment and uh... you'll find some very interesting debates on this issue every major changes human society has come from technology in scientific ingenuity otherwise we'd all still be farming with big wood piles right now and everything it manifests our value systems as comfort ecological uh... interference in evolution if you will one way or another we have to focus on deliver automation because that simply responsible because we can produce more and what we have is that the paradigm shifted away from human labor as the court foundation a social operations now obsolete and number five when you devise a system that actually shares uh... in allows last to be produced but yet more to be utilized in seems counterintuitive doesn't that if we produce lasts i'd is a really more to go around but if you actually do think of the structural system where people sharing things like automobiles in a very sophisticated manner or um... sharing different forms of goods on the filmmaker i've closets full of film equipment i'd rather not only takes about two space i can rent it because it's not cost efficient for me because i need the investment of it cuz i can just rented every time a stops thousand thousands and thousands always muzzled by eod as they say but i have to hoarded all i rather religious gain access to it and then return it and imagine a system like that for second could see a robustness of access robustness of of caring about society more so when people have that sort of connection and so forth uh... this is how you would create an access abundance they often see commented on in our materials and this are very brief description uh... is kind of coalesces into this concept that we loose a defined as a resource based economic model as opposed to a monetary a market-based economic model and this is a terminology that you'll find a resource based economy the name is a good way to reference it what it means is you come from the ground up for resource based approach you actually understand your environmental laws that that uh... you that you are well covered u_n_ along with everything else around you uh... and you begin to build a system based on that with the necessity sustainability of a generational time west had a loose this way i could describe it now conclude by saying that in the midst of all of this and i'm sure there's tons of questions that could be built upon this specially this is very new to you is that the greatest barrier when you when you talk about these things uh... again as people's values as i mentioned earlier there's so many interesting ways people defend nature had skew the attributes of the system because of everything that they've grown to understand and relate to if i was to tell uh... of very prominent economist p_h_d_ and such ideas majority time i do interact with people of such a nature they tend to dismiss it without any type of technical argument at all they have a have an emotional block that goes up and it is a really deal with which which i you know it's probably the basis of this movement and again as i mentioned is that those that do want to advocate this concept need to begin to know how to deal with those that set up these emotional blocks against you and that is really the fundamental problem the mind lock uh... this is what is stifle us throughout history you go back to socrates these guys the attention dyan in greeks they had slavery yet they're supposed to be the highest peak of intellectual society it back to the fact restroom brilliant mind uh... did sacred geometry it was a religious notions of the worship the fairest literally was whether there is said you see the echoes of this new wants me everything forward so yourself okay one of the belief systems we have now and how a really is are they going to seem to us a hundred years from now and that's the type of frame of reference that uh... hope i can leave you with so thank you very much thank you peter um... a sort of take a few minutes to uh... kind of go over well what uh... what we're doing now uh... with is i guess movement the moment has developed globally uh... and we have what's called a chapter structure and uh... it's how we added a fire selves as far as uh... place to go uh... wherever you are in the world here this is an event hosted and put on by the los angeles chapter and uh... yet to meet the some of the people rains behind that here in a minute but uh... ice and give a ubc bust short overview here and there are some things like how people can take away tonight from our our interaction with you uh... one is what dislike it snowman is what our chapter's are about what we're doing of the other thing is what we can be right now and uh... also a shift uh... in your sinking in a frame of reference as far as your viewpoint on how things work in the world uh... the main purpose of what we're doing is uh... as a group now is a critical a project it basically is a critical global mass awareness of the root causes to persist in social problems and also alternatives uh... that are available to our comment karne human organization and our conduct we refer to this in an oversimplified phrase which peter references in reza resource based economic model idaho the suck some m hard time looking even looking down again um... this is a dataset a scientific and technological understanding some our environment and behavior uh... and what is necessary for the organization of resources in the application of the most optimum tools for our well-being this is the information i can keep looking over my shoulder to see if by the slides part up this is a chart of health and social problems in relationship to economic inequality as we talk about the monetary system in the market system the use of money and how it's evolved there is any statistical relationship to the problems we encounter uh... in today's world and there are persistent problems uh... such is life expectancy mathematik at that infant mortality you can see on the left side can't read here on the screen there is uh... this is from a publication called spirit all and you can see the united states uh... way up there by itself is facing the greatest amount of social problems and enjoying the greatest amount of economic inequality at same time this is a reality uh... for us in this isn't where a disparity comes in because for lots of us we have a social value the does not parallel with what we're seeing in the world and when you find uh... information like this uh... it starts to have assessed different kinds of questions so it isn't that big being our motivation uh... this is this there is a necessity to have a common frame of reference uh... in our social thinking which includes all of you uh... since i joined the movement my frame of reference about the world is turning change tremendously which includes understanding the outcomes of the use of money uh... and monetary economics uh... omni impacts of that on our behavior and on the environment around us the word is getting out there and there's interest has been growing uh... monies california as an example because that's the dataset that i'm familiar with uh... like deal with on a monthly basis just since what we consider the foundation the founding of the movement two thousand an eight to the end of two thousand and ten uh... interest in this and people have actually taken the time to sign up on our state site uqroo from zero to fifteen hundred people there's an average of about four thousand people visiting our local site per month uh... from nothing a few years ago and there's a about twenty three hundred people are taking the time to sign up for our news resource our newsletters and are receiving those and this information is getting out there so it's available to you to use uh... in your own conversations ands uh... in the past few years we've i'd mentioned earlier we've achieved uh... eighteen different cities in california have now active groups active chapters uh... set up an optimist where we all come together in putting this information and his uh... social mindset uh... some examples of what we're doing uh... tractors conductor activities with the degree of autonomy each communicating this information in the wrong way but it's often the same dataset and one of the when i refer to say dataset as an attorney should just a moment ago examples of the uh... of activism and communicating this to you guys have done through those like this film series uh... events like this our town hall events there are electoral events in the of that's where speakers come in and it's more of a a lecture day and that's done in march and u_s_ calls a day and we have a of and we haven't new of first-time we're doing a media festival in september everyone have a chance upon this uh... i don't have any information for the screen that uh... if you go to the zeitgeist nirma dot com or uh... to use the media let me first for me to festival zac as media festival dot orgy this is our first event of an all-day music and arts event uh... the purpose here is to affect cultures to cartoon and uh... it's a full day event uh... you can buy tickets online and that are the event here in los angeles will be on september eleventh and i would be about an eight hours and i from to any afternoon onto about night at night but sure the schedule yet but that is a active music bands uh... comics uh... painting and a lot of art and so uh... they'll be more on that later bitching ellis information afterwards i really want to throw out there is an example of something newer trying on a massive scale i'll be at the music box in hollywood it's a global event as well amounts of the events were trying to we're doing our our organized on a global of also when we did a premiere of cypress moving forward which is the third documentary new series that was done in sixty different countries and and and about the same span of time soon with thank you so just at the time at the end he cites one to leave you with the road the awareness that we engage in is not achieved her single interaction mission costing gauge when continuing conversations in education and so i hope that uh... far as a frame of reference what we're doing tonight our greatest challenges i guess moment is in the technical applications solutions that exist to create this access abundance for the world's population is the value systems which are perpetuated by stab list institutions that comprise the largest part of our society and again namely the monetary political and religious dublin establishments are examples of that these fixed frames of reference or the most difficult for us to address uh... so in conclusion these ideas are not are nothing on their own it is communication and participation of people like you uh... being here tonight so thank you we're gonna take a moment to switch things up a little bit warmer this out of the way uh... we will introduce our panel for the evening uh... and will be here to accept question salmon of turn on some lights because you know you also have a chance to be on camera there with me for a moment this is from one of our members i see great things in the future for cheesy m and we will get their one way or another that i am sure about as testimony to that last year in november of i had the opportunity to give a seminar about why i think getting to anarchy is inevitable to an audience of affluent conservatives they did not know what i was going to talk about that it was finance investment related that daylight i really doubt i would have been given not opportunity in liberty to make this presentation where and when an if i didn't if i gave them my truth fema upfront i don't think that even then i had to tone it down to make it acceptable to most people's expectations but i wanted to test these ideas and materials so difficult to reach as you might guess that ideas were rejected by some as expected but there was another is but thought it was wonderful one woman was in tears go figure most just seem to say well that's interesting if some people in this audience can get it we are going to get there that i'm sure about as to when i am not too sure so with that in mind i'm going to say that's what we're about does or working on the one part of that and thanks for setting this up and i just want a committed jerry here would you come in to say word picture thanks eva it's just let me talk about this i just get can't help it promotes icassp movements everybody i bump into and uh... forty this talking about there is i'll tell you the real story what what happened uh... i worked for l wealth management company managing wealthy people's portfolios investments than having a financial planning i'm kind of an anomaly in my field that i subscribe to getting rid of money yet my career is based on making the most amani so height deal with my schizophrenia but in any event uh... uh hi and cruise line which of hadn't i've never heard of it until they asked me come call crystal cruises and uh... unite everybody that's on that boats is well rather affluent in what have you and uh... they wanted somebody to speak about investments because of all the chaos going on in they liked my credentials and stuff like that and i said yes sherry sheryl out my first seminar was about how to detect investment fraud based on hedge funds and made often stuff in that resonated with everybody there and then the other when they said well you know just talk about investments or whatever you want to make really anything out i want to talk about figure out so in any event you know i i really did have to you might say dumb down the zeitgeist comments in south perth in even when i was rehearsing when i was gonna say to everybody my wife was like no other up the no money part joked that you gotta leave that out they're going to throw you over the boat you know this is uh... it's it's way too much but the plan if it was is that i know it's a a is to say when we were always meeting in it and stuff like that unlike you know this stuff really resonates with people that that goddam pin stuff but the real challenges trying to get it to the people that are so indoctrinated into it and that is further reinforce because we'll look at my house slipper mike car look at my status look at how everybody you know respects me because i make so much money and and this that another these type of people where as you know i retired i feel are very difficult to reach i want to see you know how does this message go over to them and you know like eva sat i i was really surprise when one woman was to tears about it that i had a couple issit heads of you know um... uh... big s_ and p_ five hundred companies there you know who are course going well what would be people's motivation and and and and it's money in jobs that created everything and i might actually know it wasn't you know people just naturally create like five-year-old sweetest do it for the reward of just creating that's the reason why snot always mothers that necessity is the you know mother of invention it's just natural inspiration we all had a broad geniuses you know the biggest waste the resource in this planet is the fact of all the ingenuity and i do yours that we would have if we don't have to entertain needless job suggests entertain a like all needless complexity do in our life like mine job you know i said nine base in century city and these office towers and i just look it up all the other office towers where you've got supposedly the brightest minds all stacked up in these vertical towers whereas you know one morning i i gotta work and i see these guys holland you know crates of paper out of the building i'm like is what we produce okay me in all these other attorneys finance tax who are entertaining needless complexity all day long arlo boxes produced that box of crap you know i like wonderful way way to go to deploy ingenuity intelligence and ideas it's just completely wasted and then not only that better are society is so i don't mean uses were done wrong way but it's webster's definition retarded backwards if you well that the people that i work with them my gary are are the ones that people aspire to emulating being you know these attorneys and investment managers and had fun guys and girls and stuff like that and it's like women women he's the everybody is emily i think the best part is these people are paid the most to and uh... you know it's like we're all we've got a whole value system backwards here myself and all my colleagues you know we don't produce anything uh... work forty years in this industry and this system will provide me with enough for house and the retirement savings and everything else like that yet what will by after forty years a figure out what stocks and bonds to buy have contributed absolutely nothing and in doing it how many great ideas well i come up with that are actually beneficial to taking care of things we really needed to do macbeth you know when we can see i'm passionate about this angle on all night so i'm not gonna do that dont thank you thank you so much selfish dominate independent work that also goes on all along with other worked that form the largest gathered his had mentioned earlier so thank you and to give me wow they guys how's it going hi i just wanted to talk to you guys a little bit odd to really simple way for us to kind of spread awareness of this everybody's always ask unlike where we do it now when we do now and do you know it's amazing how many people you talked to out there that have never even heard of uh... psychiatrist seen the movies or anything like that and uh... so use you throw out this weird were down there like more so there's a really easy way that we can spread the awareness it's called day z and the first day of every single month his word as is like a shirt super simple if we can get just a small percentage of the people that are already in this movement what is over five hundred thousand pushing six that's an amazing the fact that it's going to have you know that uh... joe citizen is gonna be walking down the street and see your kid bunch a kids in the park website a sure sign that he's going to get to work and somebody there's gonna have a slight edge to hire or a drink and i was like guys marker something like that and when he sees that word ten times in one day he's going to go home and he's going to hold zeitgeist and it doesn't matter please spelled that wrong or whatever you you can't you cant to professor it's the first thing that pops up when you googled psychiatrist is awesome and so it's super simple on if you guys wanna learn more about it you can go on face book dot com slash was like ice is own that's my own little thing that i run for zeitgeist home i put all kinds of core mostly positive uh... like stuff innovations stuff that we can all do it uh... um... get this thing go on and stuff like that on it if you want to have a stack of business cards up here has the website on it but yeah and uh... peter if you can throw that on your global address so i like the blog talk radio is daisy would be awesome uh... shar bureau everyone welcome thank you for coming jason basically win over all the events we do but i'm an event coordinator for this i case from an end every year even though were young movement and what we've been double-digit globally as far as productions has been phenomenal and starting the beginning of this year with the release of peter's third movies i guess moving forward we did as screening and with the movement the chapter above coordinators and there were three in turn fifty screens around the world in dover thirty languages so it was a huge production and no small feat and then just a couple months later we did our annual seagate and here in l_a_ we had quite a big events with michael rupert speaking then keep yet came at presenting and then we started the monthly townhalls which it here to our second monthly town hall thank you and then this fall will be kicking off the annual global psychics media festival which is approaching it from an artistic or creative manner so basically i just wanted to let you know about the details if anyone has any questions about the media festival come see me afterwards it signed sunday september eleventh m the music box in hollywood tickets are on sale aunty tex dot com you can just type in sight gags media festival you know come up and we have everyone from comediennes to bands to dancers uh... art they'll be a rooftop uh... content deejay and light show art galleries so quite a bit just something for everyone in our and uh... and and that's right of global food right as well and we are donating all of the food everyone that comes it's going to bring at least one two cans of food and that's gonna be donated to the l_a_ foodbank in the distributor over a thousand different um... sites in los angeles like the boys and girls club and lower-income neighborhoods so we feel like that will be able to go out in the community in benefit them on i'd just one introduced before we kick off the culinary the only person hasn't spoken as jan wilding she's our u_s_a_ cordinator commander gem hearts are frightened began some of the and at the scene people coming back uh... so is i guess we have entered we're a global movements and we have chapters all over the place in seventy countries uh... what kind of structure and so that we cover everything geographically to make sure that where infiltrating everything weekend uh... basically uh... we have aid global coordinator angular dis mail and uh... i'm sort of the representative of the u_s_ i have you know state contacts that i'm talking to you in meetings helping them to coordinate sub chapters which are at the city and college levels so that's kind of how are structured and as you've heard where basically a communication struck pet projects snow as opposed to creating a structure for uh... typical organization are non-profit oregon for mentor we have sometimes people coming and that are confused about uh... u_s_ having titles is coordinators fits really for functional purposes and stews people like you who wanna share these ideas with as many people as they can in all the different ways of a can and a lot of creative people in the movement and i hope that you can continuing your participation in help become an activist and that can happen and so many levels it can happen at a level of the water cooler at the office or it did happen as you helping out with an event a larger of enter during a presentation somewhere for a larger group and we'll take all of it because we really want to spread the word and tried to reach critical mass of these ideas so we're going to be moving into... Q&A? Brandon? Where is he? Alright! Brandon is a Los Angeles coordinator aswell with Eva. Hey everyone, it's good to see everyone here, you know, interested in solving social problems. My name is Brandon. I coordinate the Los Angeles Chapter with Eva. We put on meetings to coordinate our awareness efforts to put on events and we do... you know, we got on the street we engage people a discussion. And just before this town hall we did a banner who walked the banner literally just a liquor stores to get some you drank handed out some uh... some townhall cards xx we have some whoever huge box of omit any of you guys wanna pick some up to go hadn't promote this so that we can continue this building momentum get lot of people interested president people are interested out there they just may not know all of it so we gotta get out there other than that we uh... you know keep the the message clear so between many right do a lot to uh... preserve it for sorting other people's awareness project site dole office in here that have their own stuff going on so... yeah, let's jump into the Q&A.

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Part 1 of the Los Angeles CA "TownHall-Event" on July 19th 2011 including a 30 min. Lecture on the "Debt Crisis" by Peter Joseph. Original-Upload on TZMOfficial

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