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UKIP Nigel Farage MEP tries to Spell it out for the Euro Federalists- March 2011

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Nigel Farage MEP (UKIP), Strasbourg, 8 March 2011 On behalf of the "Europe of Freedom and Democracy" Group, Mr Farage, two minutes. Mr Barroso, I enjoyed your view of the world today, but it was perhaps rather more ironic than you'd intended. You talked about the events in Egypt and elsewhere, saying isn't it wonderful that people are rising up seeking democracy. I would remind you that democracy is a method whereby you vote for people who govern you and then, if you do not like what they do, you can get rid of them, turf them out and put somebody else in. But it was ironic because your next sentence was: "And that is why in Europe, facing the euro crisis, we must reinforce the Community method." Now, for the public watching in on this – which increasingly they do – the Community method means that laws are proposed in secret by unelected bureaucrats – people like you... oh yes, I know, the European Parliament voted for you, but you were the only candidate that was offered to us. You know, that isn't democracy! So you're saying on the one hand that democracy is good, but on the other in Europe we can't have it. And that was reinforced. Mr Verhofstadt, who comes from Belgium, who thinks all nation states should be abolished – well, perhaps his own will be very shortly, is saying that we want an economic union. Nobody has voted for it! Nobody has been asked whether they want it! Yu may vote for it but the peoples of Europe have not voted for it! Now, what you should be discussing at your summit on Friday is Portugal. Because after the bailouts in Greece and Ireland, it's pretty obvious that the markets are sending you all a message: "Come in number 3, your time is up." Portuguese bond yields on Monday hit 7.6%. You know that yourself. It was only at 7%, of course, when it got there that Ireland had to be bailed out. We've also got, in April, a massive rollover of Portuguese debt – another 20 billion that has to rolled over. Remind ourselves, in the last six months, 80% of Portuguese debt was brought up, purchased, by the European Central Bank. We cannot go on as a European Union buying our own debt. If we do, the next debt crisis won't be a country, but will be a debt crisis of the European Central Bank itself. Thank you, Mr Farage, there's a question to you from Martin Schulz; would you admit that question? Yes, go ahead, Mr Schulz. Madam President, thank you very much. Perhaps you don't know this but I have a question to you. Because you're continually talking about Belgium as a non-existent state, as you said to Mr Van Rompuy and Mr Verhofstadt here. Do you know on what basis the Belgian state was founded? I'm pleased you asked me that. The difficulty is when you form an artificial state that has within it more than one language group – which is clearly the case in Belgium – and you then... you may for a period of time be able to hold it together, but whether it's Belgium, whether it's Yugoslavia or whether it's the European Union, if you have entirely different languages and cultures it will not hold together. The reason you are so upset about Belgium, and Mr Van Rompuy got terribly upset about it and Mr Verhofstadt never likes it, – isn't the truth, Mr Schulz, that Belgium is a microcosm for the whole European project? There's a further question and a question from Mr de Rossa. Only thirty seconds. I note the representative of a party called United Kingdom Independence Party doesn't know that the Belgian kingdom was set up on the proposal of the United Kingdom. Thank you very much. Thanks very much. Well, I don't think that was a question, really. So I think we can move on to the next blue-card question if you would admit that, Mr Farage, and then we'll carry on with our speakers. Mr de Rossa, go ahead. I hope Mr Farage is not offended by a question from a citizen of the Irish Republic. Could I ask him what is the basis of the United Kingdom? I understand it consists of the nations of the English, the Scottish, the Welsh and the Northern Irish. Is this not a Union of nations? A very proud one, I might add? Herr Farage, bitte sehr. By the way, Mr Schulz, you're quite right. Belgium was a British invention, and a British mistake. We've made many over the years. We've got some things right and some things wrong, just as your country... just as your country Germany. Germany’s history has not been whiter than white, I think you might agree. You're quite right. I mean, actually, holding together the United Kingdom has been something that has been deeply troubling. And indeed, you know, Ireland went its own way, back in was it 1921, I think, when independence for Ireland was established. You're right. It is very difficult to hold together different cultures. I do think that the Union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at the moment works because it has consent. If it didn't have consent, then there'd be popular calls for referendums and those nations would be able to break away. But my point is that in this European Union, nobody is being given that opportunity. Thank you ver much. :: ::

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Leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage warns of the dire consequences if the European Central Bank continues to buy up European Debt.

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