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Target: Drop the Bisphenols (BPS) From Your Thermal Receipt Paper!

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Have you ever wondered why, when you handle a receipt, that its got this powdery film on top of it? 93% of these thermal receipts that you see are covered with hormone-disrupting chemicals BPA or BPS, also known as Bisphenol A or Bisphenol S. Now bisphenols as a chemical class are pretty nasty MOFOs. They're linked to all kinds of diseases and symptoms that you do not want .... like weight gain, infertility, complications with IV fertilization, hyperactivity in children, lowering Vitamin D, irregular heartbeat, diabetes, inflammation ... and a whoole bunch of cancers. I call that ... a big old cancer buffet. So what are these bisphenols doing in our, in our receipts? They take powder, bisphenol powder, and they coat the veeery top of the receipt paper. And then a light shines on it and when a light shines on it, it turns a different colour. And you have ... colour. But it's in powder form, which means it's not bonded. It easily comes off onto your hands and then it gets into your bloodstream. Bisphenols, I refer to as a rotten family of chemicals, and the two step-sisters are BPA ... and BPS. Now, BPA ... we know a lot about her cos she's been around for a really long time. But BPS ... she's the younger sister. And she's now starting to become her own. What scientists are finding about BPS is that it potentially could be worse than BPA. So, Target has the worst chemical on their receipts. Not the better one ... the worst one. I'm heading into Target right now and I'm gonna talk to the store manager and see what he has to say about the thermal receipt paper and bisphenols. I need these in my life. So I've bought some things at Target. I intended to buy one thing and of course I came out with three. And I got my receipt from Target. And I spoke with Aneesha who was the manager. She had no idea about the issue, she didn't know anything about bisphenols on top of the receipts. She was actually really thankful that I brought this up to her and, ehm, she recommended that I get a hold of Corporate. So that's what we're gonna do. When I spoke with the cashier there, I asked him, 'How many receipts do you handle a day?' And he said: 'Oh, at least 200'. That's a lot. So I'm a little concerned. You know what's odd to me? It's that Target already has a chemical policy in place. And inside this chemical policy they're starting to restrict some really bad hormone-disrupting chemicals like phalates, and parabens, and fire retardants. And yet here are bisphenols who are just as bad as a lot of those other ones just starin' em in the face. Independent scientists are now theorising that exposure to bisphenols, that we get from receipts, is one of the major contributors that we have to bisphenols within our system, within our bloodstream. So, essentially if you cut out bisphenols in receipt paper, you're going to be cutting out a lot of exposure to bisphenols in general. Now ... Target is one of my favourite stores. It's also a favourite store for the rest of the Mamavation community, and I actually asked everybody 'Where do you shop?' and the one store that everyone pretty much went to, including myself, is Target. So Target, the Mamavation community is officially petitioning you for two things: Number one - we want digital receipts. And number two, we want you to reformulate to bisphenol-free receipt paper. And we think you can do this because Best Buy has, and let me show you what they've done. I've just got out of Best Buy had a great conversation with their manager and I'm so impressed by you know, their receipt paper. It's, it's slightly yellower, ehm, and has a little bit of a different feel, very slightly, so you would never notice it but Best Buy also gives you the ability to have no receipt, have your receipt emailed to you and then you can opt out of their marketing campaigns. That was awesome. Kids: Make your receipts safer Target! Pleeeease! Cos we really expect more from Target. Share this video! On Facebook And Twitter Ow! Would you like Target to make your family safer? You can do that by signing this petition and sharing with your family and friends. Thank you. For more information visit #TARGET RECEIPTS

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Posted by: mamavation on Jul 28, 2018

Target exposes MILLIONS of its customers to toxic bisphenols (BPA/BPS) in contaminated thermal receipt paper. Urge action from Target today! Millions of Americans shop at Target every year and are unknowingly exposed to a hormone-disrupting chemical when they handle and sign Target receipts.

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