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Knudtsen Chevrolet - Tire Pressure Check

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Hi. My name is Bryce. So I'm here at Knudtsen Chevrolet in Post Falls, Idaho I'm here to show you a few tips on how to check your tire pressures correctly. You wanna check your tire pressures for a few main reasons. Being safety, tire wear and fuel efficiency.

So tire wear, if your tires are under inflated they're gonna wear on the outside edges of your tire, you'll notice this over time and if they're over inflated they're gonna wear mainly in the middle of the tire costing you a lot in tire repairs and it’s a big safety hazard, too. Another key factor in tire pressures is climate. The area that we live in is known for cold and warm climates. Those cold and warm climates will decrease and increase your tire pressures. It’s important that you keep checking them as you go cuz they will change over time. So when checking your tire pressures you're gonna wanna look for this thing called the valves, it has a cap, you remove the cap, take this tool, you can find it in any of the auto parts store at NAPA, Autozone or O’Reilly’s, and take it, you push it on the valve like this, and then this little stem pokes up. So after the steam pokes up you're gonna wanna read the number on the stem, to figure out what your tire pressure is supposed to be and if that’s the correct number. You're gonna rock with me over here and if you open the door, you'll see there's a tire placard right here, it’s pretty visible. You're gonna wanna read the front and rear tire pressures. 35 PSI is what it says. So you read off of this tool, it’s written PSI right there as you can see. 35 is where you want it to be. Should widen up right about there. So once you've aired up your tires, you can actually go inside the vehicle. There's a tire page located on the screen inside your gauge cluster. It will tell you the exact PSI on each tire in the vehicle. To find this tire pressure page in your vehicle, you can actually go to this page coming out of your audio page and in the info page as you can see. Clicking this check, you can scroll down through the options and eventually you'll find the tire pressure page. It shows you the exact PSI in each tire at each corner of your vehicle. Thanks again for letting me show you how to check your tire pressures on your 2018 Chevrolet vehicle. If you have any more questions on how to exact anything else on your vehicle you can come see us at Knudtsen Chevrolet, Post Falls, Idaho.

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