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Aurical Presentation

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Aurical® is a complete modular fitting solution that has everything you need to achieve fitting excellence. – A fitting audiometer, a probe microphone measurement unit, counselling tools, a HIT chamber and a video otoscope. Everything is integrated through the Otosuite® software for a smooth and efficient workflow. The Aurical® Aud is a dedicated, fully integrated fitting audiometer. Aurical Aud integrates an audiometer, a sound card, counselling tools, power amplifier, USB hub and an optional Hi-Pro 2 in a modern ultra-compact design. With a small footprint, it fits anywhere. Place it conveniently under the desk, directly on the wall, or on your PMM unit. The Aurical® Freefit is the only wireless and binaural probe microphone measurement unit. Fit hearing aids your way with customizable targets, stimuli and protocols. User tests, binaural capability and predefined measurement sequences, make the process faster, easier and more consistent. And with convincing counselling and demonstration tools, you can show your clients the real benefits of their hearing aids, such as noise reduction and directionality. Aurical® Otocam 300 is a powerful video otoscope with crisp full-color video and images. Otocam 300 integrates with the other Aurical modules through Otosuite. With its quick-view functionality, you can use videotoscopy during hearing instrument fittings without switching programs. The only complete modular EMR and NOAH integrated fitting solution. Aurical – Your way to fitting excellence.

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Aurical Presentation

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