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It comes from far back. In 97 when I moved here from Northern Quebec with my family in my small Dodge Sprint, we were welcomed with open arms by the Franco-ontarian community & already I felt part of something bigger. I come from a family that strongly believes that a strong Canada, a strong Ontario, includes a population that can speak both official languages. My parents sent me to an English-language school in Quebec where I had the chance to get to know that minority. That's when I understood. I think that a strong & united Canada is when our kids can speak French & English. They are part of the solution. I had the chance to accompany my students to Switzerland & they met dignitaries where they spoke to them in French & English & it was wonderful to see them interacting in either language with these savants. I think Ontario & Canada needs francophones like them. If we go back 100 years, we remember our teachers that fought to obtain and keep french-language schools. Now, it's our turn to do the same thing. To carry the flame real high. We cannot impose French on our students. We can't say "Speak French." Instead, we have to LIVE the language & culture with them. So I thought by creating Captain Franco, I could capture the fun side of French. It's in that optic that I created that character. So I went to buy a costume with my wife, & my oldest son said: Don't wear that Dad! (He goes to the same school). But when I put the costume on, students loved it. I think we should have that for the young generation, some type of model, of super hero for the French language & culture. I think it would be a good way to get them to realize that with language, we can move mountains if we want. It's an honor to be chosen for this prize. Throughout my 20 years, I had the chance to meet lots of Franco-ontarian people that gave to their communities. To be nominated for this prize is very special (places hand on heart, laughs)

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Posted by: vutsupmedia on Feb 5, 2019

Interview 4-Custom MPEG-4

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