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Puslinch - Edit 1-Up to 4K

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I'm Michael D. and I live in Puslinch in Audrey Meadows. First of all, it's really nice because it's so close to the 401 so my wife's going to be working in Toronto probably 3 days a week on average so it's easy for her to get down to Toronto for work. It's also close for me to get to work, even on the north end of Guelph, I'm still only about 20-25 minutes. We have all the amenities of Guelph so we're 5 minutes from the south end of Guelph where there's some nice restaurants. There's also some nice places even in Aberfoyle and Worsten that we enjoy. It's like country living but you feel like you're in the city. Even in this area, we have high speed internet, natural gas. I love the country. I always wanted to move back to the country. My wife grew up in _____ and she kind of liked the country living too but she doesn't want to be off the grid without neighbours. Also, she needed high speed internet for work. That was one of the agreements to work from home so we found it was the perfect neighbourhood and perfect compromise so you've got country living, you've got some neighbours, the kids can go out and play so it's the best of both worlds for us. I think it's great for families. We were surprised how many young families were in the area so it's great for our 2 daughters, especially our oldest who's just going to school now. Aberfoyle is a great school. We did the research and it's one of the top rated schools in Ontario so that meant a lot to us and also I think it's a great area for retired people. We have a lot of retired people in the area that we've met, very friendly, and their kids like to babysit.

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Puslinch - Edit 1-Up to 4K

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