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For my Father... The train's coming! Mehdi! Stop, stop, stop! Your parents havent even come to ask for me yet My dad's just coming back today Well let him come then Did you know that from now on, Im the son of the Head of the Turkish Border Protection Who's and what's son??? The head of Border Protection Whats that? Something like police, they give the orders So its a big deal? Its a very big deal -Bigger than the principal? - Bigger -Bigger than the gendarme? -Bigger How about Kopuk (good-for-nothin/broken) Yasar? Even bigger than Kopuk Yasar Something big like a government, on top of everything. Mehdi..Azamet here is your fourth aunty addition to the family Oooh so the village teacher is part of an aunt of our family then? Congratulations, i know i couldnt make it to the wedding but i didnt forget your present Ahh how did you know i play the violin? Shahne wrote in the letter It must've been a bother my Mehdi Bring it down, bring it down We dedicate this to you Mehdi Whats its name? It doesnt have a name yet, you name it. Napoleon My dear brother You are A Napoleon too Filiz come on hurry, we're late, my dad's on his way back! The train back from Ankara is always late anyway! Everyones at the station though Whats this? Its a gun You carry a gun with you? Yeah its a present from your father Let me have a look Its very precious. gold plated Very nice Ima buss a shot for you Mehdi! Wheres my eldest son? Wheres Adem? He was just here, i dont know Wheres my eldest daughter? Wheres Filiz? She'll be here soon Welcome back Where have you been Filiz? i had to put out the fire Dad Dad, welcome back, how are you Dad? Where have you been my son? i had to put out the fire Dad What can you see sir? A hole. A hole What is this here sir? It writes here... Border Protection Wire? open this now boy Barbed wire? Whats this gonna be used for? I hope its only for a good cause -mumbles- then sings Ankara national anthem We at the border protection have successfully received in the amount of 1,867 bits of barbed wire 1,837 bits of barbed wire exactly? Exactly 1,837 bits sir, we counted so you counted yeah? -Im going to sign it then? -Sign it sir Melek, bring the sugar OK! Thank you -Mehdi i couldnt even tell you how happy i am that you're back Thank you Thank God you came, there was no mandem about, i was gonna go crazy I mean after all these years of friendship we spent together i felt like this year and half of seperation just didnt go by as quickly as i wanted it Man, it was the same for me We've been good friends ever since the army Ever since the Kurtulush war, you remember that? Remember when i got wounded and you took out the bullet? Man it wasn't for you there wouldn't be no Adem or anything What i done, anyone would have done. I had so much business to do, i couldnt come to my father's funeral Did he pass away with a grudge against me? No, he didnt have a grudge, but because you mean so much to him, he was upset. Infact when he gave me the gun, his eyes were full of tears. May peace and blessings be upon him Did he give that to you? Yeah. He gave it to me. And when he gave it to me, he said Rahim, my son When Mehdi was in Ankara You spent alot of time and labour on me So this here (gun) is my most prized possession And im going to give it you His eyes teared up plenty like this He said the prayer... After he said that..he done this and then he was gone May peace and blessings be upon him Yo Mr Official Sir. Are you sure the measurements are right? Does the border cross from here? Yes its right. but some of the houses are left on the other side However the measurements are..that what we measure. Well i suppose the old rocks here mark out the border aswell

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