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Simon Sinek - The fundamental purpose of companies

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- COVID struck instantly, we find out who had good leaders, who had bad leaders. Who had strong cultures, who had weak cultures? Simon Sinek: Best-Selling Author and Optimist And, those that had purpose, quite frankly, had an easier time pivoting. And what's the definition of pivot? It's moving around a center point, right? And so if you have a purpose and cause, you simply said, "OK, the way we were doing it, won't work anymore." "How can we bring it to life in a new way?" That's what pivot actually is. It's not wholesale reinvention. And so, how do you get people to understand the purpose and cause? You talk about it. You make decisions based on it. You know, the number of companies that have purpose on their website, but don't actually follow it in their decision making, that's a communication to the company, that yeah it's just for the internet. You know, it's just for the website. We don't actually care about it. I mean, we saw it happen. As I talked about you know, CVS. They said on their website, "We care about the health of people." Well that's why they took cigarettes off their shelves. The problem is, their competitors, Walgreens and Rite-Aid, also have the same statement on their same website. "Our purpose is to keep people healthy." But they continue to sell cigarettes. There's something disconnected. So, what's most important is if you have a purpose, you have got to make decisions based on that purpose, otherwise everybody thinks it's just bull, it's just marketing. And so if we want people to live purpose, make decisions with purpose, then leadership needs to set the example. And it starts by having a real sense of purpose and cause, and communicating it obsessively inside the company, and then making decisions accordingly.

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Simon Sinek - The fundamental purpose of companies

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