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Teach you Design of: giving up, why i like give up but not like standing up?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Giving Up - The Design of Giving Up Hi there, this is of giving up. communicating, and giving perspective, on the experience within you, of 'giving up'. Now. Of course, 'giving up' only, existed 'of the mind'. Yet also, there exists a 'gift', in the experience of giving up. Let me start with the, 'first'..aspect, of giving up. If you, allow yourself, to give up! Understand that in that moment of giving up.. the- everything, of the 'reason' you have decided to give up, will compound within you - tenfold. and then standing up from within that becomes 'more difficult', more extensive, and more extreme. and, there 'will', inevitably, come a moment, where you 'will', inevitably, 'have to forced', yourself, to stand up. Because you'll 'realize', that, you're not able to continue as it is, and there 'will be something' that you are, 'required to do' and 'have to do', for yourself as yourself, to stand up. The second aspect, of giving up. To realize giving up as, the design of giving up, as myself that exist within you. interesting..door, shall I say? So as you 'walk', and experience..and apply yourself..through and during your process. There will be 'moments'..of certain 'events', or, circumstances. Where..that that experience of giving up, will will, be.. Right here! it it feels like, it's it's just right here, and and, it's, gonna consume you and you just want to give up. it's like: I can't continue! I'm too tired! I've had enough! I can't- If 'those', if these's.. those words, and that experience step forth within you, I 'urge you' to 'walk through it'! Don't! "push yourself" in those moments saying: No! I'll not give up! I refuse to give up! I'm "walking through this" as me and I am standing up, "as me as Life" Oneness and equality. I'm Here, I am..doing this, I am 'willing' this. I'm, not accepting and allowing giving up within and as me. Human beings, 'walk through' that, experience of wanting to give up. Walk through it. Because it is "in that walking through that", you'll walk through "the door", of transcendence It's interesting. So giving up, exists..of the mind, for you, to 'test' yourself, in your effectiveness. and statement, and action, and application and awareness, of you. So therefore, if you 'allow' yourself, 'to give up'. What does that mean? Your effectiveness your, statement your, application 'has not been effective'. Because you have accepted and allowed yourself, to be 'controlled', and consumed, by the, experience of 'wanting to give up'. and then, you did give up. If you allow yourself, just to.. Stand as that 'strength', and that courage and that determination, within you. and you 'walk through that', giving up experience within yourself, really. Apply self-forgiveness, for wanting to give up. and then, you take it, and you just stand up within and as it and say: I refuse! to give up! I 'will' not give up, this is not who I am! I am 'not giving up'! and then you just walk through it, walk through it, you make statement: you stand! you stand! you stand! you assert yourself. and you walk through it..and, you will realize, that: Oh my god! giving up, doesn't, really, exist (smile) So, human beings, two aspects - giving up. When you give up, realize that you're going, you 'will stand up', inevitably. When you, realize you 'have to'! and you force yourself to again 'but everything will be compounded - tenfold' If you actually 'allow yourself to assert yourself', to stand within and as you. Make a statement: I refuse to give up! I am not giving up! I 'will not' give up! this is 'who I am'! and 'walk through' that experience of wanting to give up, 'just walk, through it'. step thru it within you what do I mean by walk through it? Just don't de- allow it, assert yourself How do you assert yourself? you stand! you make statements of yourself. I 'will not accept' this giving up! I 'am not' this giving up! I am not giving up! I am Life! I am strength! I stand! I am 'Here'! I am 'assertive'! I am 'effective'! You, as you make the statements, you 'stand it'! as it! within yourself. Stand as the words! you know, assertiveness! and strength! and will! you 'really' say it in the entirety of your being, and you 'do it'. So. They are the 'two' aspects of, giving up, and why giving up exists. Understand, if you 'fall' with giving up, your your application your awareness your statement what you 'live', express and apply is 'not effective'. If you allow yourself, to walk through it and realize that giving up doesn't really exist. (smile) Your effectiveness is diligent. Right. I'll read a few, self-forgiveness application for instance: I forgive myself that I've (accepted and) allowed myself to 'want to give up'. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to be consumed by the energetic experience of the mind, which created this experience, of wanting to give up. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that giving up, actually really exists. I forgive myself that I've allowed myself to perceive that I actually had the ability to give up. I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to apply myself effectively in every moment, and thus, the door of self-transcendence, as giving up stand here before me, now I have to 'decide', whether I'll stand or will I fall, with this experience of giving up before me. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to accept and allow, wanting to give up, 'within my world'. I forgive myself that I've allowed myself to accept, wanting to give up within me. I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that, if I accept and allow myself to give up here, everything, and all that I've done in the past 'will come back', tenfold, and I'll have to stand up again. I am 'Here'. I am effective. I am assertive. I 'stand'. I am Life. I am diligent. I am, courage..I am dedication. I 'will' myself. I direct myself. I am power. and you 'stand' human beings. Understand that, the experience, of wanting to give also of the mind. an another door, of self-forgiveness, and self-application to 'walk through and stand as' a transcendence that is you. Thank you very much. this is the.. design of, giving up. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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