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Arnold Mindell on Deep Democracy & Worldwork, London 2008

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ARNOLD MINDELL speaks about Worldwork, a way to help small and large groups with their issus The following audio recording comes mainly from a large worldwork conference in London, April 2008 At that conference, approximately 400 people from 35 countries gathered together towork on local, national & global issues Arny's comments arise in relationship to the people & the issues that were present Thanks to the organizers and paticipants of that conference, & other worldwork seminars, all of whom hope for a better world See So, what's the goal of process work? What's the goal of worldwork? Well, each team, each group, each individual defines the goal. Process work works with those goals. In my mind, worldwork and processwork is about relationship. You get deeper, underneath yourself, and you start your work with roles and roles switching and you turn around and you work on the roles, what your doing is relating different parts. Relationship is a process. I am me, you're you and at another point, I'm a little bit like you, even though I hate it and I am me too. It's about relationship and flow between people. That's the goal. So, our method is to learn about the deepest part of yourself, and to bring it into working with yourself. I'd say, worldwork is about this large group process, here, right now all of us here. Worldwork is about us, and that's only part of it. Equally imporant it is about YOU and how YOU and I get along with ourselves. And is about how we deal with teamwork. So, these various levels, are what worldwork is about. Is about... Your innerwork is imporant. It's an... It's not just about the large group seeing. It's not just about the TV. Problems will never be solved only out here. They need YOU in your innerwork and they need you in your relationship. So, that's why we have innerwork and teamwork and the large group as well. Mmmm... Whoof! I wanna say whoof! But I don't know why, I wanna say whoof! Because everybody always looks at the outside. All the world is the thing I see on TV. But it's not! The world is what's happening in you and in your relationships as well. Thanks especially to Stanya Studentova for creating the audio files, Arlene & Jean Claude Audergon, Stanya Studentova and Anup Karia for organizing that conference & to all the previous organizers & participants from the 11 earlier worldworks that were the foundation of this one.

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