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HOM 14 - Annunaki, Serpents and Sirians Planned to be GODS on Earth before Dinosaurs Era

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 14 - Anu wants to be God (Jack) Hi all, this is Jack and, I'm continuing the 'history of mankind', ok I ended off last time describing, the development, and design, of the human physical body, which is the 'vessel' that the, Annunaki, the Sirians and the Serpents together 'designed' as well as the Atlanteans, all were involved! In the, beginning, or the starting point, of the creation of 'the physical human form' of mankind, remember not yet 'mankind' per-se So I 'touched' lightly, on on in terms of the, development of the 'organs' these specific organs in the human physical form. I'll get that to that "more specificly", at the moment I am firstly, "describing the" or preparing 'the foundation', on which I'll expound, and be more specific. So, the human form, a human physical form was developed as it is today. just another point that I'd like to, point out would be where they, found that it was necessary for this form to 'eat' in terms of to sustain itself. was also gathered from, nature that developed during that time now I wouldn't call it 'that was nature', exactly as it is today It was more the expression of this 'living organism', which is called, planet earth and that's what they discovered, they discovered that this planet 'was living' it was it was 'breathing', it was 'sustaining itself' and that's why through the breath That's how the breathe also was developed That's why eating, is actually not necessary. or won't be, maybe, soon, one day Plants, in terms of the- it all- they are, plants exist trans- 'trees' though, their method of breathing and it is the same with human physical body, though the requirement and the, 'need to eat' to survive is because of actually 'the systems' that have been placed, inside the human physical bodies. So it's not Actually your physical body that requires food, it is the (sigh) It is a necessity for the 'systems' inside the human physical body for the physical body to be able to 'accompany' the systems inside it, which- requires to eat able to sustain itself effectively So, physical human form was developed, now in terms of 'the dinosaurs', pre-historic era that did exist, that was 'more' of the the starting point development, of the human physical form that was the period where they basically 'tested it', they tested the nature of the physical form, how it operates, how it works, investigating it and of course the, playing with the nurturing, the requirement of the nurturing Now in terms of the dinosaurs that were developed, they were developed in with specific, genetic Lets called it 'coding', so in terms of the meat that provided specifically 'to eat' it was 'specifically' to prepare the way for, 'their final product' if I can place it from that perspective. so lets go back, excuse me for jumping, the Now the Atlanteans of course were not, aware of, Anu's plan to basically 'use them' as the power, generator of the physical form with its- and the systems within. So in essence it wasn't merely just about the physical 'form', or the vessel It had became now to, enslave, the Atlanteans so that the Annunaki may have, gold! and, to establish himself, actually here 'on earth'. now, the initial plan, of course was just the gold and the gold was quite flourishing, and they knew that it would also start manifesting together with this entire planet, so they're required to base themselves, here! But he wasn't Satisfied, with-this-planet, nor with the nor with only the human physical form and the Atlanteans he wanted it to become his kingdom his- his planet his city, and Thus, in terms of where human beings are today, in this moment the reason for the, enslavement of the Atlanteans within human form You're actually preparing the way for Anu for Anu, the Annunaki the Serpents, and the Sirians. To be able to manifest themselves here, in this world on earth. for them to 'rule', for them to be god, etc. that was the plan. unfortunately, it did not work out that way, and with that, I will continue as well So lets go back to, Anu now saying, he realizing if the Atlanteans do not want to give him earth, where his 'gold' is on He's gonna have to take them over he- the 'only way' he was going to take them over basically was to 'enslave them' into this 'vessel' Now the 'enslavement' was possible through these systems that was placed in by the Sirians, and Now he just need to have a 'plan', of how exactly he's going to 'lure' the Atlanteans to, 'not notice' what exactly he was up to Now it was just a plain, human it was just a plain physical form the male female 'expressions', also derived from the Atlanteans You know so that them, the male expression Atlanteans are able to move into a male expression and then the female expression, Atlanteans are able to move into a female expression that 'intricate' designs of the human physic form I have to get into specific interviews because of it's very intricate, extensively, and that's also 'another history', on it's own So I'll continue in my next interview, thanks. Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 14 - Annunaki, Serpents and Sirians Planned to be GODS on Earth before Dinosaurs Era

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