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Question & Answers Session with Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi 3 of 3

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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that “I was a prophet before coming into this world" I was prophet when not even Adam (AS) was created”. Firstly, these souls were created then all other creatures Souls of Imam Mahdi, Hazart Muhammad (SAW), Ghaus Pak (Abdul Qadir Jalani), Sultan Sahib are those who were there since the primordial time. Question: Imam Mahdi (AS) will be in Pakistan, but many people having light in heart will be in other countries How they will reach to Imam Mahdi (AS), will they be shown any special signals? Answer: Many people are receiving signs, people are being shown. Ask something meaningful. Question: You have said that the image of Imam Mahdi (AS) has been shown to all the Aulias (Saints). Why until now they don't issue statements about this? Answer: Till the time Imam Mahdi does not announce himself, how can they tell? First He (Imam Mahdi) will announce about himself that he is, then people will ask about him (from their guides) whether it is true or not, then they (walis) will confirm that yes, He is. Before this how can they (Walis) say? Question: Once you said that Imam Mahdi would ever claim that I am Imam Mahdi, People will recognize Him? Answer: Actually fact is that, self-appointed Mahdi will make lot of voice about himself himself but ultimately he will be disgraced. But the real one from Allah, whether he hides himself in jungle or stays silent people will be attracted towards Him automatically and people will recognize Him. The Mahdi is the one who will be from Allah, so whether he proclaims or not, ultimately He is Imam Mahdi. Question: Why a diamond should pronounce that it is diamond…it would be recognized itself? Answer: He will be recognized automatically. Once He will be recognized, He will be separated from a lot, people will recognize Him. Then ultimately one day, it has to be shown by highlighting it that “this is diamond”. Question: Will other people also claim to be Mahdi in or before the time of the real Mahdi? Answer: It is mentioned in Hadith (Prophetic tradition) that 14 people will proclaim to be Mahdi. And very pious people will accept that he maybe Imam Mahdi. But the real one will be only one. Then He will have benefit when people will accept those fourteen. Their followers will also come towards the real one. Question: All other 14 will be false? Answer: They will be false but some due to their Kashaf some due to their worship they would start considering themselves to be Mahdi. Question: Would they be murdered? Answer: This is premature to say. Don’t know what Allah’s desire will be!

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Posted by: theallfaith on Dec 28, 2009 World renowned spiritual personality His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi at His hometown answering the questions of people regarding Imam Mahdi/Kalki Avtar and end times.

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