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Life Is About Expressing Yourself

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Excerpt from Dr. Hsu’s lecture on The Nature of Personal Reality given on 12/06/2010 No matter whether it's your childhood, your marriage, your work, or any kind of experiences you had in life, in the end many people were given an answer that they felt was real. That answer is - it's useless to express yourself. Do you get what I'm saying? No matter which life experience that has led you to reach this conclusion, I must tell you that expressing yourself works. First of all, expressing yourself always works. Secondly, maybe you have never learned a good way to express yourself. It's never useless to express yourself. No matter whether it's expressing your thoughts, your opinions, or your emotions, it will definitely generate an energy full of impact. It will definitely generate an effective energy. No matter if your expression is counterattacked, or if it's accepted. No matter if your expression is agreed or accepted by your boss, or simply disregarded, expressing yourself will always work. Many people cannot find an appropriate or a different way to express themselves. So they stop expressing themselves. Getting back to what I was talking about, energy can only be distorted. Energy cannot be recycled. Energy can never be annihilated. Once energy is ignited, it will produce real impact. The same for anxiety, the same for fear, the same for diseases. Therefore, in the whole process of internal energy, you need to observe what makes you repress your thoughts and feelings. It’s very important to express yourself. Expressing yourself will never make you feel ashamed. It will never make you feel embarrassed, or make you feel unsafe. Life is about expressing yourself. Please contact us to join our translation team.

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Posted by: sefvideos on Dec 8, 2010

Excerpt from Dr. Hsu's lecture on Seth's The Nature of Personal Reality given on 12/06/2010

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