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I've finished 欢乐伙伴 2B! - May we invite you to read us the stories from the last chapter? Where is it? Okay, here it is. Let's just start from here! Wait a minute... I want to start from here. Why?? The water kept flowing, grandma quickly turned off the tap. Okay! Is it okay? Sure! [Grandma is] turning off water. Is that okay? - Let me test you with a riddle. - This is a really important thing, it is dispensable in life. Lowered head Shook head Can't guess - When you are thirsty, you will think of it. - Did he guess it? I know the answer. It's “water”. - The water kept flowing. - Okay, let's [start reading]. - It is Indispensable in Life One day, Kang Kang came home from being outside. - He washed his hands but failed to turn off the faucet before going off to drink water. - Grandma realized that the water was running, and so she turned the faucet off immediately and then said to Kang Kang: “Let me test you with a riddle. This is a really important thing, and it is dispensable in life. Can you guess what is it?” Kang Kang had a think about it and shook his head. - “When you are thirsty, you will think of it; When you are showering, you can't be without it.” said Grandma. Kang Kang looked at the cup in his hand and said happily: “I know, it's water!” Grandma said with a smile: “That's correct! Water is very important to us. You often forget to turn the faucet off and water gets wasted away.” When Kang Kang heard what Grandma said, his face turned red and lowered his head. Mmmm... good reading. Did I read the story quickly? Yes, you read quickly and smoothly (compared to other times)! Let's read the second story. It's not this page. The water pail is really heavy. Oh! This story? Yes. Let's put the book down. Let's have a look at the pictures. What happened? Oh no..... the water turned...... black. The water turned yellow, didn't it? Yellow? No, it turned.... brown. Brown? Okay, sure. Okay, please start reading. - Clear Stream The elephant is sucking up water. It sucks up water and sprays it. It is watering the plant. It is watering the tree. They are planting the trees back. Okay, let's continue reading. - There is a stream in front of the Little Rabbit's house. One day, Little Rabbit realised that the stream had turned yellow and found it really strange. He walked upstream along the bank trying to figure out what happened. Little Rabbit saw Elephant and Wild Boar pulling up trees beside the stream vying with each other to see who is stronger. - Where have you read up to? Over here. Little Rabbit said angrily: - ”Stop immediately! If you pull out the big trees, - the soil will loosen. - When the soil falls into the stream, - we will no longer have clean water!” Elephant and Wild Boar looked over at the water, the water had indeed turned yellow! They knew they were wrong and quickly planted the trees back in place. Soon after, the stream became clear once again. - What does 变清了mean? Do you know? What does 变清了 mean? It turned clean, isn't it? The water turned clean. Let me show you these [characters]. You want to review your new characters? 浇 (water), 浇花 (water the flowers) 桶 (bucket), 桶子 (bucket) 旧 (old), 很旧 (very old) 报 (report), 报纸 (newspaper) 窗 (window), 窗口 (window) - 志 (records), 杂志 (magazine) That's not correct. 杂 (miscellaneous), 杂志 (magazine) - 志 (records), 杂志 (magazine) 外 (outer), 外面 (outside) - 婆 (old woman), 老婆婆 (old woman) 连 (connect), 连忙 (immediately) Oh have a look, you missed a character. 老婆婆 (old woman) 流 (flow), 留下来 (stay) It's not 留 for 留下来 (stay). What is it? 流 (flow), 流水 (water flowing) 连 (connect), 连忙 (immediately) 考 (test), 考考你 (test you) 猜 (guess), 猜一猜 (make a guess) 摇 (shake), 摇摇头 (shake head) 渴 (thirsty), 口渴 (thirsty) - What is this [character]? 撞 (knock), 撞倒 (knocked down) 重 (weight), 很重 (very heavy) - 低 (low), 低头思故乡 (last line of a Tang poem) - What about the opposite of 低 (low)? The opposite of low is high. That's correct. I've finished 欢乐伙伴 2B!!! I no longer need to work on 欢乐伙伴 2B, I can now start on 欢乐伙伴 3A! You are going to start on it next, yeah? Let me show it to you... the... I didn't bring [the book] out! I know where it is. - You know where it is? Really? That is 3B. Yes, this is 3A. Let's have a look at this book. What are you looking at? Huan Huan, Xiao Le, Xiao He, and Kang Kang - They are the same characters, aren't they? - Okay, let's look at it next time. I'll read it next time. Goodbye.

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