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Prodigal Student

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This is my life history. My name is Salustiano Piñeiro. I am seventeen years old. I grew up in a small town. The wind, the snow, and the loneliness are first partners of the people of Gobernador Costa. Life has not been simple for me. I have always had to fight for my dreams to change my painful reality. I think about school as a means to change my situation but everyday that goes past I realize that nothing is easy. I have to live with my economic needs The incomprehension of my family at my frustrated dreams. So I wonder, will I continue walking this road alone. My days at school are presented to my as a contradiction. To go on studying is long term goal. However, the hunger knocks on my door today. I cannot longer live this way My decision is already taken. I look for someone who can help me, but those who promote the study have turned their backs to me since the my reality in their eyes is just a number. I become part of that significant statistic. How can they realize that I really exist. My father drunkenness has become a vicious circle and a miserable one. I can't stand to see my mom my brother and sister abused day by day. My head is full with contradictory but my decision is already taken. Although this means to give up not only all my dreams but also my future. Finally I’m here. I won't feel hunger anymore and all my problems are behind. I thank the owner of the farm for giving me a hand and for the bed too, since I will be able to help my family. As the days go past the work becomes more difficult than I ever thought. My body is tired and the condition of life in this new home are not very good. The fatigue and the sadness consumes me. I miss my family too much. And during the nights I cannot avoid that my tears roll down my face. I think about how my home will be. I imagine being in another place, building my dreams. Making reality my desires. Of course life here is not easy. The loneliness is thick. Although the pay is good, the work is hard. I don’t have a choice. I must tolerate and be quiet. I can't be one day more in this place. I must go back home. I know it won't be easy. My parents will point me out and I don’t know if I will take a place in school. The thoughts and the contradictory feelings appear again. Though this time I am willing and determined to do everything to achieve my goal. I will have to walk this road alone again. But I know I can get through to my dreams. This is my challenge. Today despite all the difficulties I found in my life, I realize that I could find the support and the understanding I need in my teachers and in parents too. This is my new beginning!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 21 seconds
Country: Argentina
Language: English
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Producer: Created by Youth Artists from 719 Peñihué Secondary School in Argentina.
Director: Created by Youth Artists from 719 Peñihué Secondary School in Argentina.
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Posted by: ljobson on May 23, 2011

This is the life history of Salustiano Piñeiro, a seventeen- year- old teenager, who grew up in a small town where the cold, the wind, the snow and the loneliness are forced partners of the people in Gobernador Costa. He thinks about school as a means to change his situation, but every day that goes pass, he realizes that nothing is easy. He has to live with his economic needs, the incomprehension of his family and his frustrated dreams. His days at school are presented him as a contradiction: go on studying is a long-term goal. However, the hunger knocks on his door TODAY.

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