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- I think Lars' part is good. - Say again. Is it the same tempo for the intro...? I have no idea who that was. That was the Prince of Denmark. So if I ask a question and I don't get an answer, I'll presume you didn't hear it. - That's correct, yes. - We did not understand what you said. Is the tempo for the intro the same as for the body of the song, or... It's slightly higher. There's a counting temp that you were doing and then there's the actual tempo during the high hat stuff up the top. To me it sounds like there's three parts. There's the body of the song, there's the middle bit too, but.. The intro's a little faster than the body of the song, and then that build. You know the...seemed a little slower, even, so when the song kicked in it kind of bumped. Is this off the demo? - Is that accurate? - Totally accurate. Just a point of reference to start with. - We've definitely been playing the intro too slow. - Yeah. So, let's start at... - Is that the place? - It starts right away. So it's before the next one. - After a full cycle with a chorus... - So after the first chorus. - Uh? - After the first chorus? Yes. We're extending what? - Where did they just stop? - Second verse. - They didn't get to the chorus. - No, they didn't. They were supposed to be... Before the verse started. - What's the tempo like in there? - Maybe on the quick side. Although, that being said, that had the most spunk of anything we've done yet. It was cooking. It felt cool. - The intro definitely sounded good. - The intro was really good. The verse was maybe on the quick side, but I don't know that it was bad. - OK. - It definitely had fire. It was moving along good. What third verse? If you count the second verse as a "b" part of the first verse, then it's the third, yes, and the easiest way to say it is after the first chorus. - Gotcha. - OK?

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 21, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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