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The show has started. Yeah, I'm happy. - You've been saying you wanted to do it. Right, I am very happy. - You've been saying it. About the show. - At first this show was more likely to be on DVD. DVD? - You wanted to make something casual on DVD. Ah, right. - Who would have thought, it'll become a TV show? Incredible! Being 1st is something else. Yeah... looks like it makes things go smoother. - This is what we've been discussing from the start. Yes. - Even before you've become 1st. Right. - Who would have thought, that you'll become 1st. That's for sure. So the preparations for the new regular show have started since then? No. On the contrary, two of my shows have ended. Long story short, you've discussed with the staff the implementation of your idea once again. - And you decided to do it. Yes. So? Have you found something you want to do? Yeah, I've thought about it. I want to release a photo collection. - Photo collection? Yes. Well, you know... Photo collection is something, that is fun to look at... - You know... boobs... I understand, what you're trying to say. Should we do a boob job first on this show then? Sashihara's Rebellion (handwritten by Sashihara Rino) "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. Didn't you already have a photo collection? It was a photo book. That was a photo book? Yes, mainly consists of text. 40% of photos, 60% of text. So this time you don't need to part of the "book"? Yes, no book. So no book? No book, photos only. - That's the plan? Yes. I think it's a thing that can be released only when I am in my 20's. It should be now. Should it be now? Well, there are things, that have expiration date. As long as there are people who will help me, this kind of shows could be made in the future regardless of my age, but photo collection is something I have to make now. In the future, when I have kids, I'll have nothing to show them from the times I was 1st. But you have a "Fortune Cookie" PV. I want to release a photo collection. Is there a reason? I am on salary, so that will help me quite a bit. - "Ohta Pro" has a salary system? Yes. - So it's about money? Not only. - Money? Isn't everything. Wait a second, when you start talk about photo collection, there is one important thing coming to my mind right away... I don't know... How should I put it... There is probably a reason, why you haven't released it yet, right? That is... What? Well, you know, photo collections are... With popularity like yours, it's only natural for photo collection offers to come. They could have talked with Akimoto-san about it. How should I put it... Why do you make such big deal out of it? Just spit it out already. Well, you know... Then, nothing to hold off I think photo collections are about looks... You have a point there. It's important. Because mostly men buy them, right? Yeah. But think about it... I am somewhat popular right now. If I won't release it now, nobody will buy it later. But... You have to consider, what your fans seek from you. I think the reason of your popularity is because you're funny. But your face is... - well... so-so... Yes. - And breast... The festival is sure loud! The festival outside is loud! It's adding grace to this program's opening. When I try to proceed with this unpleasant talk, - it feels like they're cheering me on. Go on, go on! They are supporting me. Frankly speaking, Sasshi in swimsuit is not in demand. True. Right, that's not the most pleasant view. It's true, that you are famous for your beautiful legs, but when I sometimes look at your upper body gravure photos, unfortunately your breasts are quite... unsightly. But, do you think that you're the most beautiful right now? If we do this later, a lot of post editing will be needed. Your looks? I don't spend money on my looks. I think I could have preserved my skin in the current state for the next photo collection, but I don't have such plans. - You don't invest in your looks? No. I am planning to live without plastic surgeries. You've been suspected of one though. I seriously couldn't understand it! I don't have time for it! I was surprised myself! When I heard the news, I was filming TV Tokyo drama at Yamagata. They suspected you've done plastic surgery, but when I saw you, you looked even worse than before... That's true! I just transferred at that time, my face was swollen. I gained some weight. I was suspected of plastic surgery, just because my face was swollen. So people always say you've been going on in this business while being an ugly... What the heck is this "going on in this business while being ugly"? Could you just stop it? So you're just not obsessed with becoming cute? Yeah, something like that. So what kind of photo collection are you planning to make? Do you have some role model in mind? If we'll really release a photo collection, various people will say, that the idea and implementation for it was born in this show. "Santa Fe". - You want it like "Santa Fe"? "Santa Fe". *note: "Santa Fe" is a Japanese nude photo book Santa Fe is a name of place. Is that so? "Santa Fe". If I go nude, I am sure there will be people willing to buy it. I wonder about that... [New show Sashihara's Rebellion" goes just like this"] But when will this show be broadcasted? At what time? - October? The start is on the 9th of October. At 2:05 a.m. - That so late at night! Who will watch it? I want to thank each one, who'll watch it, seriously. I'll do gratitude home visits, to those, who'll watch it. I don't remember watching such late shows. You're right... But you know... It's TV Tokyo. At TV Tokyo and 2 a.m you can do anything. - Is that so? Yes. TV Tokyo will still broadcast anime even if all other channels are broadcasting news. Yeah, that's right, that's TV Tokyo. TV Tokyo doesn't give a damn about show contents after 0:00. We're talking vulgarly right now, but there is this regular evening show... How was it called? "Ladies 4"? No! A kid's show. Something-san... "Piramekino"! Let's make "Sashiharano"! Let's make a show for kids. Rename "Sashihara no Ran" to "Sashiharano"? Because it's as late as 2 a.m. and vulgar, no one will watch it. Let's make them watch. Personally I am happy even for this late night slot, but my fans are... A lot of my fans are in their 60's, so they will probably sleep at that time. They can record it. It's easy nowadays. My fans bring their grandchildren to handshake events. I think viewership rating won't be more than 0.8%. That's bad. I can't lose to "Ariyoshi AKB". By the way, isn't this company great? I feel they have a lot of money. This company? - Which produces this show? Yes. Their lunch was awesome. This company is called "East Entertainment". They made shows like "Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable". One of many. Another one is "Heisei Kyouiku Gakuin". - I performed in that Yusuke Santamaria's quiz show! It has ended though. Please listen to this! They even have spiral staircase! That's probably a spiral staircase to "Heisei Kyouiku Iinkai" show. When you step out from elevator and go to meeting room, there is a monitor with a list of all meetings. Mind-blowing. Isn't it? Then let's build a "Sashihara's Rebellion" building. - You are right. You can do it, "East"! By the way, how many votes did you get at General Elections? 150?.. - 150k, I guess. Around 150 thousands? Those were from your fans only? - I wonder... Or from HKT fans too? I am sure from HKT fans too. I wonder, if they'll buy your photo collection? What does it mean? Probably 10 people will. 10?! I don't know, but my photo book was pretty popular. Is Sashihara's photo collection going to sell good? But you know, my fans are very tolerant. Yeah, they are liberal. They never get mad, when you speak evil about me. They even laugh out loud together. I am not sure, If only your fans will buy this collection, the publisher probably won't accept the offer. We'll manage somehow, if bookstores would make flashy signboards. You are right. It's bookstores' business to sell. Even Naoki Hyakuta cooperates with bookstores. Who is that? - An author of "Eien no Zero" best selling novel. Ah, I see. He goes to bookstores and checks where his books are placed. That's it! Let's ask for signboards. Well, since you've requested to make a photo collection, we have to do it. Let's do it! Let's make someone to make it! - Do you know someone in this business, who likes you? Who likes me? We'll use his connections - Let me think about it. ...for this show's advantage. Fukuda-san! Only me?! I see. I don't have power in this industry. You're the only one who supports me. I am really grateful for that. Really. I don't. Yes you do. Thank you very much! I wish I had more power. This show could've been broadcasted earlier. But someone came into my mind... Once in a show called "AKBINGO"... In this show... Before General Elections... About a week before General Elections in episodes 240-241... - I made predictions. Ah, right, I remember! - Why? Beats me. I was called. I had nothing else to do, so I appeared in that show. And in a dressing room a person next to me was Aoki-san. Ah, "Koubunsha" publisher! - You know him? Of course. - We eat together often. So you are close? Yeah, we get a long really well. I call him Milky. Milky? Because he likes Milky, I call him that. So he likes her? When AKB staff dine together Aoki-san participates too. I see. So you know him well? Mr. Aoki (Koubunsha) Entertainment editorial department, Editor-in-Chief. Eats with Sashihara quite often. Seems like a fan of Watanabe Miyuki, NMB48 Then let's ask Aoki-san. It's useless to ask him. Why? His eyes don't smile. Say again. He is frequently teased by everyone. Like called Aoky and Milky... Even though he is teased, I think he lets others to tease him on purpose. How should I explain it? He laughs, when being teased, to get along with everyone, but his eyes are cold. - Is that so? So he won't be tricked. - Only business? He'll deal only with successful projects. He must be very smart. He was an editor-in-chief of "Flash", so he must be very sharp! That's why I think, he won't participate, if there won't be 100% profit. But we don't have other options. "Koubunsha" releases a lot of AKB photo books and collections, right? True. Yuko-chan, Rena, Milky, Acchan... Their photo collections. Milky probably tricked him. Tricked? You were tricked by her "Please make it" as well. - Right! No wonder! I was completely tricked. She probably asked Aoki "Make it happen, please" and he agreed like "isn't that good?". She completely tricked me in "Child Machine" show. She neared my face at about 50 cm distance She looked up into my eyes and asked: "Why I don't have a personal corner in the show?" "I really want one, really". - "Why?" And I am like: "I really want to do one too", immediately. This is insane! Well, I'd do the same, since she's cute. I was tricked. I'll also ask like her: "Please release my photo collection". That's not cute at all. Please make it. - So let's rely on her... Let's extort him with Milky. Right. But you have to know, that "Dentsu" is behind this show. What is "Dentsu"? "Dentsu Inc." is... [Dentsu: a major advertising agency] a company, who claimed "We drive our society" in times of economic bubble of 80's. Does it drive now? Not so much now. So let's try calling Aoki-san. Let's! -To Koubunsha's... ...Aoki. Basically, we have to make arrangements with people in this show. I see. I don't know how it goes, though. So, let's get going. Yes! I got in touch with Aoki-san. - Really? I am glad. Yes. He is in office right now. "Let's fight! Let's smoke him out!" - You haven't seen this drama yet? No, I don't watch dramas. - You haven't seen "Hanzawa Naoki"? Nope. "It's payback time!" Nor have I seen "Amachan", but it's so popular, that I had to remember the song from it. - "Hanzawa Naoki" had a rating of 40%! That's insane! Almost half of nation saw it. Mind-blowing. And you know nothing except "payback"? "Payback! Double payback!" - In the end it was 100 times, right? Yeah. Then I know about unexpected betrayal. Do you know the plot? Something about... the troubles in bank. - So you know? Yes. - That's right. Even though I haven't watched it. I wanted to watch it, because everyone liked it. But everyone watched it from the start. How could they predict it? - You can't tell, it's going to be good from title. Right. But everyone watched it... Ah, my agency... "Ohta Pro". Close by. Nice. I hope this show continues to be this carefree. Noticed agency and said it. Yotsuya, 3rd block. That's right, it Yotsuya. By the way, about the opening talk just now... I have sad news. 50% of it won't be used. But not just 50%, more like 70%. Sashihara-san's faint mode. I am imitating "Aruaru Expedition" gag of comedian duo "Regular". - We talked so much and 70% of it will be cut. Ridiculous! On the contrary, what will be used?! Seriously. I'll pay them back! Seriously! What are we going to do? If we'll release a DVD with that stuff, it'll sell like crazy. It'll be a bomb. A bomb. It's so sad to let that money go. Just don't use those parts about my seniors. - But juniors are OK? OK. Are they? I don't mind. It's OK to talk about my juniors. In this show, even if you know, - that it won't be used, we still say it. Right. I won't give up. I need to make photo collection for fans. I'll work hard. Right, I feel sorry for fans, who won't get anything in return for making me first. True. They thought, that something good will happen after that. Yeah, but only my shows ended. They hoped for better. I need to repay them. We're here! - You're right! That's fast! It's a battle field. I won't lose. - Let's do this? Let's do this. Koubunsha, est.1945, a big player in publishing. Magazines under their name: "Josei Jishin", "JJ", "FLASH", etc. Fight! It's 4 a.m. right now. That idol is sleeping here, so be quiet. It is 2:00 pm now. The atmosphere is like that way. An imitation of hotel prank. It's a place where Aoki-san is sleeping. Entertainment editorial department. Rock-paper-scissors Tournament. Aoki-san works only with AKB stuff? Now. He is in charge of AKB parts. In charge? Probably. It's entertainment editorial department, but they work only with AKB? Mainly with AKB. I see. Let's go. Hello! Please pardon us! Hello! Hello! It's been a while. - You wanted to talk about something? See his black eyes? Looks like a fun job. Yeah, it became an AKB room. Amazing! - That's probably a big turn-off. Not at all. You said that you're not very popular with Aoki-san. - Yeah. But there must be your pics. There is my handwritten slogan. - Look! Show me. Look at this! Don't joke around! We always look at Sasshi's "Enjoy Life" slogan while working. Isn't it great to do things the way you like? See, he likes you! - True! No, not that much. He likes younger members. Not even Milky. It looks like he changed his fave lately. I heard some rumors. It's not Milky anymore. - No way! Who is it now? Kojimako-chan. Kojimako-chan? Wait a minute! Here she is! Kojimako! He likes her. - She is AKB member? Yes. Remember when Milky wanted to release her photo collection, after she asked him "I wanna have a photo collection", right? Yeah, and there are lots of her pictures here. But what changed? Nothing. But after she entered senbatsu, it feels like she went far away. It's lonely. Like she had left the nest. Because you published her photo collection, it feels like it? Yeah, after it was published, she stepped up - and entered senbatsu, didn't she? Yes. Because of that it became harder to talk to her. She's like a distant figure now. I started calling her Milky-san. So a while ago during the election, we were together. - Right. Backstage and in the hall. So, what do you call it where members were lined up? - Ah, for the pictures? - Lined up for shooting? After you became 1st. They took pictures of you. So Aoki-san and I showed up where everyone was taking pictures. So Milky waved at us, right? But I was in front of Fukuda-san. I thought she waved to me and waved back, but her sight was on Fukuda-san. She didn't even look at me for a second. Not a second! "You already published mine, so I don't need any more photo books". Because Milky aims to be an actress. "My ambition is high, photo book is no longer a big deal for me now." Aoki: Photo collection done, and it's like my mission completed. Sasshi: "Enough photo book for me, enough Aoki-san for me"? It's like a stepladder. A stepping stone... You were a stepping stone for her. Negotiation starts We came with good topic... Ah, right... Could you put on a microphone? Sorry for that. Let's take seats. I became so sweaty... [All kinds of funny faces. Original Sashihara is here all the way.]

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