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Mata Hari Behind the Scenes

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Willem, do you want to tell us, the viewers at home about this contraption you've got. >> Well this is Scotland's own rain machine, and the reason that it rains so much in Scotland is because every filmmaker uses it. It basically fits together as you pump the water through a pressure and then you have this kind of squeeze thing, that makes the water come out and all your actors will love you for it. because you can continually wet them and they look the part. so that's how it works. >> Fantastic! that's great. So how is the make-up department today? Are we happy? >> I'm good, yes! >> How are you today? >> I'm good, what are we doing here? to his face, what are we trying to achieve? >> She's trying to make me look pretty. >> Trying is the word. We're going for a dirty look. because you've just been in fist fight and what not, fights, a helicopter just crashed as well so. >> Absolutely. >> So your going to be going in the water? >> I am, yes well that is the plan. So we'll just have to wait and see. Depends on how cold the water is. >> We'll find out later then. >> Lets see how much Portobello we can spray over the actors today. It's hard work being an actor. >> It always rains down Porto... well it doesn't always rain down Portobello but it's not the sunniest of destinations. >> It's a bit Portobello today. >> Yes. >> They're probably going to get wet as well as cold as well. >> Yes. This camera is probably getting covered in rain. >> We're going to do about eight takes per shot. >> Eight. >> I think I walked a little bit too close to the pier. >> So wellies are not water dry. Okay Neil can you stand next to Zak. So this is going to be straight forward,. >> It really depends how damp they are because with the steadicam, you can't do that. but the other thing which I am going to try right now, first of all, do you not want to change the lens or, >> Yes, we'll change the lens now. >> Bright Side FX all the way, baby, all the way. So this is actually going to be here. >> You look very cold man. >> My role is very much a background role, in fact I've been in front of the camera although it was the back of my head. and not the most attractive of images so I just make sure Willem gets here nearly on time and make sure the cast are well fed and as warm as can be. >> and are you enjoying it so far? >> Oh yeah. >> Are you sure? >> Yes! Tired some days. >> I shouldn't be picking my teeth when your recording me. Special effects will not work. >> I'm going to get ammonia sitting here. >> He's got no leg. >> Can't be that sore. All that blood! >> We can't see half a melon lying on your belly can we. >> Shall we just kill his other leg. Get his other leg. >> Can you move that knife there please? >> Aye I will. >> Here we are again, ready for the next episode of Charles Dickens Bleak Expectations. >> Hold on. >> Start jumping I'm just waiting for a dog to run to the fake blood. >> Sound man. Bright Side FX >> A big red bus, a big red bus, a little mini mini and a big red bus. Ferrari, Ferrari a little mini mini and a big red bus. She looks like you. Tick Tock Tick Tock, I'm a little cuckoo clock. everything is fine. >> She's a natural. Too many cameras.

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Posted by: willowcreekpictures on Apr 16, 2011

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