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Hitler comes back AfterLife/Death, teach you:Freedom is in Common Sense

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Practical Common Sense - Mykey Hi this is Mykey, also known as Hitler I will be communicating as the expression of Mykey (laugh) but then I'll, be able to explain later as well Ok Practical common sense - Why, creation must stop? is what I'll be talking about, in this moment what is practical common sense? practical common sense, is those, 'moments', of Simplistic realization, you had experienced during your day that, is usually suppressed or 'not spoken' within our speaking or acting in this specific 'moment' when such a slight, realization comes through and suppression takes place So, what is that slight realization? for instance whether it'd be while you're you're-re sitting, and you'll-ll be thinking about something within, through the thoughts that's running in your 'mind' and you just realize the ridiculousness of 'thinking' but even, when, the ridiculousness of thinking 'is realized', you will continue with that So what is practical common sense in that perspective? Practical common sense will tell you then? If you're going to continue thinking 'again' you will, realize the ridiculousness of this, act of thinking, again! and within, the realization, of the ridiculousness you'll become more, irritated with yourself you'll start becoming 'frustrated', and angry but you won't Stop what does common sense say for that perspective? in terms of what your thoughts are, allowing you to experience and you 'know what it does' to you! sometimes, even if it just, even if you've just made a comment even in your mind God it's all so ridiculous! why am I so stupid? or why am I why I've fuc- why have I been so silly? Oh why's that necessary? etc. those points, that are 'common sense' but it was within the 'common sense' to actually, 'practice and apply' that common sense in other words, what am I saying? I'm saying that human beings are very much 'aware of themselves' Yet they won't Admit to it what do I mean that, while you, are very much aware of yourself, I mean that 'You are aware within yourself', points that you are really ridiculous at Silly, stupid, naive, with points that are 'not necessary' take yourself through emotional turmoils of feelings and and- and expressions that 'do not support you', you know that! but and then sometimes you'd say You know! I will never do this again! be careful for the word 'never' because using the word never is actually, 'behind it' saying that, you're "leaving an opened door" - to actually to do it again so be careful of using the word 'never' because you're probably making a commitment there that you're not able to keep because just saying I'll never do that again, it's only a "wordy statement" is not an 'actual' application statement 'to self' so in saying, I'm Not doing this again and then "actually applying" that, that's common sense Common sense, is the applicati- practical common sense is the application of self, when self realization is 'experienced' or express in a moment, whether it'd be speaking your thoughts or realize something, in other human beings or real-it realizing something in your own world, that's practical common sense human beings have common sense, but they just don't "use it" that is why, it as forgiveness and, practical common sense actually goes together because, it is within the common sense in this world well common sense is simple, it is 'so simple' so within the practical common sense but this simplicity of Life, and the realization of self comes and step forth! Process isn't complex, it is so simple! what 'makes it complex' of course, what is already 'complex'! is this world! it's, what exists human beings So what has been 'missed' in this world? what has been taken for granted? is that 'moment' of common sense those moments of realization 'when you see something', but you don't act you don't apply, you just kind of "let it go" and the same thing happens over and over and over again look at your world! you may think there are many points in your world and or even in your mind! but what you'll "notice that" each and every single thing that occurs within you and within your world ends up at the 'exact same place' have a look even at your day your day maybe ends exactly same way, you experience yourself the exact same way no matter with who you are what you've experienced sometimes you're even are able to "know" already what "you're going to experience if you go there" but then you still do it that's "suppression" of practical common sense practical common sense says: I Know where that road takes me! Therefore I am Stopping, I am not going there and that's why, what has to stop? 'that is creation' what are you 'creating'? you're creating the same cycles, over and over and over 'again' that's what "all of humanity is doing" they're creating the same cycles over and over again they know! 'where the road will lead them' they know! where the roads end within even themselves, their own world, and what they do 'but they still go there' Why? why is it someone who got- why is this happening to me? Why 'is' everything the exact same way? Who's doing this to me? blame god! blame the government! blame everyone else! Instead of 'realizing'! that is you doing it, to yourself because you're not using, and applying, practical common sense you're not, realizing within yourself: Oh my god. let me Just Stop! and that's why creation 'has to stop'! so that 'everything else in this world' can stop and it starts within every single human being, living and applying practical common sense Thank you very much, this is Mykey Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Peter Tosh, Aids, Bob Hope CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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