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外星人 斯,亲自上身/通灵详细解释: UFO的惊人独家真相! 起源,歴史,政府机密

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: An Alien Exposing UFOs - Shi (Alioshenka): Part 8 This is Shi, and i'm Here to Speak about U - FOs. what are UFOs? Wow, i'm Able to Say to you an Interesting Thing: i'm also Responsible - for UFOs. We've also "Designed" them, within this reality, within this System - of Consciousness but it Came from an Interesting Idea, Actually. One day, our Race, Interdimensionally Noticed: Spaceships - UFOs. Flying around in existence. now, Spaceships: the manifestation of them, their Origin - come from beings were Playing with: Metamorphose Meaning: transforming themselves into different shapes. They were actually "Beings" - who played with that, in the Dimensions So spaceships..were Actually the manifestation..of beings in different shape - Which was..the idea from that derive from the: Annunaki - who were shape shifters So it was, why shape shift into form? why not shape shift into..different forms? so, spaceship But became the technological "manifestation".. of the Mind Consciousness System of beings - really. Not yet realized, but of course.. So, within this Reality, a long..long time Ago, they were..they "Played" with Spaceships - Here, in this at-most-sphere. So, they would, including us: occasionally.. would come and just - speed around. because it was fun. Especially "playing" with such "primitive" Mind sources - such as human beings, going: "Ah, what is That?" - spending ten years: on one Sighting - Wondering: "What is it?" Figuring out what it Could Mean? Trying to understand - Another Method of keeping human being Busy: Preoccupied, Attention Diverted. Because that Happens! Have a Look, Human beings spend decades, years - on One Sighting. so we Did that for Awhile. Well, Not Really as per se but we just Played Around you because it was Fun, then.. of course, other Dimensional beings "Used" the Do Deliberate Sightings - for human beings: so that Their minds could "Race" with Perceptions, Ideas, Presumptions Assumptions of: "What are UFOs? Does like..Dose Aliens Exist?" "Does beings from Other Planets Exist?" Didn't That Happen? so human beings: Aren't you "Preoccupied"? with Whether UFOs Exist or Not? Instead of - Yourself, your Own Application. While you're Here. well, this World.. and what's Happening to this World, is Even Unbeknown to you - because you were so Preoccupied with UFOs. Look at your Preoccupations: where is your Attentions Diverted to? to UFOs. One Sighting! and then Everyone's: "Whooo!" goes into that one Pond. So, but now.. Spaceships from Interdimensional Planets, hasn't Existed - Here, for about Ten Years. since the Interdimensional Existence got Closed Off to Earth - Completely. And then, the Governments Obviously thought: "Hey, that's a Good Idea!": Design Spaceships.. Have them "Float Around" for Awhile, Create Conspiracies within the human mind.. to have them Remained: Attention - Focus and Diverted to UFOs. i'm Able to Confirm, with Absolute Certainty - that there are No Planets or Any Life Form Exists, it is a Creation, and Perception of the human mind. Everything is, Actually: Even the 2012 occurrence - is of the human minds. the human Mind: is a powerful tool - very Imaginative, and Could Even Create and Manifest things - that isn't Even there..Scary Very Scary, very Frightful. Just this Interesting "question" i have: Dimensional beings don't see this Manifested Existence as you Do, Why is That? Isn't that Strange? So where Does the 2012 Occurrence Really Existing? In the mind? Because it Does Not Exist in the Dimensions, so What are Dimensions then? I get off the Topic, but so, human beings: UFOs is "not a Freak of Nature".. and it's Not some Unidentified Flying Thing that you have to Investigate for "ten years"! Spending at a One Sighting, Trying to Figure out Everything. Here we Are: Saying Everything to you, so you Can Rest Yourself "in Peace"! and Start: Living. UFOs don't Exist - Anymore. They Did - They Do Not Anymore. So, and your Goverments are Using it to Keep you Preoccupy and Busy: Feeding the Conspiracy Theories of the World. While there's "Much Greater Things Planned", of this World: For those in Power and Control and then Suddenly, this World is Gonna be Taken Over, Everyone's gonna Sit Back and we go: "But how Did this Happen All of a Sudden?" Well, it was Planned for Many years.. but you were Too Busy with Trivial, Unnecessary manifestations of this World: Such as Television. Television - is the Most Deceptive manifestation: of Projected Illusions, of 3D Holographics Imaginative. Thank you very much. this is - "Shi" Please Join us for Discussion: For Interview Updates: Join, Beyond the Grave - CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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