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Skit 1 (T1213)

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...And THAT is why Math is the shit... Let’s not make this a trend now. Okay, well that’s all I have for today. Make sure you have your books by next class and register for MathLab. Oh, and before I forget, anyone who needs me to sign a DDS accommodation form, please see me after class. Hello Professor McDonald. It’s very nice to meet you, I’m really looking forward to a great semester! I have my disability accommodation form right here. Okay great, so you’ve already contacted Disability Support Services and all that? Yes I did. So I have ADHD and dyslexia. And the office has determined that the reasonable and appropriate... ...accommodation for me is to receive extended time on examinations and quizzes. Okay, so yeah, just make sure to remind me next time before our first quiz and I’ll make sure to have those... ...accommodations for you. Okay, thank you very much sir. Hey what's up with your shirt by the way? What do you mean professor? I don't know it just kind of looks like you put it on in the reverse order. Oh wow I didn’t even notice, this looks really really foolish. I guess it’s my dyslexia again. You know, wrong order. Alright professor have a good one. Miss Garcia, late again. Sorry That's the third time you're 30 seconds late to class. Hey professor, I just wanted to remind you that I need extra time on the exam due to my approved disability. Oh right right, I remember speaking with you at the beginning of the semester. How about you sit in the back of the class today. And that way when everyone is done with the exam you can just take a couple extra minutes. Ummm okay professor, I guess that works. I’ll go take my spot in the back of the classroom. Ah, man! I can’t even see the quiz questions from way back here. It’s so hard to read them and copy them down. Hey class, five more minutes. Wow...I’m about to fail this shit. WHAT THE FUCK!!! This is so unfair. He didn’t give me any accommodation. The teacher put me way too far back in the room. I can’t even see. There's too many things distracting me. This is so unfair. Alright guys settle down, settle down. So as you all should know we are going to be having our second quiz today. And I believe there’s a student in here who asked me to provide a written version of the quiz for them, but i can’t remember who it is though…. Oh that’s right, Mike O'Donnell. Where is Mike sitting? I mean can Mike raise his hand or something? Yeah, that’s me.. You asked for a written version of the quiz, right? Uh, yes sir, I did. Okay, well come on up. Here you are. Thank you, Professor. Hi Mike, you're home? Yeah How was your day? Uh, it was fine. I've had better. I’m just going to go up to my room and unwind for a little bit. Sure Honey, did you notice something off with Mike? I feel like something happened with him today at school. I mean I felt like he was just kind of tired or something. He’s a grown man, you know? I think he can take care of himself for the most part. I don’t know…. he doesn’t seem okay to me. Mike! Dinner is ready! Hey mom, I’m not hungry right now. I'm just gonna stay in my room for a while. Mike! Listen to your mother! I think I should bring it to his room. Maybe that would be best. What's that? Yeah ethics professor 69… You can go to hell! Alright, you go to hell and you die!!! Son of a bitch. Mike, may I come in? Yeah I suppose. Hi honey, are you okay? You seem different. I’m fine mom, I just want to be left alone. Come on honey, I know something happened to you today. I know you, you seem different. You can tell me honey, I just want to be helpful. Oh you're right, today was awful. It’s this stupid professor you see. He called me out in front of class, in front of everyone. Now everyone thinks I’m weird. He embarrassed me. I don’t want to go to school anymore. I hate school and I hate all of them! Oh my god! How could he treat you like this!? Is he allowed to do that, honey? Did you contact the disability office? Yeah I emailed them, no response yet. I just don’t know. Don’t worry honey, your dad and I will take care of this. Eat your dinner. Thanks mom you're the best. Honey! We have a serious situation to deal deal with today. Do you know what happened to Mike? He said his professor embarrassed him in front of the whole class today. Really? Because of his disability? Yeah of course. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I'm so upset. Wow, we have to do something about that. You know, I think we should consider taking some legal action. What do you think? Yeah I definitely agree with that. I actually know a great lawyer. I’m going to send him an email right now. Alright guys, we’ve got some important business to talk about today. So I just received a complaint from a student who has an approved disability on our campus. He’s filled out his forms and everything, and apparently there was a specific situation... ...where the professor “retaliated” against him in a way in class that made him feel embarrassed. The student also claims that the university didn’t have sufficient procedures to address disability discrimination. So, all these events violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. Geez, there are a lot of issues we are going to need to take care of… Did you get a chance to talk with the professor directly about this specific issue? Yeah, I actually did speak with the professor, and he responded that he just felt like... ...he didn’t have the skills to accommodate students with these types of disabilities. I think we need to reassess our policy so that this kind of mistake doesn't happen again. Yeah I agree. I feel like it would be unrealistic to formally train every professor on how to handle... ...student-disability situations, but it seems that more specific policies could really be helpful. So in addition to the training, we need to make sure that students are not only treated with respect, but are given the proper means to succeed. Whether that comes in the form of extra time on tests, large print materials, or the ability to record lectures. We need to come alongside these students so that they can reach their full potential. Following the ADA more closely will also help us to avoid lawsuits in the future. Yeah, I agree. I’m actually kind of glad that this has come to our attention, I feel like it’s something we need to take more seriously here at the University of Maryland, and I feel like we are going to need to change our policies. Just to create an environment that's more comfortable for students with disabilities... ...and enable them to really thrive as individuals. And we want to avoid a full-out investigation, so why don’t we send a memorandum by April 15... all the people involved in delivering academic adjustments to students with disabilities. We will remind teachers to provide any adjustments in a timely manner... ...and refrain from “retaliating” against those asking for an approved adjustment. Cool, yeah, I really like those ideas. I think we should follow through on that. Thanks for coming to this meeting you guys. I'm glad we were able to clear this up.

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Skit 1 (T1213)

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