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TVP Teamspeak Q&A Seminar - 2012-04-29 - Machine Government

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Okay, it has been a lot of controversy about the The Venus Project's concept of machine government. I want to try to answer some of these questions if I can. First of all, most of you, most people can't remember things like the early days of the vikings, there were men rowing boats and they were beaten sometimes and sometimes they were not. Sometimes they used slaves to row boats. With the advent of machinery, it moves the boat much faster than people and doesn't hurt people. so it was not a machine takeover, the boats were operated by steam engines because they do a better job than people. People apparently, can not move a boat as fast as a steam engine. In the Volga river in Russia, people use to pull boats. It wiped the slaves and they pull boats up the river on both sides of the river, they had ropes and they used to pull them, with the advent of the steam engine again it freed the slaves. It wasn't that men freed slaves, machinery freed the slaves, and I can assure you if all the machines stopped in this country, we would use prisoners to work the roads like they do in the South, we would use people, if the machines stopped, so people think that there's to many machine in the world today. What they don't seem to understand is what machines do. They really don't know, and they project their own values into The Venus Project's concept without asking us "Do the machines make decisions, does man participate?" That's what they want to know. Man will participate until the machine surpasses his performance. And when machines surpasses his performance they will use machines. They always ask me, "Can a machine be more adequate than the designer?" I know a team that worked together on automobiles and they can't run as fast as a car. Machines seem to always surpass the performance of the designer. A designer that designs machines with perfume in bottles filled with a hundred spigots at once, Those bottles move by faster than any designer can move those bottles and fill them with perfume, milk or soft drinks and when they say, "What do humans do?" Humans today use machine guns, but they do waste a lot of bullets even in war. I'm not upholding this, I'm just discussing it, And today they have a laser beam on the gun, and if the laser beam is on you, when you pull the trigger bullets come out, if it's off you, you pull the trigger no bullets come out. Therefore the army installs that, it isn't a machine takeover, it's just that machine saves a lot of bullets, if you're interested in that. I'm not interested in that, but I'm just telling you what machines do. Those of you that can go back in time by reading about the past, you'll find that people that operated elevators were unstable, the elevator was not able to stop exactly on the floor. It took a skilled elevator operator turning a crank to get to the floor. With the advent of sensitive technology, today you press "20" and the elevator stops on the 20th floor, it doesn't have to go up and down. When you say there's to many machines, I don't know what people are talking about, I really don't. I think that when they say: "Will there be a machine government? How can a machine government feel for people, how can they feel empathy or warmth or love toward human beings?" At least human beings in government are people with feelings and if you put machines in, the machines might decide to take over. This is what they fear, this is their own projections. Actually, guided missiles are guided by people. Bombs are dropped over cities by people, although the machinery that holds the bomb is released by a person. People with machine guns kill people, bombardiers and airplanes use instruments. Now there's an altimeter in the airplane that gives you your altitude, just how high you are above the ground. Humans are not that accurate. When they look out at an aircraft they can't tell you exactly how high they are, they can only give you an approximation, "I'm about two miles off the ground But an altimeter with radar can bounce on the ground and bounce back and give you your height. Not only that, from three thousand miles out in space we can photograph areas of the Amazon jungle. If the Earth turns under the satellite we can photograph the whole world and see plant diseases all over the world. In one day, in 24 hours computers and infrared cameras can show us the condition of all jungles and forests. It would take man a couple of years to go ahead and survey that, to go through the forests and say, "There's four thousand acres of contaminated plants", where a satellite can do that. Did the satellite take the job away from people? No, it's been assigned that. In the very early days, men used to trade bushels of wheat for corn and another things but the estimated weight of a guy that's selling the corn seemed to be a bit heavier that what was in the bag. Human beings tend to take advantage of other human beings. That's why they sign contracts, because they really don't trust each other. If I say, "This is guaranteed, for five years!", you say "Sign on the dotted line." That means you don't take my word for it. People used to take word, a person's word for it, but people vary too much, And it seems that they tend to work in ways that serve their own individual interest. That's why you have a scale in the supermarket. You have a scale at the butcher shop. You put the chicken on it, it weighs six pounds, that what you pay for. But in the early days, before the scale, the guy used to estimate the chicken weight, the butcher and he always estimate on the high side and the customer always felt he should be on the low side. So any way they got into argument about the weight of the chicken until the scale came in. Did the scale displaced the butcher? No, it made things more equitable, that's all. So, people in the army used to fight each other. If the man was big he picked a man up and throw him against the wall. Today, however, the gun became an equalizer. You have a gun, the big guy has a gun, you both have an equal chance, a better chance. I'm not advocating war or advocating guns, I'm just talking about the machine age, so you understand me. People row boats for sports, but they don't go on trips with a yacht with men rowing anymore, hundred men on the yacht rowing. They don't do that anymore, because the diesel engine does the job faster, better, and with more predictability. Now when you go on an ocean liner today, who makes the decisions? I would say that the cook if he knows you're going to have 800 people on boat he knows how much water because he gets it from past experience for showers and how much food, and how much salad, he doesn't just arbitrarily order fifty pounds of beef, he has to know that there's going to be five thousand people travelling round the world for two months and he bases his orders on that. That's exactly how The Venus Project works. There's nobody sitting around saying, "I think we are going to turn out four thousand automobiles today. They turn out what's necessary. Is is that clear? This way if you just turn out refrigerators, you put them in a warehouse, you hope that next year people will buy them, but if they don't, they stay in the warehouse. That's machines not serving people. We build houses that we hope people will buy the houses. If they don't have the money, the houses sit there empty and people sleep in a lot or they will make a tin hut. That's depriving people of things, so when I use the word machines in government, I meant areas that people can't handle, for example, the information that comes down in one day from the satellite would take four hundred years to decipher and today a satellite can pick up information about the Earth, fish migrations things that man would be all over for and it wouldn't be as accurate as satellites. So when I say in the future machines will manage government, not people, the production of food, the production of transportation units, the production of building materials, all of those things will be done by machines, only because it's faster and more accurate than man. If you don't understand us, today with binoculars, you can see a greater distance, and you can see animals and people that are far away, and brings them closer. I would say binoculars are extensional devices to the vision field. I would say a telescope is an extensional device that extends human perception of distant objects. Now a person says, "Yes, but why don't people do that?" Because they can't do it as accurate as binoculars, even if you wanted to see more detail far away, you can't adjust your eyes, your eyes don't work at two miles distance for deciphering information. So army issues binoculars to people, the navy issues binoculars to people because they're extensional to people. A crutch is extensional to people that have difficulty walking. But beyond the crutch, there are electronic legs that can move by running electronic cycle and enables people who couldn't walk, to be able to walk. Of course you can use a person and hold the guy up while he's walking, but it's not as effective as machines. So people that picture a bunch of machines running the government and running people's lives, don't know what they're talking about and they don't understand how The Venus Project uses machines. When I say machines in government, they will assist man, until they can surpass man's performance. And that has nothing to do with me; industry will use any machines they can to speed up production, if the cost is less than paying workers and we know that every year machines are getting faster, cheaper, because they're turning out more and electronics is much more sophisticated. They have a little unit today in electronics that has over a hundred books, which you ordinarily have to carry around you can read in that machine, age by page. You can even turn the pages without actually picking up a book and turning a page, It hurts to hold up a book and to put it on the table you need lighting. The unit that they make today can house, some of them can house hundreds of books, And you can say, "Well there are too many machines in the world", well, we'll take your computer away, your refrigerator and we'll take your washing machine, and you can go down to the river and scrub clothing. So, I don't think people understand The Venus Project, there're a lot of people that feel very negative about The Venus Project, unfortunately. They project their own values or they use deliberately deceptive means saying, "A world run by machines, without feelings?" Machines don't need feelings. As long as they turn out cool drinks, as long as they turn out bottles of water, as long as they turn out baked loafs of bread by the thousands, machines are alright, they save people from standing near that hot oven putting in a unit and withdraw the bread. Only machine technology is not used always for the benefit of people. Today it's for the benefit of corporations. Let me back it up now. They blow air bubbles in the bread, so they're larger, and you get a larger loaf for a buck twenty. Bread used to be ten cents a loaf and it was dense, it was real bread, today it's over a buck and they're made to look larger. It would be illegal but it says on the bread, so many ounces, and that's how they get away with it, but nobody reads that. So I'm saying today they use synthetic methods of increasing the profit. Now even at a gas station used to have a guy that said "Do you want your tank filled?" And he filled it and you tell him when it was filled, you had a meter in your car that shows "Full", but today when you put the hose against the car and you press "Five gallons" you get five gallons. Of course they can tamper with that, but I'm not dealing with that. Machines, if you go to any modern hospital and they're doing surgery, the machines check your body temperature, you pulse rate, your heart beat and the doctors go by those machines. They don't have the time in operating to check all those things and stop the operation. If you took the machine technology out of hospitals, the death rate would be much higher. I don't know what people are talking about, if you fly an airplane at six miles above the earth, they pressurize the cabin so that the air pressure in the cabin (?)outside the cabin is a vacuum. You couldn't breathe out there so they have air pressure in the cabin. That's all done by machines, the amount of pressure, the amount of oxygen in the air all that's automatic, and so it's most operating procedures, are based upon techniques that worked but in the future there will be more machines in hospitals. Now, if there's a power failure, say due to a storm or a hurricane when a nation loses it's electricity in hospitals today, the generators go on automatically, so the minute that there's a power failure, surgery can't stop in a hospital because there's no light. So when you say, "There's too many machines in the world today", I don't know what you are talking about. If machines displace jobs, that is the misuse of machines, if they make machine intelligence with weapons, that's the abuse and misuse of technology. The Venus Project only wants to use technology to enhance the lives of all people rather then a selected few. And if somebody is against The Venus Project, please give us statistical evidence as to what the matter is with machine government. You say "Machines can't handle everything, you know?" People say that. Neither can man, man can't handle everything. A very good person in an airplane can't take over the plane and fly it if the pilot dies of a heart attack. There is very people in the airplane... "Can you fly, get in there and fly?" No. So you got to be ruthlessly honest when you write about The Venus Project and if you're religious, if you belong to the religious right, you say "The Venus Project has no soul." It also says in the bible, "Judge not, less you be judged" or "He who is without sin let him cast the first stone." So don't cast any stones at The Venus Project until you learn about it and then you check it out with us if you're not sure about the meaning, but if you just write a bunch of articles saying, "The Venus Project believes more in machines than they do people," that's slanted and dishonest, that's "Thou shalt not bear false witness." When you read your bible, when you understand it, just say, "I don't know how The Venus Project makes decisions amongst alternative possibilities." If you present The Venus Project with five different possibilities, who decides which is used? That's the question you ask, how do you make those decisions? You don't say, "My god somebody has to decide it, and I don't like that, I like participatory democracy. The truth about participatory democracy is that it's never used. I don't remember any time that the government approached me for my opinion about the Vietnam war. No one approached me in government about the space program, saying "We got to get out into space, Fresco, what do you think of that?" No one ever approached me on the designs of bridges, houses, anything. Somebody in government makes those decisions and somebody in government influences people. Like the concrete companies would like the government to use more concrete. The lumber companies would like the government to use more lumber, so they have lobbies in Washington to try to get members of the Congress to appropriate money for wooden houses. Most prefabricated houses are made of wood, but is that the best thing, or it's the best thing for the lumber company? But not for the public; if you make a house out of wood, you have outgassing from ply wood, you have respiratory disorders, you cut down the forest. If you make your house with an aluminum roof it's less apt to rust. An aluminum reflects 75% of the heat, although normal people think a aluminum house gets hot as hell. That's their own projection. The actual physical conditions of aluminum are available on your website. So you don't have to take Fresco's word for anything. Or you don't have to believe in anything The Venus Project says but you can check out, "Why does The Venus Project want a machine government?" Because man can't handle that information. In the technical age there's so many new technical developments and congressmen don't know anything about it and technicians would take a long time to tell you what's available, but with computers today you can find out the greatest heat resisting metal is today, what the strongest metal is today, it's weight, availability, cost, everything. Man would have to go through a lot of files to get that information, whereas computers can have it right away, all you do is type in the question. So if you say, "Well I rather do that myself", I don't know what you are talking about. Even stores today have computerized tabulation of cost, because it takes to long for people can figure out the cost of a pack of beans, a can of broccoli, if they had to figure out all that with a pencil your line would be much longer at the supermarket. And the more machines they put in, the shorter the line and the less people employed. That's the technology, what it does and eventually there would be so much technology according to the book "End of work" by Jeremy Rifkin. Get that book, it gives you statistical data of how machines are putting people out of work in the automobile companies, (?)in all production companies, are using more and more machines. Now, do you want them to hire people? If they hire people, they couldn't maintain the competitive edge. Japan will outproduce us, Japan uses automation more intelligently then we do, Japan has methods, other methods that they're using and they don't share it with companies. Toyota builds cars its way, but when Toyota builds cars in America, it's cheaper than shipping the cars to America. They buy steel and manufacture it on site (?)or it's used, so I would say that eventually, the money system will be surpassed. How? By automating most factories and in that way when you get rid of most people and most jobs, they won't have enough purchasing power to buy houses, cars, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, anything, and that's the end of the monetary system. Fresco doesn't advocate The Venus Project to throw out monetary system, it's on the way out. It's part of social evolution, that's what I'm trying to tell you, social evolution. If you don't understand me, if airplanes can travel today, passenger airlines, 600 miles on hour, I can tell you, if we're going to be around the next fifteen to twenty years they'll be faster than the speed of sound. They will move over a thousand miles on hour, then eventually two thousand miles on hour. I don't know this but it seems most probable by the study of invention and history. History says that automobiles will become longer lasting, better materials... The question then comes up, it is possible to design things that don't wear out? Yes, it's possible if things are suspended in a magnetic field by rare earth magnets. You don't need any lubrication, ball bearings or anything of the kind. That's one avenue, of things that don't wear out. I think that the future will try to develop things that don't wear out to conserve resources but today when things wear out somebody makes a buck. You have to buy a new one, it wore out, automobiles wear out, tires wear out. What the public really wants, they don't know this, they want things that don't wear out but they don't even think that way. Is it possible to make things that don't wear out? Well a turtle shell seems to live as long as a turtle, our clothing doesn't. It's better to change the hemline and styles in the spring, so people have to buy different kinds of clothing. The system wastes resources, lots of it. We also want self repairing fabrics; when it tares we want to stich itself. Well, that's ridiculous, how can you make self repairing fabrics? Look it up on your computer, "self repairing material", you find out that's being done slowly. Eventually the service industries will disappear. If you don't understand what I'm saying, eventually you get in an elevator and you don't have to press "20" or "30", you'd say "20th floor, I want to stop at the electric fan department in this department store." You verbalize and the elevator will take you there, you don't have to press any buttons, everybody pictures pressing buttons in the future. A button pressing is today's technology. Will machines someday care about people or will they not care? Well, (?)you're a human being today and you care, machines really don't care, they have no compassion, no concepts of love or warmth, man has and it's man that renders people unemployed by buying machines, and it's man that outsources things to China, it's man that drops bombs on cities, it's man that pollutes the oceans, machines don't, they may deliver the goods and dump it in the ocean, but it's operated by man. So man doesn't have a very good record. Apparently in the name of God, men killed other men because they believed in different concepts of god. And are religious people sincere? Absolutely sincere, but they're many different religions and they're all sincere. It isn't sincerity that we need, we need knowledge, understanding of the Earth, how it works, how we relate to nature and to one another. So, if you're honest, please write us and say: "Would the machines take over and make us more like machines? How do you envision machines? Why do you decide on making a machine government, what are the advantages, and what are the disadvantages? But don't write an article on your own concepts where you don't know how The Venus Project arrives at those decisions. Fresco doesn't make decisions, no one does in The Venus Project, we arrive at them. That means we test different materials and that which resists heat mostly we use for rockets reentry or high speed vehicles so the heat doesn't burn the skin off so we have to make high heat resisting metals for rockets, we have to have metals that are light weight and strong for aircraft. Who decides that? The state of the art. In other words, if aluminum is best material, most available for airplanes, then we use it, if a new material comes out, it's abundant but not super expensive we will use it and that's (?)how decisions are made, industry doesn't just use any kind of metal on cars, they use different metals for different purpose. The valves on an automobile are made from a different kind of metal of metal than the (?)skin of the automobile, different alloys. Who decides that? They mix different things together, try them out, that which holds up they may use or may not, some industries want things to wear out so you'll have to buy replacement parts. If industry tries to do away with wear and tear, they'd do away with themselves. Do you understand that? That's why you have planned obsolescence because the industries want to survive. Are they bad? No, they're part of the history of civilization. They will all go through different stages until Ancient Rome, they used to make people that made armor plate, today the factories that make them, you can't find, except in Hollywood, where they make them in historical movies, but there's no armor plate men. And there used to be horse and wagons, the wagon manufacturer gave way to the automobile and the truck but if you like the good old days, like the Amish people, you can get a horse and buggy, but you can travel on a state highway with it, you'd hold out traffic, you can only travel on country roads. If you don't understand me, look into The Venus Project and don't make your own ideas as to how evil The Venus Project is by thinking of machine government. You're scaring a lot of people like yourself, that don't know anything and you're taking advantage of people by saying: "The Venus Project thinks more of machines than they do of people." They only do for dangerous jobs. I don't want people hanging out of windows of skyscrapers, cleaning the windows, I want a machine that goes around, cleans the windows, goes down, take the next floor, I don't want people hanging out of buildings, I don't want people working in deep mines, I don't want them doing that, it's dangerous jobs. So all dangerous jobs and radiation exposure, or exposure to any kind of pain is not necessary today, we can design machines to do the dirty and dangerous jobs. That's what The Venus Project is about. So, if your honest, please write us, don't say: "Well, he thinks more of machines than he does people." Why don't you check it out and remember the bible quotation: "Judge not lest ye be judged." So if you wish to be fair, look into The Venus Project, ask us questions, but don't slam the book closed because your own knowledge is limited. But we would like to have machines out (?)in space in the satellite that guide our cars and tell us the weather and the migration of fish, we would like a machine to answer all our question and we are moving in that direction. So more people turn to their laptop to get information, then they do the bible today. We don't machines for profit, we use machines to enhance human life only. The profit motive is gone. Today most people seek propriety, power over others and wealth. They will not seek that in the future. The better educated people are, the richer the lives and more secure. When I use the term "educated", I'm not talking about making money. I'm talking about restoring the forests, restoring the reefs in the ocean, cleaning up the polluted rivers and all the areas that we damaged, that's what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about how to make a buck. That was good, a hundred years ago, because we had nothing else. I'm just saying if you want a world without war, hunger, poverty, we have to work on those problems and they can't be handled by machines, by people (?), because they're so complicated and machines can handle thousands of things at once, man can't do that. So you say: "What if the machine fails?" Then if you use one machine in the factory and it fails, you'd have trouble. So we'll have three machines (?)geared to producing cool drinks or safe drinks so if one machine fails the next one takes over, like what they call, of you know what it is, a turret head lathe that has all the bits, the drill bit turns and it drills and other (?) moves in, cleans out the part, they had rotary heads so you don't have to change the bits anymore. Now that's bound to happen. If you drill a hole and then rim it out, where you rim it out first, instead of putting all those things on machines and tightening the chuck, the things are already there and they rotate the position and that will happen in the future, the very near future when the doctor says, not to a nurse, to a machine: "Hemostat!" That hemostat will turn and the doctor takes it. A nurse has a tray full of surgical instruments, he says: "Clamps!" and she grabs the clamps and gives it to him. In the future the word "clamp" turns a clamp up, machines will be doing that. Will the nurses lose their jobs? Maybe they'll be using something else for a while until the nurse can be phased out. "Oh, you can't phase out a nurse!" The proper way to say that is "I can't see how nurses can be phased out", don't say you can't, or "Man will never get to the moon." Just say: "I can't conceive of how man can't get to the moon." or "we'll never colonize Mars, it's too far away." Just say: "I don't know enough about it to give you an opinion one way or the other." That will be honest, but when you say: "man will never get to Mars" as though you worked on it for years and find out that he can't do it. If you have, give us your evidence but is seems to me, eventually, if we don't kill each other in nuclear war, we will be able to travel through space and conquer most diseases, and conquer mostly (?)people and stupidity. That is the greatest physical disorder, is a lack of information that people have and the fact that the nation says: "everyone should have the right to their own opinion", which is very damaging. When you do that there are people that say: "well, in my opinion man will never fly." Well if you give everybody a right to their own opinion, you might stagnate society, preventing to move it forward. The best way to handle things that seem far out is: "I can't conceive of how that could be done, there's always been wars and there will always be wars, we shall always have the poor amongst us." I can't conceive of that, I can conceive of a world of abundance where you don't have poor anymore, you don't have street people, you won't have human suffering, you won't have people loosing their jobs and to me that is spiritual, but a verbal hobby, going to church telling God how great he is, which is what they do in the Arab world, how great (?), how wonderful the Lord is, the Lord is good, that's buttering the bread, you know? My grandfather used to say. But anyway, people try to understand things with the tools they have, most of the tools for thinking are rendered obsolete by machines, unfortunately. There are books that turn pages automatically for people that lost their arms. You can say: "turn!" and the page will turn. Now, in the early days a handicapped person, was severely handicapped, today, they don't do this but you could say to the hospital bed: "forty five degrees," and it will move up so you're (?)at forty five degrees, "both lights on! Window shades down!" and they go down. You don't have to call: "Nurse! Pull the windows shades down!" That's because the machine industry has infinity capacity to learn to do things. How great will our capacity be? How well educated are our people. If they study physics, optics, automation, computer technology, their range becomes greater. If they live in (?)county and never leave (?) county, they would be (?), and they will remain the same, unless they travel, go to school, and the same with the critics of The Venus Project, they really come off angry, it's because they really don't honestly look into The Venus Project. So, sure, if you got constructive criticism, we want it. The Venus Project wants all the criticism you can think of but please, before you criticize, please look into it, don't just come of with your own opinion. Anymore than you want someone else to judge you, when they know nothing you, except rumors spread about you. So I'm asking you to be truthful and honest in evaluating The Venus Project. Or you can say: "I can't conceive of machines actually inventing things." Well, we can show you how and where if you enquire but you say: "He talks to machines. Machines can't do those things." Just say: "I can't conceive of how that could be done." In airplanes you have a gauge that tells you how much fuel you have, and tells you the overcast in San Francisco before you arrive there. Man can't do that, get out (?)of the airplane and see what it's like in San Francisco, he has information coming in, continuously and a pilot without such information he says: "New York Airport is closed due to the snow loads, the runways are slippery, so they shutdown the air traffic. They don't just shut it down, they do it for reason and don't assume that The Venus Project does things because people feel that they want to do that. Human beings are the worst things you can put in charge of anything, because they have temperament, they have bias, they have prejudice, that's the way they're brought up in society. So, I'd be afraid to live in a world judged by human beings, I would really be afraid. But if the machine tell us that it hasn't rained for six months and the reservoir supply is good for another two years, I rather listen to that, than any human being because there are machines that tell us how much water is in the reservoir, how long we can last and they tell us if a boat is sinking what deck to go to and what lifeboats are available, they tell you where to go. You can't do that without machines. Can you emphasize how the machines wouldn't abuse people, that we set up a system to make sure that is for the benefit of people. The reason why we set up things to benefit human beings because we feel the more engineers there are, the more real knowledge about the world, not metaphysics, not religion real knowledge about growing food, feeding the hungry, enabling disabled people to walk, the more knowledge we have, the better we can make life for people. Now if you made all those things, will people really be happier? Yes, they will because sitting at home as a cripple, you can't get around, there's no wheelchair electronically controlled, you're life is limited. When wheel chairs are designed and accessible to everybody that needs them without a price tag, that will be more like what the Christians talk about. And I didn't like Christianity or Judaism, or people that follow the teachings of Mohammed or Allah, because they don't offer us a method, a method for attaining those things and if you believe in god, god gave us the brains to work on things and make things better than they are. And there's nothing wrong with man making things better than they are. In the early days people used to think that the bulls and the bison were put here by god to do the hard work on the farms and when the Afro-Americans were brought over here, they figured god made the black man to do the white man's work. They had to figure it that way, otherwise people would probably stay away form slavery. So the Church had to say it's perfectly alright in the South. If the Church said: "Don't have slaves, that's against human beings, it's against decency and ethics", that church would be closed down, the attendance would be lowered, because everybody that can afford slaves, can turn out products for lower cost, do you understand that? If you freed the slaves in the South, the industry couldn't keep up with other industries, so child labor is the same thing, you hire children to work, you work them Saturday and Sunday, don't give them a day off, say: "the company is the greatest thing you can work for. It's giving you food and clothing, otherwise the children would be poor." So everything they push for child labor: "at least were giving the poor kids a job", you know? But the people fought to eradicate child labor had difficulty, because it threatened the competitive edge of a company, do you understand that? When a company can hire children and pay them one third, or one fifth of what adults get, you can sell things at a lower price than another manufacturer. So abuse of human beings is encouraged by the monetary system. Even blacks or Afro-Americans when they got out of college, they would still given jobs keeping the restroom clean, even though they were qualified for other things because of our bigotry, prejudice, self centeredness and trying to maintain the competitive edge. That makes us unethical, trying to maintain the competitive edge, beating the other fellow, and the Bible is filled with cooperation, with words like "working together", "sharing your knowledge", "sharing your experience". So it isn't that I'm against religion, I'm against what it has become part of the monetary system. Do you understand that? I'm not against any religion, I'm against what it has become subservient to the monetary system. Should we take some of the questions now? Go ahead with the questions if you (?)want. Okay, very good, thanks. Okay, any updates on the major motion picture? We are starting to hear from more experienced studios and people, I think it's because of Paradise or Oblivion, I'm supposing. So, we've just had a meeting yesterday with somebody that looks promising to write with us and work with us, he has a lot of experience in the field, and we'll see how that goes. We're also going to be meeting with others as well, and the audiobook, I know a while ago we've talked about I started reading The Best That Money Can't Buy, but I got into so many other things, I got into doing Paradise and Oblivion and that took up all of my time so that's a project I'll have to get back to. Sorry that has been done sooner, but The Best That Money Can't Buy is now out in the eBook form, (?) readers, on the Ireader, I don't know, I think that's what that is, Kindle and other things, so you can find it and download it that way as well. Okay, next one, "what can one do or can people do when faced with government violence like martial law?" Well that's part of the social transition, I can't advise you there, in other words, the system will try to perpetuate itself as long as it can but it will fail, all over the world; the big problem is that people don't know what to put in it's place. Violence is normal during any transition, no matter what you believe in, people will hate you for it. Are you familiar with singularity, that's Kurzweil's group, University, Singularity University, any attempt to contact them? No, we haven't yet, yes, that would be a good thing to do for the media group, I know somebody asked that before but we didn't get on that on yet, but we'll have to add that to our list of people to contact, and if anybody like somebody whose asking this question if they like to help contact different people like this, you know, we'll be glad to get your help with that. What's the difference between The Venus Project and Agenda 21, that's a UN project that they're doing in Rio? I'm not really that familiar with a lot of the details but anything that we have seen so far put out by the UN in large projects like this have been always within the system, they try and manipulate things within the system, I can't say for sure about this one, but everything that I've seen with them, they don't offer another social design, a whole new social system to work things out, they try and put band aids on what already exists and try to perpetuate what exists. In this next question somebody is asking why do we ask for resumes. Do you want to deal with this Andrew? Right. Basically, in order for us to be functional in the TVP Design teams, for example in the 3D team we need people who can do 3D, we need people that can do 3D unaided, that won't need a lot of support and time and effort into getting the models to the specifications that we need in order to be able to put them out there in public, so that is why I in the 3D team would get someone to send me samples of their 3D work, if they're good enough, they're going to the team, if they're not, then we would try to say sorry, unfortunately, (?) it's not a standard that we need etc. The reason for doing this is, like I've said, is making sure that we can actually get these projects done so, for example with the marketing team, we need people that have got experience in marketing, we need people that got experience in search engine (?)optimization, in advertising, in public relations etc. Ideally, we would have any single person on the planet contributing to this but, unfortunately, we are all limited by the amount of time that we can put into in actually doing our volunteering, most of us work and we got family lives etc. that we have to take care of, so it's really just a case that we must make sure of we have the right people and the right teams with the right experience and the right knowledge to be able to get these projects out there. and that's pretty much it really. Thanks Andrew. Yes, this is really the only way at this time we can judge the competence or they don't have the resume of going to school and anything, we just we need to see the work they've done, that's no problem, we don't need a school background as long as they have the competence to do the work. Okay, how would a hospital operate in the future following The Venus Project's ideals? Well, first of all, we would have to do a survey to find out how many heart cases there are or diabetes and that determines how many hospitals we would build but the hospitals will treat everybody with the best equipment they have. There are no special privilege people, and the hospitals will be given whatever equipment they need to operate with. In other words, they'll be no different qualities of hospital, they will be the best quality we can produce at the time (?) at service and equipment. Next question is about, do we have patents or creative commons for city designs? I would just have this person get in touch with me because they want to submit something of Jacques designs, so I would say get in touch with me at [email protected] Next question, in terms of fill out some kind of a form, so we could be called for (?)consultancy or to speak at the UN conferences. Yes I think that would be a good idea, we could do it under our non-profit "Future by Design". Yes, we can look into that. Just I know somebody said to me, I just haven't time to do that yet. Okay, Jacque, what is the best method to reach out for the common people, in the streets, what's the best tool to reach out to them, is it flyers, posters, personal interaction questionnaires? Personal interaction by describing or answering their questions, as to what is Science and how does Science differ from other systems? What does it (?) between political system and an intelligently managed government? In other words, you have to fill in what they don't have and if you're not capable of doing that, the book called "The Best That Money Can't Buy" is a book that will help you to fill in. Yes and I would say also showing posters, or showing the film, Paradise and Oblivion than have questions and answers, showing PowerPoint presentations, we're starting to put more up there, (?) just did a nice one, she's putting her's up, a wonderful idea that (?) introduced to me that she wants to make a presentation to show it to ten people, and have those ten people show it to other ten people and she's going to lay that PowerPoint presentation out so people can do that. Within the Resource-Based Economy technology would advance much faster than today, what are Jacque's thoughts on space colonizations? Not until the world learns to live together. When you have one world, directed toward protecting the environment and enhancing the live of (?)everyone then I would love to go out into space as a joint venture. I fear nations going out into space before they've joined together because I think they'll be nuclear weapons up there, laser weapons, I don't feel secure with independent nations exploring space. I'm working on a political system that can be described best as technologic horizontal collectivism, I was thinking of using a social media network as the basis kind of like a non profit Facebook thing. Is The Venus Project already working on something similar? No, not that I know of. Read the book again. What is social security and what does the government do about it and what will be its equivalent in The Venus Project, if it's equal at all to the project? Well, everyone has access to resources whether they work or not. And everyone is cared for by the access centers, they can access everything they need, or they can go back to school if they want to, or they can become instructors, it all depends on each individual. But (?)there's really no need for a program that's equivalent to social security in the United States, I don't know if this person is asking what is social security in the United States, I don't have all the details of what they do, but you have to pay into social security all through your life and then at the age of 64, or sometimes 62 if you're incapable of working, you can get certain amount of funds equivalent of what you put into it, so, The Venus Project has nothing like that, there will be social security all your life in terms of equal access to all the goods and services that are available in a high energy system. Okay, this person wants you to preserve your body through cryonics, what will it take to convince him to do this? An awful lot. I'm sorry, I don't think the future will want all the relatives of the past showed down their throat. I think that new children trained in the new way and new thinking is what's needed in the future, not passed value systems. Who in psychology has influenced your strong belief in nearly complete nurture explanation for people's behavior? Is there anybody in psychology? No, not a single person, I would say many different books presented little bits of what is essential, knowing the difference is a major problem, know what to extract as making sense. They're asking about your concepts of behavior influencing... - Well I would say... - Excuse me your concept of environment influencing behavior, did you get that (?)from any particular person? No, I got that from experience with people in different environments, I travelled around quite a bit and found the influences of behavior as being obvious (?)in different environments. If I would hear a person speak in a Southern accent, I know they came from some area in the South. In England there are people that can tell you exactly what district people came from by their regional dialect and their values. Jacque, is socialism a good idea for transition? No, socialism isn't radical enough, it was good fifty years ago, but I would say today it's not updated enough. It's better than the price system, it's better than the monetary system, but it's not adequate. Okay, would you advise to start a family to enable those children to be brought up with The Venus Project's values? No that wouldn't be necessary, the new schools will take care of that. Do you think you should introduce people today's (?) children to values you talk about? Yes, that's always a good idea. Jacque, I have children and wondered if you would advise homeschooling them, instead of sending them to school? Well, if you have the time and the knowledge to do that, I'm all for it. But also you have to tell them the value systems of the dominant world today so they don't become alienated completely. You have to teach them about the values that different people learn and different countries that aren't always relevant and if you inform them well enough so they understand, they'll be better adjusted, but if you just bring them up with the same value system, they will clash with normal people. Just a quick one on that. A good way to look at that is when you talk to someone for the first time about these ideas, you normally get one or two reactions. One, totally against it, totally, you know, utopian, it will never happen and completely unscientific, or you'll get people that are inquisitive and want to learn more about it. You will get the same problem within a city, if the people aren't (?) in the values, those values will clash, and you'll get problems. - Thanks, Andrew, yes that is true. - Yes. Jacque, is the Arab world too difficult to turn around, their value system? I don't think so if you use diagrams and motion pictures, after all they even have cell phones in the Arab world today. They have cell phones, photo-electric cells on the back of camels in the Arab world, no, they are ready to use anything new and if you can demonstrate how it will enhance their lives, they will use it. How do you think sociologists can help with The Venus Project? They can help by reading chapter one of The Best That Money Can't Buy and then discussing it. Then read chapter two and on and on, discussing each chapter with each student or with the students that have questions. There's a whole world need to be involved for this to work, are there certain countries, perhaps those with key resources that can sustain a Resource-Based Economy on their own? No, I think that all people can help. I believe that they may be resources all over the world, that have never been explored. So, I think there's a tremendous potential out there. But it doesn't take all people to make this happen. - You're right, Roxanne, it doesn't. - I think today we're only on the back of few people, who give us certain technologies to make things happen in the world. Yes, I would agree with that. And for this ultimately to work, it would have to be a whole global system, one country couldn't exist making a Resource-Based Economy by themselves. It would be much easier on a global basis and the standard of living would be higher for most people if we can get all nations to join in taking care of the environment and one another. Without the use of armies, navies or force of any kind. I also feel that in sharing resources and invention we can move the world further along very rapidly. Why do you speak ill about entrepreneurs? Not all are thieves, there are many smart hard working people. I just said, I would rather they work for a Resource-Based Economy than the price system, that's all. Jacque, what foods do you eat, what do you recommend? I don't think there's enough information out there yet as to the best diet. I'm sorry. Jacque mainly eats fruits, vegetables, grains, whole wheats, things like that. He stays more so away from meats. Can you say something about sports and dancing in a Resource-Based Economy? They probably will evolve their own concept of sports and they will evolve newer types of what you call dancing, but I don't think that there will be any particular style that will dominate. This person is saying, "today, most of them are designed to occupy people's time, sports and dancing." I think they'll vanish. Yes, they really don't contribute much. Well, perhaps some hostility and anger. Sports, yes. Can we have the recipe for his infamous bran muffins? I don't know where (?) that came from. This person is saying, "interesting, a lot of the ideas presented in The Venus Project's frequently asked questions seem to be lifted straight out of the writings of certain Lenin, Lenin who in turn copied those from the ideas of establishing communistic as a common. - Do you have anything to say about that? - I would say the details are not there. In other words we've advanced technologically quite a bit beyond the teachings of Lenin and I think that today's technology is far different than concern for the working classes, in other words if the working classes receive higher salaries, the price of the car goes up. In the future there would be very few people working and the standard of living would go up, not the price of objects. I also probably say that John Lennon was born in 1940, Jacque in 1913. Jacque wouldn't got his ideas from there. Did you get any ideas from Lennon? No, not really, except that certain areas haven't been worked out, I never seen the details of housing, cities, transportation, except within the context of existing systems at the time. I never saw any projections of the future in detail, so we can build it. Some say "why don't you answer all E-mails? Sometimes I have answered many of the older E-mails, but a lot of you weren't on that day. So I would say that I would try to answer any question. If you're talking about E-mails directly, we get hundreds of E-mails, we honestly cannot get to all of them. If you're talking about the questions here, they are jumping around a lot and if I miss some, if they popped up, and then went back to what I already answered, I might not have gotten them because I see that's happening. Can I ask some questions? Sure, go ahead. Jacque, do you have patents of Creative Commons license on your project such as (?) ? I'm asking because I wanted to submit them to the United Nations solutions, so that the license will be kept, that they will refer to you. Can you just E-mail me directly, to [email protected] with that and we'll talk to you about it? What can be done for that. Okay, also should The Venus Project apply for (?) consultative status in the United Nations? It will lead to representative of (?) organizations that can hold speech in counter-conference, and can hold speech in the United Nations that will be translated conferences that will be translated worldwide and so use United Nations tools. Yes we think that's a good idea, we just haven't gotten around to it. I remember that you sent that question not too long ago through E-mail and we will look into that, thanks. Why don't we (?) and use existing networks and structures? I understand, I agree that we should first bring nations together to come to space, but I think the fear that we will spend too much resources just on space explorations, it doesn't corresponds to reality because the world is struggling with itself, will be unable to carry such large scale projects as terraforming and also I don't remember watching Carl Sagan's (?) but space budget was 38 billion dollars and military world budget was 2.1 trillion dollars so all space takes only 1,5 percent of military budget and it is dangerous to keep all the human specie on one planet. And weapons we have that can destroy life several times, so a giant asteroid can do it like it did with dinosaurs and when we meet advanced civilizations, they can share technological (?) knowledge that we can't even imagine for today how wonderful it can make our lives and so I think that space advocacy movement (?) because they can't do their project without transition to a Resource-Based Economy, without bringing all the nations together just to explain them properly, and also many ecological anarchists non-profit organizations are very familiar to The Venus Project's vision of better future, especially if to explain them in their terms and from their point of view their aims, so why don't we use more, we don't have so much time to build network from zero. Why don't we use existing networks for transition and find more common with different organizations, present them (?) interests and aims. We do communicate with a lot of organizations and other organizations are helping to promote what we're doing as well and incorporating some of our things in our projects because they want to help The Venus Project, but I would say I don't see any other organization out there that is promoting to the extent of what we are promoting, they haven't come to the same conclusions that we have come to, so I can't really see getting behind like a world peace organization, when they base it on ethical behavior and good will to people without a methodology or blueprint as to how to achieve that. I see no other organization that has looked into human behavior and understand why we behave we behave the way we do and understand to the extent how important the environment is to change in order to get different types of behavior in people. They haven't arrived at the conclusions that The Venus Project has, so if you want to introduce this to other people and other organizations we're all for it, maybe they will like to help The Venus Project but I can't see reverting back to something that we feel does not take care of the problems and just perpetuates them while working with another organization to take advantage of maybe the large amount of people that they may have, if they are not advocating something we feel that will really solve the problems. Do you want to deal with the space? Well, there's so much work to be done on Earth, new transportation systems, the research in diseases, kidneys, heart disease, brain tumors, cancer, so many things to work on Earth, I think we ought to first get those done, make sure we feed people, feed the hungry, the kids with swollen bellies and take care of the Earth first and then go off, as soon as we can. I'm not against the space program, I just said there are other priorities I would rather see undertaken first. And as long as we are getting the products that we are in terms of people's behaviors and people's values and their temperament, as long as we have a really underdeveloped people in this society, and we go into space we're going to be bringing the same detrimental values into space, so I think we need to learn how to grow up first on Earth before we even venture someplace else and do it on the same manner. One more very important question I have... of the ministers told the emperor of Russia that intelligent people prepare public (?) but they are too intelligent to struggle and that some power loving people like Lenin may come and do awful things and there are many such examples in history with like (?)Muslims, Christians so, Jacque, what do you suggest to prevent this? I ask because I see that similar things are happening in Russia in The Zeitgeist Movement official forum. Just ignorant power loving people cause painful feeling of self importance with good ideas, they don't implement and don't really understand. I don't say about just, there is, I don't say about the whole movement, I know really kind, open minded and brilliant people, The Zeitgeist Movement (?) in South Africa, India, Italy, the United States, Belarus, Chile, Argentina and other countries, but the Russian Zeitgeist Movement administration makes me really worried. It is like authoritarianism and censorship, so I think the solutions like in something creating strong media channels promoting The Venus Project ideas, so also better educating among activists, reconsidering value systems, forming new habits or something, what can you (?)just to prevent some power loving people just covering their power loving with good ideas. The way you do that is through education. Not the standard systems of education, a new system of education, on how to use the scientific method, how to surrender your ego in exchange for socially constructive development. In other words, the kind of people that this system generates are not the kind of people that can operate a socially integrated society. How to promote it widely enough, because most people are not enough educated? We're doing all we can and if other people go out and try and do the same thing and talk about The Venus Project in any way you can, you said to have media channels, this would be great, we're producing books and videos and other people are working very hard and introducing this and talking to other people and making chapters and having all those people go out and talk to other people. We have no large scale funding for a lot of things we like to do, so we do it anyway we can, we're doing it right now, we do it on every Saturday when people come here for tours, we're publishing as I said more books, more videos, we're financing that ourselves so anyway you'd like to help in spreading the word is what we need right now. What we have to do is convince people of the benefit of surrendering the ego in exchange for social constructs. If you can't do that, you cannot change people, and we think here we're able to change people. In this world lecture tour that Roxanne and I been on, we've changed a lot of people throughout the world. We had about 95% acceptance, so apparently, the systems we use do work and we're going to use people and convince them that by surrendering their ego they can achieve much more than a egocentric type of culture. I understand that very well, but what can we do to spread this (?) quick enough and broad enough for people, just how can we make it quicker and broader? The strong media channels, the strong education, how to spread this education quicker? Have you, perhaps, done a venue to show in Russia "Paradise or Oblivion"? No, I haven't yet, I only... That might be a good way to start and then you can have questions and answers periods afterwards or you can take some of the PowerPoints on the website, and present them to people and then have discussions groups or if you want to translate Jacque's book, The Best That Money Can't Buy then you can hold sessions with people there and read different chapters from it. We have, I don't know, 32 hours of tapes on our website that you can present to people in your country and then have discussions groups or start a chapter in your country and work on making presentations in libraries or schools or universities. Okay, thank you very much and just please answer my E-mail about the United Nations, because time is upcoming, we're short of time about (?) and I think the United Nations channels will just(?) broadly the ideas worldwide, I think we should use them. - Okay, will do that. - Thank you very much. What (?)Jacques question is really about how do you deal with a power vacuum? And he was saying something along the lines throughout history, when there's a power vacuum, inevitably someone steps in and takes control and we want to get to a point eventually where everything is systems, systems approach to everything, and that basically spreads the responsibilities and access throughout the entire globe. We do not have that now, but we do have some smaller trips we're doing as far as for example, POC's trying to get systems in place where there's more than one POC of a country and in every position within The Venus Project have multiple people in those positions so that there's not one single (?)point of failure, there's not one person in complete control of total areas and this helps disseminate responsibility and therefore perceived authority So there's a trip we're using in the short term, the long term we're working on systems to really kind of automate this (?)daily human interaction. I just want to add something to what Shawn just said. This is why is very important to actually work on ourselves, to keep the integrity of the information that is being produced by The Venus Project, so I would like to advertise the TeamSpeak, the TVP TeamSpeak server and the bot that is actually playing constantly the Jacque Fresco's classic lectures. There's great amount of information in there and at least half of the questions that were asked today could have been answered in there, so guys, I mean really, there's amazing stuff there, there's a lot of people here that are actually listening to it that very much like it, so I'm sure that, you know, there's going to be a lot of information you're going to be satisfied with there. Alright, Jacque and Roxanne, thank you for coming. We hope to see you next week, May, 6th, 2012.

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