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Ertzaintza Askegunean. Eredugarria ala gehiegikeria?

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Donostia's boulevard dawned with the Basque Police's visit the arrival of 30 Police vans woke the people up that had sleept in AskeGunea (Freedom Zone) They held their bodies together in a human-wall formed by nearly a thousand people, confronted by 200 Basque police officers. "We'll sit around the condemned and hold to each other as strong as possible" "It's very important that everyone remains calmed..." "They are at Kursaal" "Lets go, they are at Kursaal! All together! Freedom for the Basque Country! Up the youth! Keep on keeping on!" "Everyone calmed. Hold to each other. Let's show them solidarity and commitment are possible." "You won't stop us!" "Basque youth forward!" "We will proceed to arrest the condemned people, to fulfil the orders of the Spanish National Court". "Let him tire! Let him tire!" "I'm a journalis..." "Raise him! Let him die!" The following events have overcomed the silence of official media, the public included. The beats, treats and insults of Basque Police lasted three hours, the offensive machist messages against women the hindering of jounalist's work through violence, and mainly, the disobeying occupation of Donostia's centre by hundreds "We are youth, not terrorists!" "Basque youth forward!" "Stand Fast! Stand Fast!" "Who are the violent? Who are the violent?" "Do you think on what you do? Do you think?" "Stand Fast!" "Go team! Go *ostia!!*" "The condemned ones, we love you!" (Police officer) "Come here! Come here!" Anger, nerves and tears have shared their place with smiles in fact, even if they have imprisoned the youth that they had defended for over a week, when the Basque Police left the Boulevard, the felling of a small victory was felt by the members of the wall. "Today it is us who have won!" "Nothing has ended here, we need this responses all around the Basque Country... trully, with this kind of responses we will stop all the political trials... we will stop the states!" #resist8 #askegunea #basque8

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Duration: 10 minutes and 7 seconds
Country: Uganda
Language: Basque
Producer: Argia
Director: Axier Lopez
Views: 1,520
Posted by: askegunea on Apr 30, 2013

Ertzaintzaren bisitarekin argitu zuen otsailaren 19ak Donostiako Bulebarrean. Askegunean gaua emandako 800 lagunak lozorrotik esnatu zituen 30 furgoneten etorrerak. Ondorengo hiru orduetan gertatutakoaren laburpena da bideo-erreportaje hau.

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