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Umpires Make Errors, Too!

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It is said in baseball that umpires are doing a good job if you don't notice them. And in these playoffs now under way, they are being noticed - a lot ! A number of calls were missed in last night's Yankees-Angels game, and that has some fans making their own call - for instant replay. Here's Ron Clayborn. It happened not once, not twice, but three times in one game. It all three instances, as they say in baseball, the umpires blew it. There were three pretty agrievous calls that were caught on... instant replay. First the second base umpire called Yankees runner Nick Swisher safe at second. Slow motion replay showed he was tagged out. Then Swisher, now on third base, was called out, for leaving the base too soon. Replay showed he did not. Then, in the most bizzare play of all, the third base umpire somehow failed to see the Angel player tag out both Yankee runners. After the game, veteran umpire Tim McClullen admitted he botched the calls at third. I'm just out there trying to do my job, and do it the best I can, and unfortunately there were... by instant replay there was...two missed calls. But it wasn't just one game. The baseball playoffs this year have been riddled with questionable calls, and downright wrong ones. The umpires are having a bad couple of weeks. Today a lot of baseball fans were clamboring, not to "kill the ump" as in days of yore, but for instant replay. What are they going to wait for, a blown call by one of these "expert umpires" and it's going to rob somebody out of a World Series game? Major league baseball and the umpires union have resisted expansion of replays because, they argue, it would slow the game down. Still, football has had instant replay for years. So does basketball. In one sense, umpires have become victims of technology. Calls have been missed in huge games in the history of baseball. We just didn't know they were missed because we didn't have replay. A growing number of irate fans want the umpires to keep calling 'em as they see 'em. They just want instant replay to make sure they call 'em right. Ron Clayborne, ABC News, New York

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Posted by: greenbo on Apr 30, 2011

Baseball Umpires make errors in a 2010 American League Championship game

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