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Solar Fire P32

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Hello, we’re in Rajkot North India. I’m Eerick Wissenz from Solar Fire and SiSustainable and I present to you the Solar Fire (((P32))) Solar Concentrator. The ((((SF P32))) has 32 square meters of mirror on a structure 6X6 meters. The purpose of the machine is to reflect the sun's light onto the focal point to arrive at a high temperature over 700 degrees . The model shown here is fitted with the boiler to produce Steam. The Steam travels down the pipe and runs the Steam Engine. Both, the Concentrator seen here and the Steam Engine are produced by (the company) TinyTech Plants in Rajkot North India. There are 360 mirrors on 10 Rows.. so 36 mirrors per row. The inclination of the rows is controlled by guidance cable which runs the length of the machine. Each row it’s attached to this cable and can move in synchrony with the other rows. There are 4 guidance cables which allow us to control the 4 quarters of the machine independently. The guidance cable is tightened or let loose with the wheel at the lower of the machine. At the other end of the machine it goes thought a pulley and it’s pulled down by a weight, this weight allows the cables to remain tight. We can adjust the row on the cable by simply fixing one bolt. The individual mirrors are placed in the machine by a very simple mechanism At the back of each mirror is glued a rod and this rod is simply inserted into a tube that is fixed on each row Each tube is fixed at a very precise angle which is calculated by a program. All the mirrors together focus the light onto the boiler. But to go from low to high concentration each mirror can be bent to focus the light further. To keep the mirror curve, a very simple structure at the back of the mirror can push two triangle tin plates and fixes out curvature. We focus each mirror for the same distance as there is between it's position and the focal point, again this distance is given to us by our program and allows us to work in the shade and avoid tedious adjustments when installing the machine. Once all the mirrors are installed we focus the machine and start accessing free clean energy. As the focal temperature is hight the possible applications are numerous, imagination is the limit. The application here is a Steam Engine. The knowledge, skill and equipment to make most of of the parts of a steam engine such as the cylinder, piston, connecting rod, crank shaft and valve are already widely available. Mechanics familiar with the internal combustion engine can easily maintain a steam engine. We can only convert a portion of our energy to mechanical power However the rest of the energy is not lost, it exits the engine in the form of exhaust steam and can be used for low level heat applications such as in milk processes and of course for pasteurising milk and purifying water. The engine here is simply being tested, it is driving a compressor that will be later used to pump water back into the boiler. The exhaust steam simply enters a condenser so we can measure the steam consumption. We will continue to develop and will be testing other applications soon, specifically milk boiling and water pumping. So stay tuned to for developments. The next part in this series we'll explain our calculation program, the solar fire optimiser and simulator calculates all the angles and distances so you don't have to. All the technology you've seen in this film is Open Source. Your encouraged to acquire a machine and copy it as well as develop new models. By replacing combustion fires with solar fires we can significantly reduce deforestation and pollution as well as increase sustainable energy access.

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Posted by: vhaal7 on Nov 29, 2011

The video introduces basic functioning of the Solar Fire P32

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