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[ENG SUB] BTS- Beware of the Dog (MPD Mission)

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[Today's mission will be played by~~~?] [The group that made a comeback with I Need U] [To the mission GO GO~!] JM: Come on in~~ [Nice to meet you MPD-nim!!] JM: The dog is sleeping? JM: Dog sleep V: Shhhh RM: Oh look it says something "Backstage mission!" RM: The ones who loses the game has to give the winner a "Good looking face"] V: Shh shh [The dog is sleeping right now~] V: Shh! V: We each take a bone like this... V: If you get caught, the dog will bite you V: Then that person is eliminated! [Shh! Beware of the dog 1) Carefully remove the bones without waking the dog 2) If the dog wakes up, you are eliminated! 3) The last one standing gets to be the "Handsome" one~! [Suga goes first!] [Super nervous] [Next is Jungkookie!] [Very quiet] JH: This is crazy!! JH: Ah I'm really scared V: (softly) the dog is sleeping RM: He looks really savage, his face is so big! [I said I'm scared!!] [J-Hope pass!] RM: I guarantee that Jimin will get caught RM: Nevermind.. [The nervousness is no joke..] V: Shh! (softly) If you're loud you'll get bitten.. Oh! [Jin passed!] JH: This is seriously crazy! V: Bit me~~ V: Try biting me~ Try eating it~ [Suga's turn again!!!] JH: It's hard to get caught... [Not exactly? Haha] [Were you scared?] RM: That scared me!!! S: I was more surprised because of you guys!! [Suga out!] [Second round, start!] RM: Roar! [Nobody was scared] JH/RM: UWAA!! RM: Doggy~~ JH: I'm a little worried..? [Hey doggy eat your food] J: What is your strategy?! [Don't hit me!!] JM: Hey! (x2) [The member's eliminations make me happy!!] [Jin is out!] [The Eliminated Area] [Who could the next one be?!] [Game start!] [That was a fake] JM: My ear was surprised.. [Fast forward] [Cheating!] JM: That's no fun.. RM: You need to get out JM: If I dont get out here- V: Hey if you don't get out here this won't be fun JM: If I don't get caught, then really I.. JM: This really isn't funny.. JH: Ok ok I won't anymore JM: Put your hand down V: No no no I wasn't [Stop fooling around!!] [The Eliminated Area] JK: I'll start taking 2 out RM: I'll take out 3! V: It's three (x2) [Take out at least 2!!] [UWAAAA!!] [J-Hope Out!!] [The growing number of outs] JM: Once again with Jungkook~ JM: Hey that's not how you do it JM: You have to quickly grab it and take it [Success!] [They look ridiculous from here..haha] RM:You dare open your ax-like eyes [UWAA!!] [V Out!!] [The Eliminated Area] V: Shall we see now~? JH: That dog is nothing... RM: This is why, whether it's a dog or a person, discipline is important.. [Jimin.. what are you doing? [Once again, game start~!] RM: After looking at the line up.. RM: I think you and I are gonna get caught.. JM: Not me JM: No, I could get caught.. [Just hurry up already..] V: Hyung! Join us~ RM: Nope RM: Whenever the growling stops it scares me. Is he threatening us? JM: I think you're just over excited [Jimin loses all feeling in his legs] JH: Jiminie was being too greedy JM: My heart feels so heavy V: Jiminah come here~ S: It's my first time seeing Rapmon get to the last round in a game!! [I'm good at this game] [Rap monster vs Jungkook the final round!!] [Today's lucky Jungkook!] [Rapmon who lasted until the final round for the first time!] [Winner of "Beware of the dog" game is..."] RM: I got a good feeling about this!! JM: Oh I didn't know before, but they look really ridiculous JK: I think I'm pretty good at this game RM: Your hyung is sorry..!! [Scared] Jin: How important is this game, for them to be so concentrated JK: I'm scared [Careful] JM: When's it over!! JM: I'm so sleepy I could die!! RM: After looking at the line up.. RM: I think you and I are gonna get caught.. JM: Not me [Rapmon Out!] [Jungkookie Wins!] JH: Wait so the maknae won?? [A crown for the winner~!!] [Jungkookie will wear the crown~!!] [And everyone will have to make Jungkook look better~!!] JM: We never beat Jungkookie at games [I'm jealous..] JH: So do we have to make him look good JM: I'm good at this [Ready] RM: Our flower boy Jungkookie got 1st place!! JH: You're blinding my eyes~!! JM: Since you won.. you should tell MPDnim what you want [A bike..?] JK: I have about 7 bikes I want.. [7 bikes..? How do I buy them all.."] RM: Our new album, HwaYangYeonHwa has come out~ RM: Please give lots of love to our song I Need U, and our album~! ALL: I Need U, Fighting!!

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[MPD MISSION] Beware of the Dog, BTS(방탄소년단)

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