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Here's what I saw driving around the Mission this week. On Friday, I witnessed a shooting at the Lexington. It was a film shoot about a woman in her 30s living in the Mission, who just can't grow up We've all met her in some form or another and now she is memorialized in a short fil coming to a festival near you In Sit/Lie this week, just outside Mission [email protected] headquarters I saw the police asking a sitting homeless man for his I.D. which surprisingly he did have He didn't, however, get up from a sitting position to give it to them, which may be illegal on this November but what is legal this week in the state of California is same-sex marriage do people in the Mission think this is ok? Some say: Heck No! Some say: Hell Yeah! But most folks had no idea it had even happened Really? yeah. Seriously? Yeah. Awesome. Oh really? Seriously? Oh wait, that's awesome We should call Max. Wait, seriously? We have a friend with two moms, we should call him That's fantastic. Thank you for telling us Did they think that gay marriage wuld go on to be legal in the federal level? I think over time, it will pass Change comes eventually, I guess and sometimes it needs a little push. I know this world is changing but that could kick in a revolution This guy wins the prize for understanding both sides. by saying the verdict is good to some and bad to others What does he think about Sit/Lie? What about the parks? That's why they are there for. To lie down with the woman I love, be comfortable with nice green grass looking over a lake in golden gate park and someone's gonna take that away from me? someone's trying? yup is that what you're telling me? yes well then, you have an angry voter, citizen. and that wraps up Driving around the Mission this week For Mission [email protected], I'm Tania Miller.

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Posted by: missionlocal on Aug 9, 2010

driving by

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