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Honoring Traditons. Creating Futures.

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How is opportunity created? Does it come from a place… ? Or does opportunity come from the generosity of those who lift up others? The greatest opportunities are created when a community comes together with a vision for a brighter future. More than a century ago, Sam Houston State University was born from that very same ambition. Prominently located atop a grassy hill in Huntsville was the vacant Austin College building. The Huntsville community had a vision that the facility could be used for education while providing an economic and cultural benefit to the area. Several local businessmen purchased it and the surrounding property, and the legislature passed the act to create the Sam Houston Normal Institute in 1879. MAC WOODWARD Along with tremendous support from the Peabody Education Fund, approximately 40 Huntsville citizens pledged various amounts of money to help get the school get started. The "Honoring Traditions, Creating Futures" campaign shares many similarities with the campaign to establish Sam Houston— its success depends on the recognition of the value of education, having facilities in which to learn, and funding to support programs. DR. HOYT Capital campaigns are often associated with bricks and mortar projects, but our financial action plan is much broader. Honoring Traditions, Creating Futures addresses facilities, scholarships, programs, endowments, and much more. We are proud to be launching the most ambitions and comprehensive campaign in our university’s history. We’ve identified four major priorities for fundraising. The projects are big, but so are the stakes. One of the things I love about working here is that I get to see how the Bearkat community changes the lives of students on a daily basis. Lucy Devillier: The scholarship that I received is an incredible opportunity. I know competition is stiff, there are a lot of intelligent people in the program. and to be chosen meant a lot to me, and it's helped me to pursue, to continue to pursue my dreams of being a nurse. We want to continue to give talented students opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them, but it becomes more of a challenge as we face less federal and state funding, skyrocketing operational costs, and an increasingly competitive market for recruiting. To be able to attract future leaders as well as eminent scholars and researchers remains critical for our future sucsess, we need support from our friends and alumni to achieve these goals. Your gifts during this campaign will enable us to effect change in our region, state, country and throughout the world. It’s time to honor our traditions by creating futures.

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Posted by: mdf022 on Feb 10, 2017

Sam Houston State University proudly launches the most comprehensive and ambitious capital campaign in the university's history.

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