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From Here to There

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels From Here to There When you talk about the general subject matter of leadership and people say, "What is that really? What is leadership? Does that mean controlling people? Does leadership mean you are the boss and everyone has to do what you say?" What is leadership in its essence? I define it the same. I have now for years. Leadership is moving people from 'here' to 'there.' You are moving people from 'here' to 'there.' Teachers are trying to move people's minds. Leaders are trying to move people, move activity, catalyze behaviors to initiate movement to get people to go from 'here' to 'there.' The big discovery that I made a few years ago after doing this wrong for two decades what we normally want to do if we realize our church needs to go in a new direction what we normally want to do is stand in front of the church and say, "Church, I have great news for you. Starting next week we are going to move 'there'." The church says, "You are really excited about that. You are telling us... you have been living in that world. We are hearing this for the first time." They all ask the same question at the same time when you state that we are going 'there.' They ask, "What is the matter with 'here?' We live 'here.' We like 'here' and are comfortable 'here.' You are excited about 'there.' We are not." This has happened to me for decades. So I would describe where 'there' was since people did not want to go. Next week I would describe with greater enthusiasm and passion how wonderful it will be to get 'there.' People cross their arms. No. We are still going to stay 'here.' We like it 'here.' We have driven stakes in the ground 'here.' Finally, after decades I realized something absolutely fundamental. If you have heard this, bear with me. I will only spend a few minutes on it. Before you ever try to move people 'there' even if 'there' is necessary and Biblical and wonderful you have to create an airtight case for why you cannot stay 'here.' Why it is unbiblical, unwise, indefensible, and inconceivable. You have to build this whole case. We cannot stay 'here.' When people are totally convinced that we cannot stay 'here' they will ask, "Where should we go then, pastor?" You say, "Well, we could go 'there'." And they all want to go because they cannot stay 'here.' Many of you will get great ideas from this conference. Or you will build some relationships with people who are a little ahead of you in leadership. You are going to get some ideas about how your church could move 'there.' Be careful when you get those ideas. Do not stand up next Sunday and announce that you are going 'there.' No matter how tempting it is. You take your time. You build an airtight case of why you can no longer stay 'here' then people will be ready to move 'there.'

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Producer: Willow Creek Association
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Posted by: landsm on Jul 14, 2014


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