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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~15:30:56 - 15:45:56

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Are we building a house or a tower? A tower. No, don't build this thing. Then this way. We are building it this way. There will be lots of them. Why are you taking such parts out? I have no time to do anything. We'll make it this high, Ilyas. We'll be out of Lego parts! This tall! We have enough of them. Enough for what? For such a big one. We have enough parts for such a small one. For such one! ― Let's then have a look at this one. Like this! With these, OK. We'll make it like this and this. ― It's big, right? Place the pyramid here and that's that. We did this in Shymkent, eh. And beat it. Yes, beat it. Build such a big one! We should build it ourselves. They speak. Speak more, you know, what will happen? What? You know what will happen because of fear? How shall we build this? And you just finish it this way and that's it. The roof. We don't need another window. Ha, no, we need it. Ilyas, look! A toilet! We are speaking, not building. We are building of course. Are we like truants? Yes. Kupsi and Pupsi? We are Kupsi truants, aren't we? Kupsi and Pupsi. Kupsi and Nupsi. Kupsi and Kupsi. Ha, that's right! Kupsi and Gupsi. Pupsi and Pupusi. Oops! We are short of bricks, Zhanna. What? We have enough. Here they are. Not enough Lego bricks. Ha, you are right. I bet, we have enough. Why are you taking from me? I don't. Enough with your Pupsies. Why are you fighting? That's it. We have finished, now let's take the roof out. We take the roof out. Why these ones? Build like this one for me. Hey, I'm falling! It fell again. It is crooked or something. Hey, you're going to break it. Let's finish the roof and call Vasya. Here is the window. Over there, have a look. Here? Come on. That is your window, this is mine. Hi! Hi! It's crooked or something. It seems "prooked". Finish building this one. Ilyas, were we ordered to play Lego? Did Vasya tell us? He should build it himself, not we. He is so bossy, ordering us to build. Shall it be built by only two of us? A bossy guy. He leaves us alone to play there. And doesn't let us play with Roma. So bossy, aren't they? He wanted to play, didn't he? Shall we not play, shall we? It's not their... Have you heard it? Yes. Actually I have. Something from here... Hey, I know, what is needed. That's it. Let's go and call Vasya. Wow! Look, how dark there is! We've built the house. Let's go and call Vasya. Ilyas! Let's go. Oops, what happened? If my sore is torn, that will be that. I'll call, you stay here. No, I will too. You stay here. I'll be back in a moment. Here, look, Vasya. Ugh, look at the house! Look, here are the windows. Look at the windows. Good kids! Did you do it yourselves? Was it interesting? Good kids! That's it, no let's build such a long tower! We'll have no Lego bricks left this time. Have you built this one? Yes. Now lets build the tower this way. Roma, go ride the scooter while we build the tower. We are building the tower. Good kids! Keep going guys. Are we going now? I will in a minute, you go. Tower "Gatatower". After we finish this, we are not going to break it. Seriously, we won't break it. Ilyas, here is your favorite color. Roma, go ride the scooter. Ilyas! Wow! Look, who is taller? It is higher than you. It falls now! That's enough. Oh, it's not enough yet. Let's make the tower that high! You mean that long, yes? We don't have enough Lego parts. What? We don't have enough Lego parts. Why didn't you treat it with brilliant green? Don't know. It became like that itself. You haven't put it in water, have you? Not at all. Just fell down. What? You fell down then. Well, I fell later. But it counts for nothing. And build one more beautiful house, I'll come and check it, ok? And the beautiful ones also? Yes, those small ones. You have the small ones also, don't you? Yes, I can. I can make the beautiful ones too. I can make such a small one. Build it and I will come and check, ok? I'm going to have a second lunch. I will be busy with it for a long time. Will you make the phone louder? No. I will get earphones from Rinat. What, Zhanna? Don't be afraid. Oops! Don't be afraid. Once again. Leave it be like that. This is the tower. Tower-"gower". Now we will build using the small ones. Come on, give me a hand, Zhanna. It is hard to do it on my own. Now, I will do it this way, just to fix it. It is saved and saved and saved. We will build the house. Now, let's have a look which house is easy to build. We will build this house now! So that, when Vasya sees the house I learned to make in Cherkent, he will... He will fall on his head. Oops, I almost fell down. Take it out. Give it to me. No, we will work together, the way we did earlier. Ah! That's it. Let it be big. That's it. Come on. We should find the door first. Here is the door if you need it. Give it to me. We'll put the ones we need here. Show them to me. Which ones do we need first? The black ones? A door? Not the door. Doors. A man? Lots of doors? Yes. Do we need one more window? We don't need a window, not necessary. Wow! I want to hide here. I closed the door. This house is too small. One is enough. The house is small like all of them, it's small. I don't know. We should create it! Shall we make the big one? Where is this? OK. We need one more door. That's it, yep. And here is only one door. Ilyas! What? It's meal time. Meal time? What are we having today? Cake and sausages. Cake? What is the cake's filling? Let's go eat. With concentrated milk. Oh! Concentrated milk! And meal.... Bless you. What happened, Zhanna? Is it OK? Meal time! Go, have your second lunch, then build something and show it to me, OK? And to me. What?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 26, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 15:30-15:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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