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Outstanding speech of Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi 8 of 9

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Then, one doesn't remain only Man; becomes the Man giver (banda nawaz). Doesn’t remain poor, becomes the Poor giver (ghreeb nawaz). For this we neither ask you to bait (take Oath of Allegiance) nor ask for any donation. It's a secret, which is the secret of an umti (follower). This can only be attained from Murshids (spiritual guides). But now all those sitting here must be having any Murshid (spiritual guide), everyone would have considered their guide a (Kamil Murshid) perfect guide that is why they took Oath of Allegiance. Now the Murshid of everyone couldn't be kamil (perfect) as well, then who knows, whose Murshid is perfect? First of all one should have the touchstone (so that one can test), if my Murshid (Spiritual Guide) is perfect then it’s alright since it has been make sure but yet it’s not sure. Thief is recognized by thief and (wali) Saint is recognized by Saint. If thief of Lahore is sitting in one corner and thief of Peshawar is sitting in other corner, both of them are unknown to each other, once their eyes collide with each other they will recognize that he also belongs to my field. Make one saint to sit here and the other one to sit there, hearts of both will collide. The hearts will collide due to there is light in their hearts. Once the noor/light will come into your heart, then you may go to Bari Sarkar, there is also Noor and here (heart) is also Noor, there is also Allah and here is also Allah, it will collide, tenderness will take place. Just like the clouds strike with each other, thunder is produced. When Allah collides with Allah the tenderness will be produced, you will understand that it is Perfect Man (kamil). Then for satisfaction you may go to Data Sahib, there is also Allah and here is also Allah, it will collide, tenderness will take place. You will understand that it is Perfect Guide (Wali Kamil). Your Dhikr (chanting of the name of Allah in heart) will get faster. Then go to your spiritual guide. If by going near him (spiritual guide) the state you felt at Data Sahib, which you felt at Bari Imam, if the same thing is happens again; then, your spiritual guide is perfect one. Then even if you are losing your life let it go, then never leave him, because life has to go anyways. Then no matter how you are, he himself will purify you. Now, if go there again and again. Time and again going to him! And nothing happens; it means that he is also nothing. Then your life is being ruined. The goal is not to seek personality; the goal is to seek Allah. Now if you want to find a murshid (guide), then the time you start writing Allah with your finger, first of all it’s right of your Murshid/guide, call upon him. It is said that, in the time of difficulty call upon your Murshid/guide. What can be more difficult than this that you are trying to get visa for Allah. What can be more difficult time for you than this? Imagine, my Murshid is holding my finger and writing Allah on my heart. If your guide would be perfect he will definitely reach. For whom he died, will he not come for Him. If nobody comes or you don’t have any Murshid, then with any Shrine which you love, imagine that Shrine, consider the Saint whom that shrine belongs to, is holding your finger and writing “Allah” upon your heart. If you don’t have love for any Saint nor go to any Shrines, then consider the image of The Shrine (Roza) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), since I am you’re the follower, and that I don’t know the path, but I am seeking for the path, anyone come and help me. Imagine The Shrine of Prophet Muhammad that you are getting the benevolence (faiz) from there. If, there also you are like Deobandi type, you consider Him (PBUH) like yourself. Then consider the Kaaba. Haven’t you understood! That you are getting benevolence (faiz) from Kaaba. And then whoever comes before you he is your guide (murshid). Dear! Whoever comes before you at that time he is your guide. The goal is not to seek personality, the goal is to seek Allah. No matter from where it can be obtained. For this permission is required. Now for this there are vehicles. Such as you go to bus station vehicles are standing there, likewise these orders like Nakashbandi, Chishti, Qadri are also vehicles these are all sources for reaching to Allah, destination of all is one. GTS also goes from here and private buses also go from here but the destination of all is Rawalpindi. Chishti, Qadri, Nakashbandi and Seherwardi everyone’s destination is same. The vehicles are standing whichever’s engine you see is start go and sit in it, it is no offense. Whether sit in Nakashbandi, sit it Chishti whichever’s engine you see is start sit in it. But if the vehicle is on its way (moving position), and you are sitting in it, then if tried to alight/getting off you will be injured. Then you are an offender. If (chanting of) Allah Allah is taking place within you then only your guide (murshid) is enough for you. He is Saint (Man of Allah) rest journey He will make you! If not He, then He will send you towards someone. If your vehicle is not moving, then you can sit in any of the vehicle, you are not an offender. We are not making you to bait (Oath of Allegiance) us, we are making you ‘enlightened heart’. Once your heart will become enlightened, once you will get the touchstone, and then you will search of spiritual guide (Murshid), then whoever you will found out will be the man of Allah. Dear! It is said here (world) Nakashbandi, Chishti, Qadri but believe it, it’s an offence to say this over there (on heavens). There everyone is friend of Allah. There it is no difference among Nakashbandi and Chisht. There everyone is the hair of same body, here it is separate; there all are united. If you will pull one hair all will feel pain. We will accompany you until, these creatures inside you does not wake up. Inshallah when you will call us, inshallah we will reach to you. There is no condition for it. When the situation becomes messed up! Previously committees/council of elders used to resolve the matters but when those committees became bungler/corrupted, then deal need to be made directly. This was the duty of Spiritual guides (Murshids) and Godly scholars (Aalim-e-Rabbani), but now they are also bungled. When these become bungles, then where should we go now? Now we should contact to Allah and we have to seek His help. And believe me; now if someone goes to heaven or goes to hell, we have no sorrow, we have no regret. If there would be sorrow, it would be to your Prophet, whose follower (ummat) you are. We are an agent between you and Allah. What does an agent does? Firstly he convinces to the person who is selling a vehicle and then convinces the buyer. Firstly we will convince you and then we will convince Him. Now what does the agent will get? Once both the parties will be convinced. He will get the commission, will get the money. So what will we get, once both the parties are convinced? The Allah-Allah which will take place within you, we will get its commission. We are struggling for that. So try your luck for this. If Allah-Allah enters within you then just pray (Dua) for us and if it does went within, then you will remain as you are. At least practice for five to seven days. Everybody thinks that “Allah is kind upon me”. (Upon asking) why? “I have car, a big house if this is not blessing then what is this”? You are happy just for this. Upon asking from second person, how are you? He/she reply “great blessing are upon me”. Why? “I once belonged from a poor family and now became such a big officer”. If this is not a blessing, then what is this? And upon asking third person, how are you? He/she reply 'I have a lot of blessings” Why? “Despite being in old age, I am still healthy if this is not blessing then what is this”? We say that if you consider this a blessing, then the infidels have all these things.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering speech to public in Wah Cantt. Please listen to this speech carefully and repeatedly, it will open it's secrets upon you.

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