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FreshStart5 Facebook Video Ad 01

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So let me show you a quick demo of what's inside WP FreshStart5. now in the new version we have added GDPR settings that actually make your sites compatible with GDPR and we've also made monetization options in this plugin which makes your site make money on complete auto-pilot also we've added a lot more features that actually make this a must-have plug-in to create your sites using WordPress. Now you can see two options here that's the quick settings and the Advanced Settings option for the advanced settings that you quite deeper but let's first go to the quick settings option here now here you can see a list of seven steps and all these seven steps lets you quickly set up your sites so you start with the content settings enter your site title tagline you know you can erase all the posts and pages you can create content pages like about us contact us HTML sitemaps create blank pages if you want, create posts sample content create categories tags delete all comments stop comment spam do all the common settings and also you can do legal settings that are basically about privacy policy terms of use policy and we have a separate section for that in the legal area and next you can go into the GDP on settings and then actually have some quick GDPR settings things like cookie consent new traffic settings a check box to contact forms and also force T&C acceptance we also have a detailed GDPR page which has a lot more features to to completely cover you with GDPR and next you can also install multiple plugins at the same time and add a bunch of plugins at the same time to quickly install plugins next we have a bunch of security settings you have like forcing HTTPS on the front end forcing HTTP as the admin, disable right click and all those things and user settings like changing your permalinks creating xml and also some other settings like adding your Google Analytics code and also your Facebook pixel code and Google Webmaster. Now this basically completely sets up your site in just a few seconds and this is the quick settings option We can also go into the Advanced Settings and you have all these options one by one that you can dive in and then configure each one in detail if you want. Now they've made a massive amount of updates in the legal part of this plugin which means now you actually create more legal pages like privacy policies, Terms of Use and all these amazing pages that are required for your site. You can also show a cookie warning according to the new EU laws and basically add any text you want and only show this to the cookie visitors to the EU visitors basically if you want. Also we have added an amazing privacy policy generator If you have not seen any other plugin have this but you can recreate your own privacy policy based on your information and then enter the information you have about your company or your business or yourself... and they're actually just fill out a few simple fields and we create a customized privacy policy according to your own site. Just keep adding the information that you need and you will be able to instantly generate a privacy policy that applies to your site. At the end of this you will be able to generate a privacy policy that you will be able to preview and also edit if you want. You can also append this to an existing page and save it there or you can actually create a new page out of it. This is how it actually comes out and you can see if you want to edit this it's a page on your site and you can completely change this if you want. Also you can do the same thing for terms & conditions as well as the cookie policy. Just fill out the information and basically select some boxes and you will be able to create your own cookie policy and create a GDPR compliance cookie policy in just a few steps. All right... we have a lot more options for the GDPR and you can actually configure all of those to be compatible with GDPR and be compliant. It also shows a cookie consent warning and then logs all the cookie consents in your site itself so you have complete history and also you can create data breach notifications and data access request, data rectification requests, and also basically block visitors from different places if you want. And you can also add check boxes to comment forms and contact forms so that you have all those as are completely GDPR compliant as well. Alright so these are some amazing features we have added to make your site's GDPR compliant. Now as you can see this plugin basically covers everything you need to be GDPR compliant and that's why you need to use this plugin every time you set up your sites. Now with the monetization part, we added inline links so automatic inline links can be linked to affiliate offers and they can be part of any of your content pages or posts and they will automatically link to an an affiliate offer of your choice. We also have the Amazon option to make money. Just add your Amazon key and add your Amazon affiliate ID and you will be able to automatically show Amazon ads based on the content of your pages and the category you have chosen. And we have a lot more options on how many ads you want to show, images, prices, what text you want to add before or after the text, before and after the ads, and also where you want to show these ads, whether they should be at the end of the post or the beginning of the post and once you save these these, Amazon ads for specific products and categories will automatically show on your site. Let me quickly show you how that looks... so when you go in and see this for a page, you will see how it looks. So I can see these ads are appearing at the end of the post these are easy to click and you will able to instantly get results and start making money from your sites no matter what kind of site you have and no matter what kind of content you have. Amazon has a lot of products and you will be able to make money. That's why the FreshStart 5.0 is a must-have plugin for your site...and you will have all these amazing settings inside this plugin to set up your site in a great way, in a very very easy way!

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