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Journey Church Burn the Lease Party

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Hello North Georgia and Journey Church. (Billy) What's up guys! This is Trent and Billy. We're so fired up! You can't even believe what God has done these last couple of months. (Billy) That's right. Where we are what we get to celebrate this Sunday We're going to be honoring graduates. (Billy) I mean I wish Sunday was like today. We talk about this every time Monday rolls around. I mean I wish it was like Sunday everyday because what we have to tell you and what we get to celebrate on Sunday is incredible and I just feel like I can't wait It's that good. (Trent) It is! You're not going to believe how far we get to push the Momentum Boulder because of what you've done We're going to be celebrating life change. We're going to be having Baptisms. We're going to be interviewing Christina from Beautiful Feet and talking about ministry and community and impact. It is going to be absolutely incredible. And then at the end (Billy) We're celebrating seniors. (Trent) yeah, we're celebrating seniors that are graduating. And at the end we're going to have a cookout to celebrate the fact that now we're owners of all this. That God has given us this campus which is amazing. And we're going to be having a cookout with hot dogs and burgers and you bring the sides. And then, we're going to burn the lease. Everybody gets to be pyros. You get a lease and we get to burn that and celebrate. It's just going to be amazing. (Billy) So, bring a first aid kit just in case. (Trent) Bring a friend! It's going to be awesome. We can't wait to see you. Hey, listen. If you've been hurt by church. Don't like church. Never been to church. We want to invite you to Journey. God is at work here. Lives are being changed. I'm telling you this is a safe place. No matter what your story is. No matter what your background No matter how messy you are. This is a safe place for you. So we invite you to come this Sunday to Journey Church. Awesome. It's going to be awesome! (Billy) See you then!

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Posted by: kriseve on May 18, 2017

Trent and Billy invite everyone to celebrate our Ownership of the Journey Church Campus Sunday May 21!

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