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The highest form of Love

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Then there is the highest form of love You are not loving somebody You're becoming love itself It is not towards someone in particular You are the presence of love You're consciousness has been liberated from the sense of self, mine, of the filters and that liberation is rejoicing in itself - whoever comes near it picks the vibe - unless they are totally concentrated on their own - bottle of self The highest form of love is bliss that is shared It is not - an exchange of conditions - you are fulfilling my conditions - you are flattering my ego - you are covering for my insecurities and I will be grateful for it - then I will be afraid to lose that contract The highest form of love is not calculative It is a state of bliss - that when someone is coming near, it's pouring itself - sharing itself with that somebody - It can be a tree, it can be a human being - It can be the whole existence. The highest form of love is prayer - prayer of gratitude, not a prayer of request It is not - "please God give me this and I need that" It is an overflowing bliss This is what this parable is about "The house of love is too small for two - Get ripe - and then come back" It is not a miser's statement It is not a narrow hut- that does not allow the lover in - on the contrary - it is saying There is no duality Don't come in and use me for Filling the holes - for what is missing within you -within your dream. Don't use me as a fulfillment of your dream - "The house of love is too small for two - get ripe - and come back." It doesn't say who is - the voice inside the house, whether it is the woman or whether it is the man. It doesn't matter When one dissolves - one is dissolving beyond the duality - you are neither the yin or the yang - you become whole. Your body is still existing in the world of polarities - either female or male, your psychology as well - but you realize that your being is neither female, not male You have become whole. "The house of love is too narrow for two" - for the duality "go, get ripe, and then come back" The partner went to the desert. Months, years passed At one point, what had to be realized has been realized... He dissolved. Still, two bodies are going to meet, two personalities, but now there is the knowing - that we are not two. The partner came back and said "I am no more, only you are...

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Posted by: narottam on Oct 18, 2011

The highest form of love is bliss that is shared, liberated of the self.

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