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TEDxDubai - Bruno Giussani - 10/10/09

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My name is James Piecowye, and my colleague Giorgio Ungania is behind stage. and we will meet Giorgio in a minute, ourselves and a group of very dedicated volunteers and of course our sponsors who are making this happen today, and of course you. Well.. You've... Thank you... You saw two great videos.. That is TED.. That is what TED is about.. and your reactions, your responses, that is what TED is about.. We have got... We're very very fortunate to have European Director of TED joining us here, Bruno Giussani and he is going to talk to you about TED... Bruno... Good morning... Hello... Thank you James.. Good morning... Don't worry.. This is not a corporate presentation.. Those who know TED, know TED mostly in two ways.. - As a conference, they have three this year.. California in February, Oxford in July and India coming up in two weeks.. - and as a website.. You probably are all familiar with Yet, TED is a bit broader than that, because in the last two, three years we've been adding many other things.. We've been adding a fellowship, a TED prize; an award that we give every year, we'll talk about that in a minute, a heavy presence on many social networks, and other initiatives including TEDx which we are part today.. One thing that Chris didn't say in the video in the beginning, because we didn't know about it when we recorded the video, is that TEDx is becoming, in just a few months starting last March, this incredible global phenomenon... You are part of a group of people that have been participating in over 130 TEDx events around the world.. and there are more than 300 already announced and coming up in the next 6 months all over the world.. from Tokyo to Moscow, from Stockholm to Kibera; the slum of Nairobi.. and that is in big, small, in many different shapes and forms. a lot of excitement in those events as I already today hear. So TED has gone beyond being a conference to become a platform for spreading ideas and it is really about that. It is really about spreading good thinking. in the hope that it will change somebody's life, or maybe change the world if possible, if we are lucky, for the better of course. So it is not about TED, it is really about the ideas and the speakers that embody those ideas.. Now, the organizer asked me to talk about a couple of things that are a little bit less known about TED and the conferences and the website So here they are.. The first one is the open translation project.. Some of you here in the room are already aware of it.. But, this is the TED home page last February.. It says riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.. But, indeed the talks were there.. They were by remarkable people and they were free But they were not exactly to the world.. Because they were all exclusively in English.. So, if you didn't speak English, sorry.. Good luck! And now if you look at the same page, it has an additional line that says.. now available in Arabic, Deutsche, German, Hindi, Thai, Russian and More... and if you click on More, you get this list of languages.. These are the languages already available on 50 plus... Not every talk is translated into every language but some of them are in more than ten or twenty languages the most popular languages include Arabic - more than 140 talks right now.. So now you go on any talk and you have an additional menu there that says.. available, in this case, in 15 languages.. You open the menu, select your language, and subtitles show up immediately.. This is English, Arabic, Swedish, French, Japanese, and, for this specific talk, ten more languages.. and if you look on the top right corner, you see a link that says open interactive transcript, because you can actually get the full speech in text in your language as well.. So this is opening up these talks to the part of the world that could not access the English version, and very interesting things are happening around this.. Now, when we started thinking about translating the talks in other languages, we started thinking, of course, to do it professionally.. Go to a professional translator, ask him or her to translate the talk and pay for that... and then we realized that we could never afford that... TED is a small foundation.. and we have more than 500 talks up online.. and we add one everyday, and we want to reach as many languages as possible,, potentially hundreds of languages.. So, it was economically impossible.. and we reacted to that by reaching out to the TED community.. to people like you, to people who visit TED on the website, to people who come to the conference, and others.. and they responded overwhelmingly! There are right now almost two thousands translators... translating, on a volunteer basis, talks in their own languages all around the world.. On top of the 50 languages I've shown, there are 30 other languages.. that will go live in the next month/months and are being worked on right now.. There are people like this..These two that are mentioned there.. People who do really translate the talks because they are passionate about them.. Why there are two names there? Because one translates and the other verifies the translation.. and if there are discrepancies between the two, we work together with them to narrow them and to eliminate them, until they both can sign off the text.. This is one of the criteria that we've put in place for guaranteeing the quality of the translation.. It is an open approach.. It is an open source approach, but at the same time you want to guarantee the translation.. the high quality of the translations, to make sure: 1- that we respect what the speaker is trying to say.. and 2- that is people who get the talks in translated versions get the right story.. So, if you click on their names, you find their profiles.. the one on the top here is the one who translated the specific talk I was showing.. the one on the bottom, Anour, I'm just showing him because he is the most prolific Arabic translator.. He translated, in the last 7 months, 70 talks.. So this is really ideas spreading in action.. He is a hero of spreading ideas.. By the way, there are several TED translators in the room as well.. I met a couple of them before.. Thank you for your contribution... The second thing I wanted to mention is the TED Prize.. Every year we give a prize, since 2005, to three remarkable people.. This is a prize that comes in two shades.. They get some money.. and they get the right to come to TED, and express what we call a Wish, the TED Wish,, which is basically.. put on the table a project, an initiative, an idea.. and ask TED community, people in the room, and people outside the room who will watch them on video.. to help them realize it.. and these are some of the winners,, The three winners of this year.. Sylvia Earle, Jill Tarter and Jose Abreu.. Just to give you an idea of what the Wish is about.. This is Sylvia's - "I wish you would use all means at your disposal to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas large enough to save and restore the ocean" so basically she is telling the TED community, help me save the ocean.. This is not exactly a tiny project, right?! It is not a project with a little ambition.. and yet, many people in the community felt compelled to help her.. and they lined up behind her, and started supporting her.. and there is now a world group at work, that ranges from big research institutions or the National Geographic institution, and others.. to the individual who just volunteered to create the iPhone application for her project and everything in between... They are mobilising, they are organising.. and you will hear a lot about Sylvia and her Wish in the Spring next year...

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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Our event is call TEDxDubai, where x=independently organized TED event.

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