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3024 Photos and a rock solid Alibi

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A marathon without a defined path, and the winner is not who runs faster but who makes the best photos Then the Berlin Fotomarathon it's not about high level athletic performance but all about original photos. At the end of August, more than 200 participants and their cameras ran all across town, put to the test with a criminalistic theme. Today the winner was announced, and he does not come from Berin. "The Series number 220, from Jan Dahlgrün, from Potsdam" Jan Dahlgrün´s photos were the Jury´s favorites The 46 year old architect is the winner of the 9th Berlin Fotomarathon, receiving a digital camera, as well as many other prizes. He fought his way through more than 120 teams, including some international ones. Dahlgrün´s photos under the motto "XY Unresolved" work as individual pictures, and as a series, connected through the common element: the red and white tape. "I always had to know exactly which photo I wanted to shoot before and afterwards, and to place the tape in the exact place. This was very very difficult The architect from Potsdam had the support of his family. "I was part of a team with my 13 year old son, and my other son also participated with his own Start number The three of us spent the whole day together and it was a lot of fun. The younger one was very active, he is in some of the photos and he also contributed his own ideas" The starting shot of the 9 Berlin Fotomarathon was fired on the 30th of August in the Bundespresse Beach Bar in Mitte The participants had 12 hours to make 24 photos in the given order with given themes. This also demanded great physical strength from the photographers as can now be seen in the exhibition. This is how someone illustrated the theme "Hush Hush Operation" another one decided to go down the drain to illustrate "Wrong Track". This photo is titled "Absolute Hit" and with some patience, one can also find matching motives to themes like "conspirative" Every participant has found his own creative path to illustrate the 24 themes individually, after all Berlin offers many opportunities as background. "It is very special to see these 3000 photos today and you always see something different. The city transforms itself through the lens of the photographers" Tomorrow, from 14.00 hours onwards, you can visit the Fotomarathon Exhibition and see the 3000 photos. in the Ludwig Löwe Höfe in the Wiebestrasse 46 in Moabit.

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Posted by: fotomarathon on Oct 19, 2008

Exhibition of 3024 photos of the 9th Berlin Fotomarathon, incuding an interview with Jan Dahlgrün, the winner of the first prize.

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